14 Days of Fangirling: Day 5

.;a1a2s2.pngJust like love, sometimes the enjoyment of an actor or actress just doesn’t pass the test of time.  Join The Fangirls as they chat about actors they enjoyed in the past but now feel a lot of “meh” for.

Day 5 – Actor or actress you once liked, but now you don’t

Kdrama Jen:  

1a35Hmmm…  I don’t have an answer for this one.  I try not to let one bad drama or one rough role color my views.  There have been a few I lost excitement for over time, but they came back and I saw a glimmer of what I enjoyed before.  So, it that category would be Yoo Yeon-seok.  I LOVED him as Chilbongie.  He left me cold in Warm and Cozy.  I enjoyed him again in Romantic Doctor Kim.

Drama Geek:

1aThis would have to be Lee Min Ho for me. I LOVED him in City Hunter. Thought his Gu Jun Pyo was silly and outlandish but still liked him. And I really enjoyed his General Choi in Faith. It all went down hill at The Heirs and continued with the few shorts he was in and the movies he starred in during his drama hiatus. I thought it was just my dislike for Kim Tan, but then I watched Legend of the Blue Sea and realized it was more that the rose colored glasses had come off from my early drama watching years and I realized he wasn’t as good of an actor as I’d once thought. Now, of course, I don’t really dislike him, but he moved from “must watch” to “if the premise sounds interesting”.


.;a1a2s3.pngI’m gonna have to back up Drama Geek on this one. It pains me to say it and I may not admit it later, but the last several shows I saw Lee Min Ho in were a big bag of meh. I didn’t like Heirs. And what I did like of it had nothing to with Kim Tan (*sweaters* *shudders*). I hated Gangnam Blues. Couldn’t even make it through that Chinese movie he was in. But because Legend of the Blue Sea was actually pretty decent, I couldn’t blame Min Ho’s mehness on bad dramas anymore. I’ll always love my Gu Jun Pyo. My General Choi. My City Hunter. But the Lee Min Ho of today? Meh.


a1a2s2I have loved Sung Joon since I Need Romance 3, but my Sweet Potato has really disappointed me in the last few roles he’s taken.  I haven’t even finished his last few dramas.  There is still a little interest there, but not if he’s the villain or playing yet another doctor role.  He just seems so wrong in those type of roles.  He’s perfect for a Rom-Com but he keeps playing all these serious jerk roles and boring me senseless.



Boys over Flowers was my very first drama and I really liked leading lady Gu Hye Seon….and then I started watching more of her dramas and realized that she has a crazy amount of annoying acting habits.  Annoying mannerisms that I can’t seem to separate from every character she portrays.  So for me, Gu Hye Seon is a huge avoid actor despite enjoying her back in the day.

Did we choose one of your easy to miss actors?  Be sure to let us know in the comments and thanks for joining us for Day 5 of our two-week excursion.  Be sure to check back tomorrow for a whole new 14 Days of Fangirling post and check out our previous posts HERE!

12 thoughts on “14 Days of Fangirling: Day 5

  1. Lee Jin Wook. I loooved Nine, loved 3 Musketeers and found him okay in The Time I loved you.
    Goodbye Mr Black though was painful and his scandal just sealed the deal.

  2. Sadly, it was Hyun Bin for me. He was my very first k-drama crush (after watching Kim Sam Soon), and I crushed HARD for him. But at some point (in the past few years) it seems like he got some cosmetic surgery done, and that beautiful squared jawline of his (that made me mad crush for him) is gone. He just doesn’t look the same to me anymore.

  3. Could not agree more about LMH. I loved his childishness in BOF and his coolness in City Hunter and have pretty much hated him in everything since then. I finished Legend of the Blue Sea only because of my love for her. I also agree that Sung Joon is TERRIBLE at picking roles that are suitable for him. Outside of Shut Up Flower Boy Band and the 3rd Romance drama everything else he has done HE has been awful in. I too think that Yoo Yeon Seok needs to be careful about the roles he chooses he is a rather limited actor but can be charming so a good director and script are paramount for him. As for Gu Hye Sun she has always been a weak actor to me. But I like her as a person. I like that she directs and writes and challenges the south Korean roles for women in the business. I just dont think she is a very strong actress. Interesting topic.

  4. I agree that Gu Hye Seon’s character portrayal can be annoying. Some of her mannerisms in Boys Over Flowers drove me so crazy, I couldn’t see why she was the love interest.

  5. Totally agree about Lee Min Ho – I liked him in Faith and City Hunter, but the others – meh. Gu Hye Seo – same there, she was okay in BOF but everything I watched after that went downhill. Annoying in her roles is understatement. Hyun Bin was disheartening, I so loved him in Sam Soon. Even though I also loved Secret Garden as a whole – he did not seem the hottie he was in Sam Soon. He came back from military to do Fatal Encounter (hot but still meh), and Hyde, Jekyll and Me and was waaay too thin for my liking.

  6. Another agreement about Lee Min Ho. Loved him in City Hunter, which was my very first kdrama, and even in BOF and Personal Taste, but I started to notice his acting tics in Faith, and Heirs was the nail in the coffin. He is actually the only one I can think of. I never particularly liked Yoo Yeon Seok, Sung Joon, or Gu Hye Seon. Maybe Ji Hyun Woo because I loved him so much in Queen Inhyun’s Man and none of his other roles compare.

  7. So glad to read the LMH comments – I agree that he seemed charming in his earlier roles but now that he’s basically playing himself – not so much.

    In my Midwest area, I have found very few people to fan girl over kdramas with and the one woman I met (at a yarn shop of all places) and talked about dramas with – she told me we couldn’t be friends since I didn’t like Lee Min Ho. I thought she was joking but she was not.

  8. Its a tie between Lee Minho and Hyun Bin for me. I loved Hyun Bin the most in MLSS, and even though Secret Garden was a hit show for him, I didnt really clicked with him, not as much as I do with his character in MLSS. And his recent works just a miss for me, its just that I think he wasnt consistent enough whenever he played his roles. I think.
    As for Lee Minho, apart from his good looks I didnt really remember what makes him to be outstanding, he always played the same roles to me, always gives the same feeling whenever I watched him act. The same goes for romance, well many thinks he will do good in romance, but I think he wasnt solid enough in that genre, and this I can confidently say after I watch LOTBS. He doesnt have a strong chemistry with his co-star, even the kisses felt awkward to me. Personally I think Lee MinHo was the most overrated Hallyu star, he wasnt that good of an actor despite the hyped that he receives in regards to his acting skills. Peace. 😊

  9. It’s also Hyun Bin for me… MLSS was my first kdrama ever and I liked him so much there. I was really excited to watch him in another drama, but The Snow Queen was a huge dissapintment for me, and I haven’t liked him in any other drama since than (I also watched Friend, Our Legend, Secret Garden and Hyde Jekyll, Me).

    However, I’ve never liked LMH in any drama. I dropped BOF after 4 painful episodes.

  10. Jang Geun Suk. I remember crazily fall in love with his role in He’s Beautiful as Hwang Tae Kyung.
    I try to watch his other dramas but nothing makes me interested.
    A few years ago i watch Switch:Change The World and man I’m really disappointed.
    It’s not like his acting is bad or something but his face! He looks like a different person. He lost his cute annoying look that i always love. I’m not hating him but I’m not really excited about him anymore.

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