4 Reasons to Watch Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (Eternal Love)

a1a2s4It’s official, I have a new addiction and am determined to get you all addicted along with me!  So join me as I chat about the top five reasons to start Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms.

A week ago I was going about my business doing my usual drama addict routine without a care in the world.  Then I clicked on the first episode of Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (hereto referenced as Eternal Love since Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms is a mouthful) and there went the next ten hours of my life.  I watched all ten episodes, went to bed obsessing about Eternal Love, woke up obsessing about the plot of Eternal Love, and then here I am obsessively writing about Eternal Love. To say that Eternal Love is addictive is an understatement.

So before I just start rambling like a crazy person regarding how great this show is, let’s create some structure.  Without further ado, here are the top 4 reasons you should be checking this show out.

#4 Successfully combining CGI with the drama concept

Many of you who have read my previous 1st impression Chinese drama reviews know that it has been a long time since I was impressed with a fantasy drama’s cinematography.  Both General and I as well as Ice Fantasy ended up falling flat (at least in this regard) and I was coming to accept that with the increased money for drama production, CGI vomiting was going to become the new norm.a1a2s

So imagine my delight when I started Eternal Love and everything gelled almost seamlessly.  Don’t be mistaken, we still have the magical CGI elements, but they are not overwhelming the narrative. They actually make sense and are used in moderation letting the viewer focus on the actors and their talent to share the story and not how many magical creatures the computer department can create via CGI.  It is a breath of fresh air for this CGI-weary fangirl.

#3 All the pretty eye candy **and their ability to actually act**

There are so many pretty men and woman in this drama.  Which is actually the norm for most big budget Chinese dramas but this time, whether it is the director or the casting choices, we have a lot of pretty that has actual acting talent.  I was surprised when, after my obsessive ten hours of dramathoning, I realized that I was getting a lot of emotional input from the various characters.  I am thoroughly invested in the development of the Ghost Prince and his unwanted wife, the lead girl’s 4th brother, and all the other immortals that become enmeshed within our OTP’s story.  Which brings me to the 2nd reason.a1a1

#2 I care about the various side relationships

I love, love, love how fleshed out everyone’s interactions are.  We have all the fated connections that we usually have, but the writer takes the time to create a bit of back story or emotion to each relationship.  This goes a long way in making me more invested in the narrative.  It is nice that the bad girl isn’t just your standard homewrecking hoochie.  Your second lead man has more depth than just being a pretty face in love with a girl.  There are layers to their stories.  Something that continues to even the smaller roles and to say I am invested in everyone’s outcome is an understatement.


Add all the well-crafted character development and start connecting all the characters in new relationships (romantic, platonic, and familial) and you have a lot of great story that doesn’t just revolve around our leads. Something I appreciate after watching several Cdramas where everything but the OTP was pushed to the side.

#1 The intricate OTP storyline

I won’t go into depth by saying everything that is going on in this extremely complex relationship, but I will say that I am interested to see what happens in the future.  I always love a good “death can not separate us” trope.

a1a2That said, I will admit to having just a tiny bit of second lead syndrome after the first 10 episodes.  There is something just so sexy about an angsty bad boy who has a history of making bad life choices.  But, I will give our leading man an opportunity to win me over.  I think my love of 2nd lead at this point is mostly because our leads have not had much interaction (of a romantic nature) as of yet.


There you have it.  Four very valid reasons to start Eternal Love.  I highly suggest that everyone give this drama a four or five episode chance.  You never know, this might be your newest addiction and the perfect intro to Chinese dramas. Also, check out my other Chinese drama reviews HERE and let me know in the comments if you have any questions or thoughts about Eternal Love.

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24 thoughts on “4 Reasons to Watch Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (Eternal Love)

  1. I think what makes this a bit more satisfying is that it isn’t a pseudo-history drama like General & I but a pure fantasy, Gods and Goddesses story. I don’t expect the same kind of special effects from Clash of the Titans as I did from Henry V. Don’t get. me wrong, I liked General & I but mostly because I liked the original story.

    I’m watching this with my daughter in the evening and she’s gotten her former school roommate in Maine hooked as well. And then, she told two friends and she told two friends and so on and so on . . .

    By the way, I’ve started watching the unsubbed Croton channel on YouTube over and over – that’s is really taking up my time! So far, episode 30 has been my favorite.

  2. I marathoned the first ten episodes over the weekend. Really surprised how much I like this since I’m not a fan of the genre, but the points you made are probably a big part of it. I very happy with the acting in this one. I had SLS (he’s so good-looking) for a few episodes, but his easy capitulation to temptation and generally weak-willed nature cured it for me. I’m looking forward to the next set of episodes which will hopefully have more OTP interaction. He’s so closed off and rigid. Seeing him interact with someone as free-spirited as Bai Qian should be amusing.

  3. LOOOOOOVE This one.
    I had 2nd lead initially but not even for the ghost no2 prince but for that smexy shifu. Lol
    However,I’m cured cos our OTP is amazing. I love,love how he loves her.
    I am obsessed! Watching raws everyday.

  4. Oh wow, see, this has been catching my eye from the pictures I see in passing, but I’m always so hesitant to watch C-Dramas. And for the reasons you listed above! But this looks super cool. Maybe I can get my hubby to watch this one with me, since he speaks a little Mandarin, and he likes Fantasy stuff. 😀

  5. You guys should read the book “to the sky kingdom” of which this drama is base upon. i don’t understand mandarin so even though the raw videos are out on you tube i watch them as i get an idea what actually happened in the book. its so refreshing to see it with all the nice costumes and the on screen chemistry of the leading actors. i watch the spoofs too which are so adorable.

  6. I started watching this because of your post, and I’m really enjoying it, too. I’m usually not a fan of historical or fantasy C-dramas. I haven’t gotten far enough in to follow the OTP yet. Actually still a bit confused on that part of the story. The second lead has proved an interesting character, and I like that he is at least trying to transcend his society, even if he’s not good at it (yet?). And the whole thing is just so pretty to watch!

  7. I started this one a few days ago and I’m already caught up to the latest subbed episode. You point out many of the reasons why I’m loving this one so much. Also, I love Ye Hua’s character so much. Mark Chao is doing a phenomenal job channeling that character (and the other roles he has). Gah, I can’t wait for the third arc when they’re both deities. T.T

  8. I haven’t been so obssessed with a drama since Lang Ya Bang last year. This drama’s acting, costumes and pacing is awesome. I also LOVE the little boy Ah Li, he is so darn cute!

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  10. Thanks for this amazing post, I’m totally there with you, I was having a Kdrama slump, can’t feel anything for any new show, and I always liked me some fantasy, but started to watch general & I, it was interesting for me then I read the synopsis for ten miles, I couldn’t understand what it meant exactly but all this immortal and Goddess talk and I was intrigued so I started watching it too, now I’m stuck on general & I ep 45, cos had enough of the bad boy and the separation, and crying waiting for subs for ten miles, ep 30 was epic for me, and made interested in the main love line cos I wasn’t invested in it much before, I liked the 2nd prince too much, and I like the Dijun & his little red fox story a lot, besides loving alooot of characters (3rd uncle and his ex, si ming, the deciples, the ghost princess…hope to hear more about the show from you *thumpsup*

  11. This has become my favorite drama of all time. I have watched countless cdramas, kdramas and jdramas . I just checked out this show as I have heard of the novel and bam, it hit me big time around episode 20. Mark Chao’s acting just grew on me , love the intensity he brought to the character Ye Hua . After that, I couldn’t get enough of the trailers and bts videos and kept checking all the forums and weibo and read the novel.

    I recommend this drama to anyone who loves a good romance story. It is certainly not entirely a sugary sweet love story, be prepared for the angst and heartbreaks after all this is a love that transcends three lives and three worlds. But stay with it and you will be rewarded. Love the ending its much better than the novel!

  12. This drama is a must see! I am a wuxia c-drama junkie and Ten Miles of Peach Blossom is superb! (I stopped watching General and I bc it got stupid after 30 episodes!! And bad acting can really kill a drama.) So Kmuse, thank you for spelling it out for why everyone should watch this drama.

    • I also stopped watch General and I on episode 28, it’s just I lost interest and be honestly both lead male and female lack of chemistry. And than I started watch Eternal Love after watch one scene on youtube, when Su Su took off her clothes and Ye Hau said stop taking off clothes. This drama gonna be my favorite one and I can say it is the best drama in 2017. Mark Chao and Yang Mi full of chemistry and romantic. Till now I still re-watch some episodes, I just can’t get enough and I wish it never end😍😍😍😍😍

  13. This drama was seriously addictive! I couldn’t wait to see the two new eps that came out each week day. I was a bit obsessed just refreshing dramafever waiting for the update lol. This drama began my foray into Chinese dramas a few weeks ago and I haven’t stopped yet 🙂

  14. It was my first chinese drama..after i get bored with korean..and i find it very good..is there anyone can suggest me what to watch after this?

  15. I really loved this drama. I think I’ve re-watched it 3 or 4 times in the last 2 months. There is just so much in it and so many sub-stories. Favourite episode by far was number 30. You can expect lots of tears and awwwww moments.

  16. Glad someone also like Li Jing the Ghost Prince! While I love the OTP so much, I also care about Li Jing, though he made lot mistakes but actually he has good heart, I kinda wish the writer made his character not just a lovesick puppy. I had this weird imagination thinking that Li Jing could actually end up with Feng Jiu and finally both have a happy ending LOL.

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