14 Days of Fangirling: Day 4


KISS! KISS! KISS!  You are not a fangirl if you don’t appreciate a good smooch and therefore a good smoocher.  Come join The Fangirls as they fight over who is the best.

Day 4 – Best on screen smoocher


Oh come on. Eric Mun. Next question.

Just kidding, I’ll actually go into details. There are some good ones, yes, but if we’re looking to award someone the top spot, it’s gotta be this guy. Don’t believe me? Go YouTube his kiss scenes in Discovery of Romance or Another Oh Hae Young. I’ll wait…

You’re back? What’d I tell you!? Guy gets in there and gets it done. Every time.


I have to argue against anyone who doesn’t choose Seo In Guk.  Not only are his on-screen kisses beautifully filmed, but almost everyone is unique and memorable. I can’t wait til he is back from his military (so sad that he has to go soon) and is smooching leading ladies once again.


Lee Jong Suk hands down. His lips were just made for kissing and he knows how to use them.  This is the man who got Park Shin Hye to close her eyes and kiss back for goodness sake!  He starts off with a look and then goes in for the kill and you get weak knees just watching it.  All I remember from was the kisses, I can’t even tell you what the storyline was, but I can tell you that the kisses in that drama were phenomenal.

Kdrama Jen:

It is definitely a tie for me between Lee Jong Suk and Seo In Guk.  I loved the handcuff kiss in W and, yes, he was able to get Park Shin Hye to close her eyes and appear to enjoy the smooching in Pinocchio.  He also had the “aquarium kiss” in I Hear Your Voice.  I watched that at least 12 times. Seo In Guk, though, makes every kiss seem like a work of art, and he somehow manages to make everyone feel like he is fully in character each time.  Other actors seem to use the same technique regardless of the drama, but SIG seems to create a different kind of kiss for each situation.  Yes, I have analyzed this.  It is purely an academic interest.  That is the reason I rewatch the kissing scenes.  Repeatedly.  It is all in the name of academic inquiry.

Drama Geek:

Mine is also a tie. First up is Jo Jung Suk. He is one that the lead up to the kiss is almost as good as the actual kiss. The look in his eyes melts anyone in his path and then when he does kiss it’s hot, hot, hot. Second is Park Seo Joon. Wait! Hear me out. Even when he’s matched up with so so kisser’s like Go Ara and Hwang Jung Eum (who never quit look like they’re attracted to anyone) he manages to bring on the steam. And when he is working opposite an excellent kisser we get the first date beer kiss from Witch’s Romance. It’s still one of the hottest drama kisses out there.

Thanks for reading and giving us an excuse to fangirl over great smooches!  Be sure to check in tomorrow as we discuss those actors/actresses that we used to enjoy but now we hate.  Also, check out our previous 14 Days of Fangirling posts HERE!

Til next time,

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13 thoughts on “14 Days of Fangirling: Day 4

  1. Seo Inguk! Seo Inguk all the way! That title Master of Kissing sure does come for a reason guys, he does kissing like…like…oh I dont know what to say. Haha but his kisses sure is amazing, because I’d get butterflies everytime I watch them! He makes kisses so effortlessly passionate, oh the thought of his amazing kisses in his dramas after the MS are enough to get me excited. He sure is love…😍

    • This is the best comment and clip ever!!!! I’ve seen this movie but I must have watched before I knew who those two were. I think I might have to watch it again.

  2. I see that there is general agreement in this and everyone has more or less the same guys in mind, haha!! For me is a tie between Seo In Guk and Lee Jong Suk, both are great onscreen kissers 🙂

  3. Are you talking Korean dramas only? Because the one kiss scene that about did me in was Joe Cheng’s with Ariel Lin in They Kiss Again honeymoon scene.

  4. The one that is so fresh in my memory is Ha Seok-Jin. All the kisses in Something About 1%… I can watch this video over and over again. It should be a textbook for Kdrama actors and directors (spoilers of course):

    Honorable mention: Seo In Guk, Lee Jin Wook, Lee Seo Jin.

  5. “all in the name of academic inquiry.” lol!
    I would probably chose W with Lee Jong Suk as well. That’s all I can remember from the drama too: the kissing! 😀

  6. In It’s Okay, That’s Love, Jo In-sung and Gong Hyo-jin kiss in a pool of water. That is my favorite drama kiss, especially watching Jo In-Sung’s hands on her back, hesitant at first and then reaching firmly. The pace and sincerity of that scene was beautiful.

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