Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode 2

1a54Episode 2 has us shipping multiple ships (Bong Soon is just so cute with literally everyone that it is hard to not want her to hook up with both guys) and we find out that there is a murderer, or two, loose in the city.  Come join me as I discuss my favorite moments of Episode 2 and discuss why the addition of the Silence of the Lambs wannabe works for me. w04

Woot!  We are finally back and doing a classic style recap.  Has seemed like forever since I have done a post just by myself without all The Fangirls as backup.  Hopefully, I haven’t forgotten how since I am assuming that recapping is just like riding a bike.  Or a hoverboard as the case might be with this drama.  As you already know, if you read our recap of episode 1, Drama Geek is going to be covering the odd episodes this time around and I have the pleasure of chatting about the even episodes.  And since we are both busy people juggling, dramas, blogging, work, and motherhood, we decided to limit ourselves to chatting about the six main things that caught our attention in each episode.  Otherwise, we might just spend hours talking about Park Hyung Shik’s perfect hair or how the guyliner compliments Ji Soo’s piercing eyes.  A fangirl could get lost in those kinds of thoughts.  So on that note, let us jump into the top six things of Episode 2.

#6 Complimentary styles

Am I the only one who has noticed that the colors in Bong Soon and Min Hyeok’s outfits are very complimentary and often tie in with each other?  I am 100% behind this.  It is the cute couple concept but not done in the usual boring t-shirt way.  Yay for talented stylists that think outside the box.

#5 This isn’t a date, we are totally doing important bodyguard work

One of the things I like the most about our OTP (One True Pairing) is that Bong Soon is oblivious to Min Hyeok’s interest.  Not that I think he is in all out love mode as of yet, but I would say he is at least finds her fascinating.


As for poor Bong Soon, she is under the impression that Min Hyeok might be gay which would be a good reason for not picking up on any flirting vibes.  If that means that he and Gook Doo have future flirty misunderstanding moments than I am totally for the gay confusion.

2a87bLuckily, they have the whole Bong Soon bodyguard thing going on to throw them together.  I am sure they will work through their misconceptions eventually.  But while I am on the subject, can we chat about how bad a bodyguard Bong Soon is?  Sure the girl has crazy strength skills but she is not overly invested in looking for Min Hyeok’s stalker.  She is even oblivious to the fact that instead of staying safe, Min Hyeok is dragging her out into the world on what I would term work dates.  It is a cute mix of wooing even if the stalker could come up and kill them both at any moment.

#4 Meeting the parents

Up to this point, I had not been overly invested in Bong Soon’s parents.  To be honest, the mom and dad both annoyed me.  Not, I hate them too and I want someone to rent the white truck of doom hate, but more mild dislike.  The one scene I did enjoy was watching Bong Soon drag Min Hyeok to the family restaurant.  Not to show off her sexy and rich boss, but to get some extra perks from the job and make him buy food from her parents.  Hahaha.

2a87b3Dad, mom and the neighborhood ahjummas were practically drooling as the couple left the shop.  It was a great scene by both the actors and the director.  His cinematography really worked for me here.

#3 Ji Soo Gook Doo

2a88It is hard for me to not just pause the drama and stare anytime Ji Soo (aka Gook Doo) comes on screen.


I can totally relate to Bong Soon and how life just gets a little bit better whenever he is in the room.  Pretty sure that hearts and sparkles might be sparkling around my head as well, but I am too busy staring at his gorgeous personage to confirm.


#2 We have a whole lot of mystery & murder

It is time for us to add some meat and potatoes to the plot stew we have cooking.  Which of course means that we need a good villain or, in this case, possible serial killer, to up the mystery level of our storyline.  Actually, we should say that we have two different mysteries going on at this point. So let’s break it down.

Mystery #1 – Who is stalking Min Hyeok?

At this point I don’t see our two bad guys being connected in any way.  One seems to be your usual serial killer (OK, an almost serial killer since we only know that he has killed 1 girl and one almost dead, girl.  But all his actions seem pretty crazy pants and I would not be surprised if there are more deaths that we don’t know about.) and the other is your garden variety chaebol wannabe who is dabbling in company politicking.2a87b1

As Min Hyeok says “I have a ton of family and enemies.”  If I had to take a wild guess I would point towards the one brother he gets along with.  You have to know that when it comes to dramas, it is always the one person you trust that is going to be your crazy stalker.

Mystery #2 – Crazy Killer

There is just something so scary about the twisted and narrow alleyways that give me the absolute creeps.  Maybe it is the many dark corners or, more likely, it is the fact that so many of my dramas have poor innocent girls hunted through them and murdered.  Which is exactly what happens twice in this episode.  The first girl is stabbed, but the 2nd is saved by a passerby.

1a48Saved until the victim is once again abducted from the hospital under the unwatchful eye of Bong Soon and Gook Doo. The killer is really starting to creep me out.  His den of death is my nightmares come to life.  The repeating video on the wall was especially chilling.


#1 Cohabitation hijinks on the horizon?

I loved the irony of Bong Soon having a bodyguard while she goes around bodyguarding Min Hyeok.  At least until events take a dangerous turn with the bodyguard being stabbed while on duty.


Add all of the serial attacks which happen on Bong Soon’s doorstep and it is only logical that Min Hyeok is nervous for Bong Soon’s safety.  Which leads us directly toward cohabitation territory.  Min Hyeok decides that in order to protect Bong Soon he needs 24/7 protection.  Which means Bong Soon and Min Hyeok will be roomies sooner than later.


And if Gook Doo has anything to say about it, that twosome will become a threesome.  I can’t wait to find out what happens next week.

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  1. Crazy thought.. What if the passerby lied and is actually the serial killer? This is a random guess based on the fact that they both have long hair in the same style. He could be pretending to be a passerby just as a distraction? I don’t know. #notsherlock

    • Def what I suspected too! Call me shallow, but the witness is quite a looker and it seemed to me that they took extra care in casting him. I have watched too many kdramas to notice sth like this, don’t I? But he can also be red herring, it’s only 2 episodes anyway.

  2. I love this drama. I know some people are struggling a bit with how dark episode 2 became with the introduction of a serial killer (murderous dudes with creepy masks tend to put a damper on cutesy comic book moments). While I definitely felt a shift in the style of the drama, I am still fully on board. I am looking forward to how this dangerous situation creates a crazy love triangle. The chemistry among the three of them is awesome. I can’t wait to see more!!!

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