Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode 6


The romantic triangle is in full force as we watch our three leads run around throwing around misunderstandings like confetti.  Thankfully they add just enough comedy and heartwarming moments to make this Fangirl happy.  So come join me as I talk about the highs and lows of episode 6.


This might be a very fast post.  I have a headache and the words are not flowing very well.  Hopefully, everything makes sense and my thoughts don’t sound like they are coming from a painkiller induced haze…even though they totally are.

Give me more smooches!

This scene was equally funny and so beautifully shot.  I have to admit that watching Park Hyung Sik going in for a kiss in slow motion is a new favorite thing.  The beauty of it is that is his physical features are beyond description, and are displayed to perfection.  Not that Park Bo Young and Ji Soo are a slouch in the almost smooch department.  I totally support more fantasy scenes if they are as good as these are.

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Drunken Shenanigans

With all the horror at the thought of secret hookups, our throuple decide that they need to stay up all night so no smooching goes on behind closed doors **DARN**.  Instead, we get to watch Gook Doo and Min Hyuk go all alpha male and fight for who is the better man for Bong Soon.  Competitions that include pool, darts, and eventually drinking more than the other.  I have to admit that Bong Soon’s disdain over their manly showing off just cracks me up.

These actions end up with manly snuggling on the pool table and a cranky Bong Soon dragging them home, muttering about how they were supposed to be protecting her and not getting down and out drunk. Her carting them around like sacks of rice was hilarious!

I do admit that I cracked up as Bong Soon gets her revenge the following morning by cooking them overly spicy hangover soup.  That coupled with her rendition of the boys……friskiness (which includes sexy eye moments and Gook Doo performing sexy dances for Min Hyuk) had me laughing so much.


That said, I do have one complaint.  Did it seem a little out of character to anyone else?  A few drunken snugglings on the pool table I can understand.  All out gaga eyes and sexy body roles seems straight out of left field.  I was almost wondering if this rendition of the night was all an exaggeration on Bong Soon’s part to get back at the two men.  But seeing other recaps, that doesn’t seem to be the case.  Oh well.  I will just accept that it was done for humor’s sake and maybe just lost a bit in translation, plus it’s dramaland and we all know anything goes in dramaland.


I am Bong Soon, hear me ROAR!

I am always so happy when Bong Soon lets her inner tough girl out to play.  Especially when it involves her righting wrongs and taking names.  This time she instructs a sexist pig about the evils of treating women bad and only listening to men. I was tickled at how scary it was to see Bong Soon pop up in the jerk’s back seat demanding that he drive to the side of the road so they can “talk”.  A talk which included Bong Soon spinning the jerk’s car around like a top with the man vomiting inside.  The icing on the cake was Bong Soon scolding him on his horrible manners towards the fairer sex as he spins around and around.

I also really am beginning to respect Min Hyuk and his attitude about Bong Soon’s strength more and more.  Sure there are moments where Min Hyuk freaks out just a bit.  But it is a good type of freak out.  One that is cute and accepting rather than thinking she is abnormal.


I especially adore that Min Hyuk not only accepts Bong Soon’s strong personality (both physically and mentally) but also wants to help her become more in tune with her strength.  Min Hyuk takes Bong Soon to a scenic location and informs her that he would love to help her focus her strength to help others if that is what she wants.  Aww.. now that is what a real man does when he is in love.


Fake Dating & Pimping Mothers

With all these Kumbaya moments going on, you might wonder if anything is happening on our OTP romantic front.  Turns out that Min Hyuk is taking advantage of his father being upset over the gay rumors circulating about his son.  He promptly declares the rumors as false.  In fact, Min Hyuk declares that he is in a committed relationship and living with his girlfriend. Insert supposed girlfriend Bong Soon. Hahaha

Not only are they dating but they are almost engaged and planning on popping out grandchildren for Min Hyuk’s dad as soon as possible.  They are only waiting to get permission from Bong Soon’s conservative mother. BWHAHAHA


The irony is glorious as Bong Soon takes a call from her mother who asks if Bong Soon has had her way with her boss yet.  When Bong Soon chokes out a no, her mom informs her to get him drunk or just knock him out and have sex him up already.  Ha.  My favorite version of Mom is the scheming to get her daughter laid and married Mom.  I am personally surprised that Mom hasn’t already inserted some Viagra into Min Hyuk’s walnut pie.

Cliffhangers anyone?

So remember how I complained last week on how weak the cliffhangers were?  I wonder if the writer reads my blog and decided to fix that problem.  Only, instead of giving us one strong cliffhanger, they decided to throw all of their ideas into the mix and hope that one clicked.  I felt that all the various story threads that we had in the last 10 minutes could have been sufficient endings for the episode.  But then we got another, and another, until I was wondering if the episode was ever going to end.

We get Grandma who is a powerhouse in her own right, giving out a beating to the local thugs the moment she gets to town. We know Grandma is also a Strong Woman, but where does she fit into this story? Is she here to help her daughter get rid of the construction thugs or is she there to mentor and protect Bong Soon?  Grandma is going to be a wild card, I can already tell.


We finally see our crazy collector’s face as he abducts yet another woman for his collection. UGH so creepy.  What is his story? Why is he targeting skinny weak women? His character is literally the stuff nightmares are made of; he’s like a chameleon  and can blend in so well you don’t know he’s crazy and dangerous till he has you locked in one of his cages.

And finally, we have an intruder who is wielding a knife above Min Hyuk’s bed.  If this ends up just being Gook Do making some kind of demonstrative point, I will be highly pissed off.


Final Thoughts:

So all in all, I ended up enjoying this episode.  I think that it was even better upon reflection, since a lot of my complaints have been forgotten after a day or two. The story is progressing nicely and the plot holes are filling in a little bit.  Or it might be memory loss from the drugs.  Either way, I am looking forward to next week.

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  1. Park Hyung Sik is my new favorite thing too 😀 I’ve never been so mesmerized while watching a kdrama, but I can’t help to stare at him every time he’s on screen. He’s just plain gorgeous. Add his multiple charms and I’m a goner.

    And I also found the boys dancing a bit too much, it does not make much sense unless Gok Doo is going to out himself as gay. Whatever, I am grateful for the fanservice anyway, I will not complain 🙂

  2. Even with a headache, your writing is on point, chingu! I enjoyed this episode a lot…I actually watched it almost raw and just inferred a lot lol. I was too excited, and couldn’t wait.

    I, too, thought the man to man skinship was kind of random, but hey. I ain’t complaining. They can do that alllllll day 😉

    Hyung Sik is flawless. Word.

  3. I totally interpreted Bong Soo’s retelling of the two drunk boys & how they ended up on that table as a VERY creative reimagining. That is the only way it makes any sense, really. Unless the writers want to hint that possibly Gok Doo has a secret…

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