Strong Woman Do Bong Soon – Episode 3


I’m not sure how much movement we got in this episode,but there were a few more characters introduced and lots of cute OTP (One True Pairing) moments. As always, this will be my top 6 moments of the episodes.

#6 Boring Girls are the New Trope

They introduce Gook Doo’s girlfriend. She’s a cellist and so far has zero personality when she’s with him.


The only spark of life from her was when she was being examined by Bong Soon’s twin brother. Who she is totally crushing on. I’m just relieved she’s not Min Hyuk’s girlfriend. The thing with this couple is I’m not feeling it from either side. I guess I can’t hate her for setting up a “date” with the twin brother.

Speaking of Gook Doo and his feelings… I’m not convinced this is a one sided love with Bong Soon. He seems only mildly interested in his current girlfriend. Also, the two things that get him riled up are criminals and Bong Soon. I’m glad she finally stood up to him and allowed him to see a bit of the real her when she called him out on having a girlfriend, and showing her attention by being overly concerned about her.

My drama experience tells me something happened during high school making him think they couldn’t date and that’s why he’s kept her at arms length.

#5 Dumb and Dumber

Remember those gangsters Bong Soon beat up in the first episode? They have a boss who comes to visit them in the hospital. He has a faithful assistant, like all mob bosses do. And all I can think of when they’re together is that their underlings might be smarter than them. Which is saying something. They seem harmless and more likely to become enamored with Bong Soon than anything else.

#4 Minions.

The high school bullies Bong Soon beat up show up with their boss too. He smacks her around while his underlings look on nervously. She takes it for a while but looses it and picks him up by the belt.

When she’s done with him, she makes everyone get on the merry-go-round and gives them the ride of their lives. The only reason I can see for these guys showing up is for them to eventually be there for her when she needs backup in the future.

#3 Nice guys aren’t always so nice.

Min Hyuk takes Bong Soon to meet his family so she can help him figure out who’s behind the stalking. But I’m going to go out on a limb here and say she’s extremely bad at reading people. His dad tells everyone that someone needs to take over his company and that someone is Min Hyuk. While the table erupts in different levels of fake happiness and total anger, Bong Soon rates each of them.


She ends up picking his loud mouth dad as the most likely suspect. Totally missing all the reasons it would be the rest of the people in the room and not his dad. My money is on the too nice brother. It’s always the nice ones.


#2 It wasn’t ME!

Min Hyuk is able to track down the motorcycle owner and brings Bong Soon along. She questions him but before she can get much out of him, she accidently makes him hit himself in the face and he’s knocked out completely.

After she drags him down the hall they shove him in an elevator (so they aren’t caught by his neighbors) and finish the interrogation on the roof.


The one thing I like about Bong Soon is she’s very fast to sympathize with people. The guy’s crying and she looks like she might burst into tears too. They find out his motorcycle was stolen so he has nothing to do with the person stalking and threatening Min Hyuk.

#1 Min Hyuk: Wimp or Mastermind?

Throughout the entire episode Min Hyuk manipulates the situation so Bong Soon is by his side as much as possible. He has her spend the night with him. After Gook Doo leaves Bong Soon wanders around trying to find Min Hyuk and eventually happens upon his dungeon in the closet. If you pay close attention, the closet door has a girl in a hoodie painted on it. Hmm… I wonder who that petite power house of a girl might be?


They try to fall asleep, which is when we find out that Min Hyuk’s mom passed away when he was young. He grew up with several stepmothers and a gangster dad along with three brothers. Two of which used to shove him in the closet when he was young.


After getting a little too serious for our CEO’s liking he challenges her to video games and she trounces him. Not sure if he let her win, but I don’t think he’s that kind of guy.

She falls asleep after that only to wake up with Min Hyuk snuggling her on the couch. Sure it was cold down there.

Later at the police station Bong Soon steps on Min Hyuk’s foot trying to stop him from giving away that she’s his bodyguard.


She has to take him to the hospital for a broken toe and then wheels him around the rest of the day. I do think his toe hurts, but I also tend to think he’ll use anything to get her undivided attention.


My Thoughts:

I’m going to be honest. I’m a little unsure about this shows ability to balance all aspects of it and not leave me bored at times. Bong Soon’s mother and her friends BORE ME. Dumb and Dumber and the minions have the potential to make my mind wander. Gook Doo, bless his heart, isn’t that interesting to me. Unless he’s with our two leads. He’s especially not interesting when he’s with his girlfriend. The serial murder case is so tonally different from the rest of the show that I’m not sure how it’s going to fit with everything else.

Another thing that doesn’t really come up until episode 4 is the gay jokes. Right now I’m not sure what to think of the way they’re treating Min Hyuk’s rumored sexual preference. You can tell it is being played for laughs. They want Bong Soon to be jealous of Min Hyuk’s attention toward Gook Doo. I do hope that they won’t play up the jokes too much and that whatever time they give toward Min Hyuk’s gayness (or possibly being bi since he’s made comments about both Bong Soon and Gook Doo being attractive) I hope they do it without making fun of people who are gay or making it seems like a bad thing to be. My experience with Kdramas is it’s mostly used as a trope to create laughs or not talked about at all. If you are looking for Kdramas that address the subject with a little more sensitivity you might check out Reply 1997 or Seonam Girls High School Investigators.

I do enjoy the main couple and this show makes me laugh throughout so I hope next week will be full of tons of plot and character development too.

Still Bong Soon’s #1 fan,

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  1. Great recap! I was so busy laughing and enjoying the show, I didn’t even notice that the gay jokes might be a little insensitive. Although, I will say they aren’t being mean about it so far–like you said, they’ve played around with Min Hyuk alluding to an attraction to Gook Doo. I’m certain he was just kidding around, but at least he is confident enough in his sexuality (whatever it is) that he doesn’t feel the need to be embarrassed about being seen as gay or bisexual. And for Korea, I’d say that’s a step in the right direction. Then again, I’m not gay or bisexual, so I could be reading that the wrong way. I guess we will see what happens!

    I liked what you said about the tone of the show being split into two parts right now. For me, I’d say that both parts are equally entertaining (or, you know, terrifying), so for now, I’m okay with enjoying the different tones as they are. But like you said, will they somehow merge smoothly? I suppose we will find out.

    • I’m hearing people that are offended by the jokes in episode 4, so I wanted to address it. So far I think they aren’t really handling it in the most sensitive way, but they aren’t having Min Hyuk define anything yet either. I feel like it’ll be played for jokes for another few episodes and then once the romance kicks it up a notch they’ll drop it.

  2. So far I do not think the gay references are so bad. The goal is to have some confusion and some laughs (for example with the mother seeing Dok Gu as a rival for Bong Soon), but I do not think it is portrayed in such a negative way: Min Hyuk does not even bother to correct the others, which means he does not care or feel bad about people thinking that he is gay: isn’t this a step in the right direction? This show is comedy so it is expected that will make humor from many things.

    For the rest, I also find the story has an overload of villains, some of them maybe unnecessary. But I love the main leads and I find it quite entertaining, so I will turn a blind eye on the flaws and keep enjoying Park Hyung Sik charms. 🙂

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