14 Days of Fangirling: Day 10


Day 10 has us sweating and moving to those Kpop songs we love to listen to while exercising.  Come join us for a pumped up Kpop post and be sure to share your favorites in the comments.

Day 10 – Your top 3 Kpop songs to exercise to


I love listening to Kpop as I work out on the treadmill.  There is nothing better than a strong beat and a song that just makes you want to move faster.  So with that in mind, my picks are Rain’s LA Song, MAMAMOO’s Decalcomanie, & AKMU How People Move.  These favorites change around but all three get me tapping my feet towards a more fit me.

Kdrama Jen:

History’s ab song, Fantastic Baby, and BTS


Big Bang’s Bang, Bang, Bang, Mamacita by Super Junior, and I am the Best by 2NE1.


First off, a lot of my exercising includes teaching myself Kpop dances. To date, I’ve learned Baepsae/Silver Spoon by BTS; Good Boy by G Dragon and Taeyang; Zutter by G Dragon and TOP; Rhythm TA by Ikon; most of Ringa Linga by Taeyang; some of Just Right by Got7 (till I blew out my knee.  Couldn’t hang with the younguns that time). Currently trying to learn Whisper by BlackPink. It’s silly to imagine this ahjumma pulling on my yoga pants and wiggling my definitely not-Asian-sized booty to an uptempo Kpop beat, but I will say. I’ve lost 20 pounds since I started doing it a little over a year ago. As for what I listen to when I’m doing normal-people exercises, it’s BTS. All day.

Thanks for once again joining us for another day of fangirling.  Be sure to check back tomorrow as we chat kdrama fashion and those outfits we want to see in our closets.

Til next time,

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  1. I am not that much into kpop but I recently got to know about the soon to debut co ed group K.A.R.D. and they are good. I was sceptical about a co ed group but I think they are a good combo. I personally don’t like cute/sexy portrayal of girl groups and for me the boy groups try to portray a little harsh image. However, this band balances them well. Yes they are still trying to be sexy but it looks like they are trying to limit it and the choreography is so good and the songs addicting. Though I am still not sure how long will this group last, since it seems more like an experiment being tried after early kpop days but I hope it does.

  2. I loved this discussion – I have a couple of workout Kpop playlists. My favorites (off my “hockey” playlist as I do, indeed, play hockey) is History’s “What am I to you”, Epic High’s “New Beautiful” , San E & Mad Clown’s “Sour Grapes”, EXO-CBX’s “Hey Mama” and MOBB’s “Hit Me.”

    Non Kpop but still very inspiring – MC Jin’s “HK Superstar featuring Daniel Wu”, Asian Kung-Fu Generation’s “Re:Re” and the Pillows’ “Kim Deal.”

    BTW – what everyone wants to hear at hockey practice? “It’s Tricky” by DMC.

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