The Liar and His Lover Releases 2nd Teaser…And I Have Issues


The second teaser for upcoming musical romance The Liar and His Lover was released today and it is all rainbows and sausages with its happy music and smiley leads. And there is where my issue lies.

This is an adaption of a wonderfully angsty (and slightly edgy) Japanese movie. A movie about a jaded musician and songwriter who is looking for an emotional escape with a high school girl he meets on the street.  Now I don’t know if you noticed, but there is not one bit of this teaser that screamed angsty or edgy.  For that matter, I bet you would be hard-pressed to find a more vanilla teaser if you tried. So for those of you wanting a drama with that same bite as the movie, I am worried that you (and I) will be disappointed.  For everyone else who is looking for a sweet romance, then this drama is probably for you.  Check out the teaser and you decide.. is this going to be a hit or miss?

2nd Teaser


0 thoughts on “The Liar and His Lover Releases 2nd Teaser…And I Have Issues

  1. I already had my doubts about this remake, and this teaser pretty much kills any interest that remained. Why is it that kdrama remakes so often take more serious, angsty Japanese source material and turn it into this cutesy, bubbly, candy confection. Such a waste.

  2. It probably helps that I’m not familiar with the original. I’m interested because of that trailer. It’s super short. And if they are going to go through trials, seeing the sunshine is good for me.

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