Mystery Queen’s 1st Teaser is A Swing & A Miss

.;a1a2s2.pngThey almost had me convinced to give Mystery Queen a try.  The official posters were so stylish and had a classic mystery vibe.  The story concept, while not great, wasn’t offputting either and I really truly love Lee Won Geun and his amazing smile.  But, then reality reasserted itself while watching the first teaser.  I DO NOT LIKE IT…. AT ALL!

**SYNOPSIS: Yoo Seol Ok liked mystery novels and wanted to become a detective, but she gave up her dream after marrying. Now, she is a housewife with a husband who works as a prosecutor. She meets Ha Wan Seung. He is a passionate detective and they decide to collaborate to solve cases.


For one, I don’t like the whole random, we will make our leads dance even though it has nothing to do with the story concept.  It almost always comes off campy and this time was no exception.  I didn’t like the styling of the leads and there was a disconnect from the dancing (insert eye roll) and the classic style mystery tropes provided by the rest of the cast.  And since I can’t even remember the last drama I enjoyed from either leads, I am just setting this one aside and not even bothering.

But who knows?  Maybe I am totally wrong.  So when Mystery Queen airs and you really adore everything about this show, then drop me a comment and maybe I will check it out.  But at this point, I am just going to pretend I never watched this teaser and look forward to the next drama taking over this time slot in 4 months.

Mystery Queen airs April 5th.



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  1. I think that her in-laws are interfering and irritating!! They ruin the drama for, so I won’t watch it anymore!!! Aigoo

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