So Many Teasers So Little Time

I swear that all the teasers wait for the day I go to work to be released.  The Dramaverse is out to get me.  So instead of a carefully thought out piece on each one, I am going for the throw everything in a pot and call it good type of post.  Because somehow I don’t think my employers would accept the “I had to share new kdrama teasers with the world” as a valid excuse for being late.

The Liar and His Lover

I am hesitantly looking forward to The Liar and His Lover.  I loved the Japanese movie and am hoping that the Korean adaptation can keep the same vibe.  The first two character teasers have been released and so far they haven’t ruined it for me…fingers crossed.  The Liar and His Lover will begin March 27th

**Synopsis: About a genius sound creator and his fan who is a high school student. It’s a bittersweet uplifting romance story of how they meet and fall in love.


This teaser is OK, but all I could think is that I miss the old-timey music from the first teaser.  Tunnel begins airing on March 18th.

**Synopsis: In 1986, Park Gwang Ho works is an enthusiastic detective. His life changes when he’s pursuing leads in a serial homicide case and then passes through a time portal, which transports him to present day Seoul. He meets a new partner Kim Sun Jae, an elite detective who happens to be a bit eccentric, but is one highly skilled investigator. The detective duo will also find help in psychology professor, Shin Jae Yi.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

I will admit that this is the show I am most looking forward to watching.  The cuteness level in the teasers is almost overwhelming and I can’t get enough of the Park Bo Young / Park Hyung Shik combo.  I am shipping them already.  Strong Woman Do Bong Soon will air on February 24th

**Synopsis – Do Bong Soon is said to be so strong that touching something carelessly can result in a breakage. Meanwhile, In Dook Goo has been harboring an unrequited crush on her since elementary school. When she becomes the bodyguard of chaebol heir Ahn Min Hyuk, they quickly get involved in a twisted love triangle.

So which drama are you most looking forward to?  Be sure to let us know in the comments and check back for more teaser updates in the future.

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  1. Oh my goodness, the cutesy-wootsy red pageboys are back in style again. arhh! Or did they never go out of style in South Korea?

    I have a low tolerance for fluffy, I can’t wait for Tunnel!!

  2. I am definitely looking forward to Strong Woman more than the other two! I agree with Lady G. about the pageboy haircut though. >.< Ugh. Why. I realize that her character probably wouldn't have long, flowy hair, but can we at least go with a pony tail or bun or something? Aigoo.

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