14 Days of Fangirling: Day 2


We take a break from dramas and jump into our kpop addiction.  Come join The Fangirls as we chat about our Kpop biases on Day 2 of our 14 Days of Fangirling. 

Day 2 – Who is your Kpop bias


Am I only allowed to choose one!? Because I have many! But I’ll narrow it to my top three.

  1. G-Dragon: he’s brilliant. Creative. Hard working. Honest to a fault. Stylish. I don’t know what I’d do with him if I ever met him. It’s not like I have a crush on him, per se. We don’t have much in common. So I’m content to watch him from afar and admire his abilities in music and art.
  2. Rap Monster: To me, Rap Mon is a mini G-Dragon. I see a lot of the same charisma and talent in him, though he certainly hasn’t attained the career that G-Dragon has yet. But he writes most of his own music, he leads BTS like a BOSS, and he’s deep, yo. I love that BTS writes songs that are about real issues and Rap Mon is a big part of that. Plus, he’s adorable. I just want to squeeze his cheeks.
  3. V: Okay, V is pretty. Like shockingly beautiful. Like, when I discovered his face, I watched YouTube video after YouTube video of him making various facial expressions because I just couldn’t… figure out… how a human… could be so adorable. I’m not alone. He’s much beloved by all who know him. He’s a cuddly little cherub. A beautiful boy-angel. Not quite of this world.



Since CLSunbae had more than one, I will pop in my favorite two.

  1. My #1 is V (Taehyung) from BTS.  For me, it is more about his cute personality more than his ability to smolder.  The smoldering is just a bonus.
  2. My second is N from VIXX.  I first started to notice N thanks to his role in Sassy Go Go and now he is all I see when I watch the group’s MVs. YAY for idols who also can act since it means I get to have double the enjoyment.



This may surprise everyone, but I love Kim Heechul from Super Junior.  I have both of the M&D albums as well as most of the SJ ones.  He isn’t the lead on a lot of SJ songs so I didn’t really pick up on his voice until I stumbled upon the video for Close Your Mouth.  He’s got one of those really versatile voices that can be mellow and broody in a ballad or fun and upbeat and he can rap.  I like that he’s so out there, you ALWAYS know it’s Heechul. He’s gorgeous and he knows it and I like that about him.

Kdrama Jen:

Does Seo In Guk count??  I lean toward the ones with beautiful solo voices and acting ability.  Jin Young from B1A4 is at the top of my list.  I also love DO from EXO.  But, I am in love with the tone and power of Lee Hong-ki’s voice.

Drama Geek:

This is soooooooo hard. I think I’ll do like CLSunbae and make a short list.

(1)  Yong Junhyung from Beast (or whatever their new name is going to be). He is my first bias. I didn’t take to Kpop until I watched Monstar and started listening to Beast. Junhyung is extremely talented and also has that attitude where you can tell he doesn’t really want to do the aegyo stuff but does because he has to.

(2) G-Dragon of Big Bang. He is the ultimate pop star. Talented both in and out of the studio. He’s singular in that there really is no other GD out there in Kpopland. I will be sad when he trades in singing on stage for running his own company (it’ll happen, just you wait.)

(3) BTS. I know, I know. I’m supposed to pick one as a bias, but I just love the whole group. Some a little more than others. Rapmon caught my attention first with this lips, hair, and raps. Then Jimin danced his way into my heart. V’s deep voice became more visible in the mix and I fell hard. Suga, like Junhyung, with the I don’t give a F when it comes to aegyo. I guess J-hope and Jin land about the same in my heart. I’m not totally bonkers for them. Yet, they are still part of the whole that makes up my lovely BTS.

YAY!  I am so glad we added a few Kpop questions this time around.  Let us know your Kpop biases in the comments and be sure to check back tomorrow as we chat about Kdrama villains we want to date.

Til next time,

The Fangirls

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  1. Seo In Guk should count. And I really loved all of his early songs from Calling, Shake It Up, Saranghae U, Tease Me, Young Love, R & B collaborations with other artists, etc.. Have you seen him dance?! the wave thing..?

    Got7’s Jackson – I just really like his personality. Long live, Jackson Wang!

    BTS, I like them all but after the Agust D mixtape, I gotta give props to Suga. I acknowledge the charms of V. And Jhope is my spirit animal. But Jungkook is just Lethal! Puberty hit him hard. ㅋㅋㅋ Don’t know what I’ll do if I’m still a teenager in this kpop era. probably do everything in my power to be an exchange student in Korea. And my hair will be dyed “pink lemonade” like Jimin’s.

    And I have a thing for Taecyeon, that big oaf.

  2. This one was easy – Henry! Sickeningly, horrifically multi-talented,his musical and linguistic abilities combined with sheer hard work have earned him his niche in K Pp. Plus, he comes across as a genuinely nice, down-to-earth kind of guy, too.

  3. Such a hard question! Even picking three is hard LOL I’ll just pick the first. My first kpop love was TOP His deep voice and handsome face won me over right away. I’d never seen kpop before, I loved the song, the video and TOP.

  4. I think the only Kpop artist I can identify right off the bat is Siwon. Because of that, I’ll just safely pick him.

    Songs are easier. Cause Tear Drops in the Rain is my favorite, (but I can’t spot identify CNBlue.)

  5. I can understand soooooo many of those! I have so many, and most of them are “flavours of the month”. I have ONE mainstay, and that is Kim Jaejoong. I fell for him when DBSK first came out with Hug, and all these years later he’s still my number 1.

    Kim Heechul has his own special spot in my heart. Who else can tell it like it is the way he is, flirt the way he does, and not give a care what anyone else thinks? He’s pretty, he knows it, but he’s not conceited in a way that is annoying or a put off. He was my first SuJu crush when they debuted.

    GDragon, Rap Monster and Bang Yong Guk are all tied. Each of them are talented in rapping, writing music and producing. They all have a humble and respectful attitude. Yong Guk is very active in charities and always thinking of others. B.A.P are building a school in a third world country for children to be educated. Where other groups might promise to go topless if they win an award or get to number 1, Yong Guk and B.A.P promise to do charity work.

    In the cutesy, adorable, dorky department it’s V (Taehyung) from BTS, and Jooheon from Monsta X. They can be sexy on stage, but a little lost and boyish and full of aegyo off it. I also love how they interact with their fans. Their fans are very important and connecting with them, especially at fanmeets, is something they do very well.

    Those are only a few of the many I fangirl over regularly.

  6. Seo Inguk does count isnt it? Haha he is my one and only bias, and I have more of his songs than any other Korean artist on my list, also I have more of his MVs and videos on my laptop than any other Kpop acts. Same goes for his dramas, and if I have to sum all about Korean that I have come to love; that would be him, Seo Inguk. 😍

  7. How swoony is Seo In Guk’s new song (Flower) for Tomorrow With You? I have it on repeat for the past few days along with his new r&b tracks. Oh man, I am so going to miss him when he’s off to military.

  8. Well, Tablo has got to be number one. He’s a writer, a social commentator, a great singer, can be sexy when he wants to be and just a normal father & husband the rest of the time. I really love everything he does and I think he’s very committed to being fair after going through a lot of ridiculous anti-fan business earlier in his career.

    For sheer looks, it would have to be Daesung. Or, The Other One as my poorly-kpop-acquainted brain always calls him. You know, there’s Top, G-Dragon, Seungri, Taeyang and – the other one. Something about that smiling face and bit-of-a-pug nose makes me happy.

  9. Although I have a couple of serious voice crushes (Sungkyu from Infinite, Onew from SHINee, Jay Park), no other crush comes close to the level of intensity I feel about my ultimate bias Jeon Jungkook of BTS.

    Nicknamed ‘the Golden Maknae’, Jungkook can sing, dance, and rap. I fell for him because he’s very Introverted, sensitive, serious, artistic, athletic, beautiful, and competitive. He’s also a perfectionist who’s been known to spend long hours every day practicing his routines repeatedly until he gets them right. If you watch his performances, you’ll soon notice why he’s usually in front and center of BTS’s choreographies (the precision!). I love all of BTS members (several try to bias wreck me on occasion), but I just can’t seem to shake my admiration of Jungkook on so many levels. I think this is going to be for the long-term.

  10. Seo In Guk shud count! that ball of fluff!! Who’s my bias you ask?
    1. BTS’ Kim Seokjin is me, Kim Namjoon is my bae, Namjin is my lifeu! but then how can you be sane and chose from BTS they are all is amazing in everyway imperfectly perfect! 🙂
    2. EXO’s Baekhyun, my ball of sunshine!
    3. B1A4’s handsome CNU
    4. Crossgene’s adorkable Sangmin

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