14 Days of Fangirling: Day 14


We have finally come to the end of our 14 Days of Fangirling and what better way to say goodbye than with our all time favorite drama scenes?

Day 14 – Favorite drama scene you’ve watched a thousand times and will watch a thousand more.


That would be Secret Garden Episode 13 when Joo Won worms his way into the bedroom that Ra Im is in and curls up around her.  I love that moment where she realizes that she’s falling for him and how much he really cares.  I also think it’s super cute that she tries to put up a fight, but they both know that she could totally kick his butt and he’s only there because she wants him there.


I Need Romance 3, final episode when Sung Joon challenges Kim So Yeon to entice him in a moment of unwillingness. And boy, does she entice him. When I saw it, I was like, “What!? Kdramas do that!?”

On a sillier note, I also love some epic moments from Kill Me Heal Me. Tops is when Ji Sung is being the Yoo In Na personality and fangirlling over her “Oppa” Park Seo Joon. I also love when he’s the Shin Se Gi personality at the office, first when he’s fighting with Hwang Jung Eum over whether he should wear a tie or not and they descend into a weird argument rap; then when he’s challenging Jung Eum to stop him from going into a board meeting and he roll/scoots his office chair back into the office while she gapes at him.

Kdrama Jen:

I love the now epic “badass walk” when Goblin and Reaper come to rescue Goblin’s bride.  I have watched this multiple times because it is just so beautifully done.  Another drama scene

1a.jpg rewatch for me is the “15 seconds” in My Love From Another Star when Do Min Joon loses his composure and sense of self-preservation in a wild kiss.  Love it!


Anytime I need a quick pick-me-up, I go straight to youtube and watch scenes from Six Flying Dragons.  Not only is it one of the best sagueks when it comes to action scenes, but it has so many epic characters that it is hard to choose just one scene…..which is why I chose two.  Check out my two of my favorite scenes below and then go watch the whole drama.  You won’t be disappointed.

Thanks again for joining us in our 14 Days of Fangirling!  It has been a great two weeks and we look forward to you all joining us in many more Fangirl moments in the future.  Be sure to check out the whole two weeks of posts HERE!

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The Fangirls

16 thoughts on “14 Days of Fangirling: Day 14

  1. Ah, now I’m going to have to go back and watch Kill Me, Heal Me once again. Every kiss in that show was good.

    And while I’ve appreciated what I’ve seen of My Love From Another Star, that might be an emotional kiss but it is not wild – at least to me.

    I like emotional scenes – often very sad or very “realizational” for people. Scenes where people have lost the one they love or are leaving, scenes where people have done very bad things and have realized it, scenes where someone realizes they love or hate someone. If this is expressed in a kiss, all the better! Try the alley kiss scene from Mary Stayed Out All Night with Moon Geun Young & Jang Geun Suk.

    Thanks for this – I enjoyed seeing all the different takes between you bloggers.

  2. (1) “I remember you”. I rewatched the confrontation scene between the brothers COUNTLESS times. When Lee Hyeon realised that the lawyer was his Min, went to his house and saw the paintings.. When Min accused him of not recognising him, and then of abandoning him. The pain , the tears rolling from the brothers. So heart wrenching

  3. Greatest love: when Dokko Jin announced his love for the whole world on tv is one I absolutely cherish. The shocked look on GHJ face initially then that smile that took over face, Priceless.

    Dong Yi: King and Dong Yi first night together. Those 2pecks on her lips and his smiles. Amazing

  4. Ahhhh…Secret Garden is still one of my favorites with a number of noteworthy scenes I’ve watched over and over again …. this is reminding me how beautiful this couple is!!!!!!

  5. Falling for innocence’s scene where Soo jung breaks realises that Min ho has his fiance’s heart and he goes crazy haha. The next most watched would be the mud fight from JI. It was gold both humorous and emotional.
    I tend to watch only funny scenes again but right now I am in the mood of watching something emotional. Not your typical melodrama but sth along the lines of healer or king 2 hearts. Any suggestions please?

  6. Shopping King Louie.
    I can’t, Louie is just really adorable >_<
    Oh wait, can i skip the scene that doesn't have any Louie in it? I only want to see Louie actually.

  7. Wait, i don’t read properly and read this as a drama that you would watch thousands more. Well after reading properly this time I’m still gonna mention shopping king louie :v
    My love for that drama is just too deep.
    I would watch Louie screaming because of bug over and over again. I also would watch his “Aaah” and “Haaaa” like when he’s practicing his proposal to Bok Shil.
    That’s the most adorable thing in this drama along with his random English.

    The next drama is Goblin’s all bromance scenes + Yoo Deok Hwa. These bromance are the life of the drama ≧∇≦

    Another drama from Seo In Guk called High School King Of Savvy.
    I would watch Minsuk’s “Thank you very gamsa” scenes over and over again.
    Also that scene where Sooyoung(?) accidentally push Minsuk on his bed then Minsuk saying all things about her being a pervert grandma in nagging ahjumma tone xD

    • It has been so much fun re-reading old posts (in order to catch up with your comments). Some of my opinions have changed over time! Shopping King Louie was such a great drama. We are all huge Seo in Guk fans over here!

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