14 Days of Fangirling: Day 13


A Fangirl’s bias list is sacred.  But every one in a while you have a new actor that starts shaking up your rankings.  Here are the actors that have moved up our bias list in the last year or so.

Day 13 – Up and coming actor that is messing up your bias list?


1a48I know he’s been around a while, but Nam Joo Hyuk totally shot to my top 10 after Weightlifting Fairy. He hit my radar with Scarlet Heart Ryeo, and I was delighted to see him in the lead in WF.  Not only is he good looking and he can act well, but he can really kiss!  Honestly, it doesn’t matter how good looking you are, if you can’t kiss then I’m not interested (ahem, Lee Min Ho, ahem).


The answer to this would’ve been Park Seo Joon but I didn’t love him in She Was Pretty and I didn’t love him in Hwarang so maybe he’s only a potential bias ruinner when he’s the second lead… If V from BTS could get some more air time (and maybe lay off the “cute” just a tad), I’d be all over that action. But can he count as a bias ruinner if he’s my Kpop bias? Hmm… deep questions for the universe.


Ryu Joon Yeol, however. That guy is creeping up my bias list like a ninja. I loved him in 1988 and even though I didn’t like Lucky Romance, I loved him in it. All he needs is to be the lead in a halfway decent drama, and I’ll be done. I’m talking “Lee Min Ho who?” done. Give all the roles to Joon Yeol, done. Make him my iPhone screen saver, done.

Kdrama Jen:


Yoon Kyun-sang caught my eye in Pinocchio as the older brother with a tragic backstory.  He then captured my heart as Moo-Hyul in Six Flying Dragons. I even liked him in Doctors, even though I did not love the drama. I am just happy to see others in Kdramaland feel the same because he is now starring in Rebel Who Stole the People. I am expecting great things from this rising actor!



Someday I will get my act together and answer first so all of my choices are not taken.  I  2nd my co-bloggers choices and am throwing Park Bo Gum onto the pile.  He has always been a standout in any drama, regardless of whether he is the lead,  2nd lead, or even a small character part.

Thanks for joining us in Day 13 of our 14 Days of Fangirling.  Be sure to check back tomorrow for our final Fangirling post and check out all the previous posts HERE!

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13 thoughts on “14 Days of Fangirling: Day 13

    • LOL! You don’t know how much I hesitated before writing that. But as long as he is so *CUTE*, I feel like a perv for liking him. I need a little more “man” mixed in there so I can feel okay about my crush.


  1. It’s so funny but I think i mis-interpreted the question, ha ha. I was thinking of actors who hadn’t made it to lead actor yet, so Yoon Kyun Sang, Bogummy, Ryu Jun Yeol, I cancelled them all off my list because they’ve made it now. But looking at it with your interpretation, you guys definitely have who I would also have chosen. Those three men are all lovely lovely lovely, i wholeheartedly approve and support them👍😊

    Also, Lee Minho can kiss! He often doesn’t have the opportunity, he seems to suffer from a combination of the dramas he chooses and the women he acts with, but he can kiss when he gets the chance, lol

  2. Park Hyung Sik. I didn’t even know who he was before Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, but he is wickedly attractive. He’s even giving Ji Soo, one of my other top contenders for bias wrecker, a run for his money.

  3. My original Big 3 bias list was always Song Il Guk, Jang Hyuk and Oh Ji Ho, but it’s been wrecked, re-wrecked, and wrecked again within the last 4 years I’ve been a Kdrama fan. Yet I still keep them up there. A bias who fully crept in was Lee Jong Suk. Now Whenever he’s involved in the project, I’m right there ready to watch because i know even if It stinks, he’ll be fantastic.

  4. I see we have a lot in common guys, my list is almost the same 🙂
    Last year it was Park Bo Gum: I watched I Remember You and ended up with an ethical dilemma since I never ever sympathized with a serial killer character before. I fell head over heels for him, but you know, Bogummy is perfection *-*
    This year my list was shaken first by Nam Joo Hyuk. I noticed him first in Scarlet Heart for being insanely beautiful, but later he totally stole my heart as Joong Hyun, I so luuufff him too.
    And when I thought there was no more room left for bias in my heart, I have a sudden crush on Park Hyung Sik 😀 I saw him in Hwarang, and gosh, he is so charismatic and talented. I didn’t see that coming, but yeah, I like him a lot. Of all my bias, I think he is definitely the sexiest.

  5. Oooohhh i have so many bias wrecker actors.
    It all started with Lee Dongwook, that grim reaper make me falls head over heels for him.
    After him here comes Yang Sejong. He’s really amazing in Duel.
    After that i fall in love with Kim Minseok, you know the cute high schooler guy in Beauty Inside? Han Segye’s transformation that gave Lee Minki’s mom hospitalized? Yea that’s him. (Btw i forget Lee Minki’s role name there)

    Aaaaannnddd my ultimate bias wrecker that eventually became my #1 bias right now is….
    My dearest Seo In Guk.
    I just can’t forget his role as Louie in Shopping King Louie. He’s the cutest human being I’ve ever seen(Not only his face, it’s a combination between his face, his act and his personality)

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