The Fangirl’s Drama Roundtable: Goblin Final Thoughts


Yet another amazing drama has ended which means it is time for The Fangirl’s to gather together and chat about all the moments that made us, well, fangirl.  So come join us in our farewell to Goblin and all the wonderful characters that enriched our lives for the last three months.

The Fangirls Drama Roundtable: Goblin Final Thoughts. WARNING:  We will be discussing some spoilers for this drama so do not read further if you have not already watched or are actively avoiding spoilers. 


The Premise


Drama Geek: On paper, the premise of this drama is actually pretty straight forward. A man became a Goblin and lived 900 years in search for his bride. A girl who would be able to see the sword in his chest and pull it out so he can finally die. Once he meets her he falls in love and no longer wants to die. What was great about this show is it wasn’t actually in the story at large, but it each character’s story. Even down to the most minute character. There was both an epic and a slice of life feel to this drama.

CLKYTTA: I loved the whole premise of this show. Normally when I love the premise of a show, it’s already doomed because it can’t live up to the idea. Not Goblin, they had a story and they stuck to it, full speed ahead without veering away from the original idea. We have a 900 year old man who is immortal and there is one woman in all of eternity who can save him from the lonely life of immortality. Instead of focusing only on the paranormal aspect or the romance aspect, it all blended together beautifully because they kept to the original story.  I’m jaded from watching many many dramas that didn’t so this was very exciting for me.

Jennie: I thought it was completely imaginative and extremely well executed. It’s my goal to write a fantasy half as well done as this show. (Or you know, as well done. Because I wish I could be that awesome.)

Kdrama Jen: I loved the premise of this drama.  The idea that our past connections could somehow still be so strong in the future just intrigues me.  I am also a sucker for a leading man with super powers.  I wonder how many fan girls started reading by candlelight just so they could blow it out…

CLSunbae: The one tiny issue I have with the premise is how hard it is to believe that in 900 years, no other girl came along and snapped up that Gobliney goodness, but putting that aside, I loved the premise. I especially loved that they followed through on the premise — ie, they let him die just as he was intended to. Every promise that was made was fulfilled, every plot thread was completed. And all the characters were so real and multi-dimensional that I feel like I made real friends by watching it.

The OTP (One True Pairing)

1Drama Geek: This OTP gave me all the feels. They were adorable as they discovered each other, and became a part of each others lives. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of seeing her blow the candle out to summon him just because. Or him making sure he was doing something interesting when she did call for him. They loved each other with a beautifulness that came from both being lonely people. And when each had to say goodbye to other it ripped my heart out. They had a sad love that eventually had a happy ending. I’m just glad she kept her memories and knew who he was so it was truly both of them that loved each other equally at the end.

CLKYTTA: At first I wasn’t sure about our OTP because she was a student.  That’s a very important part of the storyline though and it was easy to move past that as the story progressed naturally as she grew older. I’ve mentioned before that the fated to be together drama trope is my favorite.  Our OTP need each other, she needs to be loved and feel safe and he needs her love in return.  It’s about more than his immortality.  He can be happy as an immortal, but he has always been alone and now he has someone who is only his and wants no one but him. The whole ending was beautifully done, I cried buckets and then smiled like a fool because she came looking for him all over again.


Jennie: I had a bit of an issue with the age gap. There was one kiss (the ski resort one) where I was a tad icked out, because I like them hanging out, but I wasn’t fully invested romantically. That all changed later on, but I had to warm up to it. That said, there were a million romantic moments that were so much better than the kissing! And that’s saying something.

Kdrama Jen:I loved the sweetness of the romance in the beginning and how it evolved over time.  I was fully invested by the end.

CLSunbae: I don’t know why anyone would be uncomfortable about the age gap. He’s only 900 years older than her. But seriously, age gaps don’t usually bother me and I thought it was handled well here. But what I truly loved about the OTP was HER. She was so ADORABLE. That smile? That indomitable spirit? Her optimistic outlook and refusal to play the victim? She was nonstop charming and I loved that the writernims created a character that was truly worthy of the Goblin’s love.

Our 2nd OTP


Drama Geek: This couple’s story was just as sad and had just as much weight as the main couple. You could almost say the were co OTPs. The Reaper was SO awkward that you could argue that there was no way Sunny would have fallen for him if it weren’t for their past life connection. Except, Sunny was kind of odd ball as well. Their story in the past was just heartbreaking, and almost made you feel Reaper was unforgivable but it was so hard to connect the loveable puppy Reaper with his past deeds. I’m thrilled that they got a clean slate, mostly for the Reaper’s benefit and lived happily in their next life.

CLKYTTA: I adored Sunny and Reaper.  I don’t care what his other name was, I loved that he used Kim Woo Bin and she let him.  They were so beautiful and awkward together that it made your eyes hurt.  Talk about a love that lasts for 900 years, even knowing that they were going to end up breaking each other’s hearts they couldn’t stay away.

Jennie: Talk about a screwed up relationship! He doesn’t know how to approach a girl at all, doesn’t know his name, chooses someone who’s famous that he doesn’t know is famous, and then doesn’t have a business card. If it wasn’t so sad I would just laugh about the whole thing! It killed me getting to the end of their relationship because I wanted them to kiss and make up already.


Kdrama Jen: I wanted this couple to find their happily ever after.  Their story was so tragic, and Reaper with his sad eyes just slayed me.  How could she not fall for him again?  I get that forgiving someone for ordering your death and the destruction of all of your family members is a bit of an ask, but I really wanted her to anyway!

CLSunbae:I agree that this was more of a co-OTP than a secondary OTP. I had all the feels with these guys. I loved that Sunny, though classically and obviously beautiful, was just a tad weird and therefore, lonely. I loved Reaper’s vulnerable awkwardness. There story broke my heart but I also appreciated that the story didn’t pull any punches just to give us a quick happy ending. It made everything feel more authentic, though sad. I wish I could watch their future lives as the actress/cop. That would make such a great show.

KMUSE: I think we also need to give a shout out to the younger version of the historic Co-OTP.  They are amazing actors in their own right and nailed the feelings of tragic love that set up the feelz for their modern reincarnations.

The other OTP


Drama Geek: Come on. You know there really was a third couple in this drama. If they had not cast two extremely talented actors, both wonderful leading men in their own right, this show would not have been what it was. Their story unfolded is such a delicious way. From grumpy unwilling roommates, to friends who truly cared what happened to each other, to finding out how much hurt and pain was between them. The Reaper’s redemption and repaired relationship with the Goblin was one of the highlights of the drama. And I could seriously watch a spin off of these two just being roommates.

CLKYTTA: They were the Odd Couple, and I got so much enjoyment out of watching them bicker like an old married couple.  There was so much bromantic chemistry there that I was never able to pick who was my favorite.  Even when they discovered their past history and betrayal, there was still a link. Sometimes relationships go beyond the past and you become brothers and that’s how I viewed these two.  I would also watch a spin-off Roomates style, as Goblin and Reaper or as their real selves.

Jennie: The best couple in the show, hands down. I really kept watching for these two. Just everything about them was absolute perfection. I get goosebumps thinking about it. Seriously.


Kdrama Jen: This couple was my favorite of the show.  Not since Warrior Baek Dong Soo have I been so invested in a bromance.  I loved their moments together.  They made me laugh so many times.  They made the show!

CLSunbae: I mean, two gorgeous but curmudgeonly guys with superpowers? Apparently, that’s my sweet spot because I rewound their best interactions more than I rewound the kiss scenes. That moment when Ji Eun-tak said they looked so cool walking through the fog to save her? Then cut to them walking all sexy through fog with grocery sacks? THE. BEST.

Our Favorite Side Characters

a1a2s2Drama Geek: Here is where this show shines. Can you really pick a favorite? Every person that entered the screen on this show felt fully formed and real. Even if they just passed through the Reaper’s tea room and we saw them for a second. Of course I loved Duk Hwa and his finger grabby credit card hands. The actor’s portrayal as the god was super sexy and it almost makes me want him to play a bad guy next. The lady in the red dress is a very memorable character as well as the man that ended up being the CEO of the company. I really just loved this whole cast.

CLKYTTA: For me it was the man who ended up as CEO.  It made me think of how when we touch people’s lives we change them for the good or bad.  This was someone who was able to become a powerful person, but he never let it go to his head.  The friend of her mother made me bawl like a baby.  She protected her all those years and kept her money safe just because she loved the mother.

Jennie: Sungjae because he’s my favorite and I love him.


Kdrama Jen: All of the small moments made this drama so perfect. I wiped away quite a number of tears during the tea drinking scenes.  I also loved how they wove in so many cultural references.  It wasn’t until I had an in depth discussion with my Korean friend that I learned about the true significance of the grandmother/lady in red.

CLSunbae: Yes to all of the above. And Reaper’s Tea Room should be it’s own show. I love that the writers didn’t hit us over the head with the symbolism and messaging. It was so subtle but so powerful.

What Would We Do Different?

2a87aDrama Geek: Nothing. I know people wished they aged her up faster or that the idea that the Goblin might live her three lives with her and then still be alone after she died got to them. Or even that she died at all and left him alone for so many years. But I honestly feel that the story touched me the way it did in the form that is was written and I wouldn’t change anything.

CLKYTTA: Nothing.  The four lives part was very interesting.  The reality is that sometimes your life isn’t what you want it to be and I think they kept it real.  I love the whole idea that we have four lives to get it right though, and whether they remember their lives or not, eventually things worked out and they had the lives they were meant to.

Jennie: There are a couple parts I would choose a little less angst, but that’s personal preference :D. 98% of it was perfection.


Kdrama Jen: I am still questioning the ending.  So, she didn’t drink the tea, so that she can keep her memories.  So, at what point does she understand what these memories mean?  And will she really be the same person after going through a different set of life circumstances?  And what about him? Did he just put his life on hold for years?  Our experiences help define who we are and how we see the world. In this next life, did her mother live?  Could she see ghosts?  Those were major influences in the development of her personality, and if she somehow has the memory of their past together, wouldn’t that shape her development?  I ponder these things.   Of course, even with my unanswered questions, I still think this drama was phenomenal.

CLSunbae: I wouldn’t change a single thing. I could nitpick small moments if I wanted, but this drama made me think more than any other show I’ve watched in recent memories. There’s no such thing as perfection, but this show got pretty darn close (and I’m not just talking about Goblin and Reaper’s looks).

Would We Recommend This Drama?

a1a2ssDrama Geek: That’s a silly question. YES!

CLKYTTA: Without a doubt, yes!!

Jennie: Oh heck, yeah! One of the best I’ve ever seen!

Kdrama Jen: This is now added to my list of “gateway dramas” to use as I introduce unsuspecting friends to the world of Kdramas.  I definitely recommend it!

CLSunbae: All the yes.

Final Thoughts


Drama Geek: Epic love stories don’t come along very often. To find one that had so much heart and wonderful characterizations was a true gift. This will be one I watch like it’s my favorite meal.

CLKYTTA: There are a handful of stories that just stay with you, and Drama Geek puts it correctly when she says epic love story.  I connected with this drama in a way that I don’t with other dramas.  I think several of us had a kind of Goblin finale depression and found it hard to move on even though the drama was over.  I would love to see an epilogue on this one showing us little baby goblins and baby reapers playing together with fire and ice.

Jennie: I should mention there was a lot of good angst two. The ending hit me so hard. ALL THE FEELS. I just adored it. I only wish I knew what happened to them after her other three lives were over. Because they should be together forever. And I wouldn’t mind CLKYTTA’s idea to be mixed in with that.

Kdrama Jen: It was the epic bromance that drew me in so completely, along with some stellar acting.  I am already considering a dramathon, just so I can watch this one again!

CLSunbae: I plan to rewatch this again with my family. I truly loved it but more than that, I think there are some really great messages and ideas that I’d love to discuss with my children and explore on my own. THIS is why I love Korean dramas. They make me feel and they make me think, but they do it without preaching me or telling me what the “right” perspective on any particular issue is. Koreans are deep, y’all.



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  1. An amazing discussion, thank you! Also, the FB discussion page was sooo interesting, I couldn’t wait to see everyone’s comments – agree, Kdramas cause us to think, discuss, ponder, and continue to enoy. I will definitely be marathoning this more than once!!

  2. If you love Gong Yoo and bromance, watch this. Other than that, don’t invest too much time. I might be among a very few people who could see there are faults in this series. I couldn’t get over the fact that everyone thinks it is okay that a high-schooler falls in love with a middle age man. Besides beautiful filmography, great music, and extremely talented acting, I found there was lack of chemistry between Kim Shin and Eun Tak. Why did they fall in love? Because she was cute and innocent? Everything between Gong Yoo and Kim Go-Eun is just awkward despite how talented they are in acting. Poor directing and forceful cliché romance

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