Strong Woman Do Bong Soon – Episode 7

.2a87b.pngNow we’re talking!! Everything comes together this episode, and the show is firing on all cylinders. Lots of questions are answered and we get some really good insight into our Tiny King Kong. And I think we’re finally starting to see Bong Soon show some interest in our cutie CEO. 

Romeo & Juliet

Speaking of Bong Soon’s interest. We start the episode with an adorable dream of her being Juliet to Min Hyuk’s Romeo. Of course, her own insecurities show up and she ruins their dance by stepping on his foot and hurting him. I find it interesting that this is the dream that opened the episode and by the end it happens in real life except Min Hyuk isn’t the recipteant of her strength. We’ll talk more on that later. For now, enjoy some Romeo & Juliet.

Bong Soon and the frying pan.

We left off last week finally getting a compelling cliffhanger, and thankfully the show  followed through. Bong Soon wakes up from her nightmare wonderful dream and goes to get water. A dark shadow descends on her, but of course our girl is no damsel, and she whacks the intruder in the head with a frying pan.

We go back to Min Hyuk in bed, and he is startled awake by having a knife held to his throat. The sound of the frying pan startles the assailant so Min Hyuk tries to disarm his attacker. They tussel and then there’s another whack and the guy falls on Min Hyuk unconscious. The trusty frying pan came to the rescue again.

Bong Soon is the most casual bad ass I’ve ever witnessed. They don’t call the police, and instead tie them up and shove them in the dudgeon. Bong Soon also has a tendency to be super nice to people she’s beat up even if they are trying to attack her. She gets them the blanket her mom put the talisman in. So while our couple sleeps in the living room, the bad guys get zapped by the magic mojo and start cuddling. I’m not even sure I understand this writer/director team’s affinity for having two men act all lovey-dovey with each other while simultaneously not being that sensitive to the gay issue. Oh well, I digress.

It’s always the nice guy

Min Hyuk discovers that Baek Tak (Dumb) is behind the intrusion because he answers one of the bad guys phones and Dumb (Or maybe he’s Dumber) yells lots of important information before he even hears who picked up the call. The two doofuses cuddled up together were sent to keep Min Hyuk away from the very important board meeting for his dad’s company and to bring Bong Soon back to them. The idea that those two guys could subdue Bong Soon is pretty ridiculous. Min Hyuk is able to get to the meeting in time and reveals to everyone there that people broke into his house and tried to harm him. Bong Soon really is the most nonchalant person out there. She answers Min Hyuk’s video call eating an apple and just moseys over to the bad guys and puts them on screen for everyone to see.

Can we take a moment to appreciate Min Hyuk in a suit. I think idol hair has magic powers. Or at least the updo hairstyle does. I think I’d go out with anyone whose hair looked that fabulous.

Dumb Mob Boss brings a flash drive to Min Hyuk and spews a bunch of stuff looking all pompous, then leaves. Our cutie CEO finds out who’s been terrorizing him for the last six months. It’s the last person he suspected, his second brother who was always nice to him. He’s understandably crushed, and I’m ashamed to say I wish he’d cry more. Dang, he’s hot when he does..2a87


Bong Soon finds Min Hyuk and instantly realizes he’s down in the dumps. He tells her who  is trying to keep him from taking his dad’s company and Bong Soon is shocked as well. She knows he needs to keep his mind off things and takes him out to eat loads of food. And Bong Soon reveals a little bit into her psyche. This is a place where she comes often when her mom tells her to get out of the house. You can tell this is something that bothers her, but she just slaps on that too happy exterior and laughs it off.

From there they go to where all couples must go-the amusement park. Which lends for some adorable moments of them going on rides. Min Hyuk adorably screams with terror on some of them. And both of the looking cuter than should be possible in little animal ears. This couple may be collectively the most adorable couple I’ve seen out there. Their cute ranking is through the roof.

They ride the bus home that night and Min Hyuk shares his story about when he was in high school and was saved but some mysterious girl. You can see it dawn in Bong Soon eyes the minute she realizes he’s talking about her. She looks like she’s going to tell him and then the phone rings and it’s her grandma. She speaks to her grandma in a mix of dialect and her normal accent and it’s just too much for our CEO to handle. You can tell he’s added another thing he thinks is sexy about her to his list.

She cuts their outing short so she can go see her grandma. She asks if now that they’ve solved his problem, if she’ll be allowed to join his company’s team. He says not yet, first she has to learn to control her strength. She makes him pinky swear that if she does that he’ll keep his promise about really working for his company.

Grandma is the best!

Mom and Grandma run into Bong Soon and Min Hyuk and Mom tells Grandma that he’s their future son-in-law (whether he likes it or not). Min Hyuk introduces himself and Grandma calls him son-in-law. He’s embarrassed, Bong Soon’s embarrassed. And the two older women just smile and drool over the pretty.

My favorite moment outside of our OTP moments is when all three women sit on the bench and recite the legacy of their family. It’s very touching and also gives us another peek into Bong Soon’s personality. When she was much younger she didn’t want a daughter to pass her strength to. She wanted to marry Gook Doo and have three boys. Now she doesn’t think it’s so bad..2a88.png

There wasn’t one thing that Grandma did that made me love her. I just did from the minute I saw her. Though it sounds like she did the same thing to Bong Soon’s mom that she did to Bong Soon. Grandma had three sons and they all became successful and Grandma bragged about them all the time. Leaving Bong Soon’s mom to try to prove herself and used her strength to win weightlifting competitions and eventually losing her strength.

Mom gets onto Bong Soon about supposedly stealing money from high school kids. Mom’s gossipy friend saw the minions bowing to Bong Soon when she found them trying to skip school that morning. She scolded them and sent them back inside. Random: I love the Korean word for skipping school.

I think Bong Soon’s relationship with Min Hyuk has given her courage because she lets loose on her mom and recounts all the times her mom has treated her poorly. In true drama momma fashion, she’s doted on the son, always giving him the best choice meats and praising him while being hard on Bong Soon. In a twin situation this has to be even harder for the one who gets treated badly. I have a feeling that Bong Soon’s mom thinks she was protecting her daughter because of the whole strength thing, but I also think her mom may have been jealous of her strength too.

I would never want to be under police protection in Korea

We couldn’t have an episode without our Polygamist Kidnapper. The police are able to catch a break when the shoe print the killer left ends up being for a shoe that was only sold to 3 people in the area. They go around and question the suspects which lands them at the creepiest play ever. Seriously, who makes a play about a kidnapper who has seven brides who ties them to the bed?

Well, we now know where our guy came up with his master plan. He’s sitting in the audience while Gook Doo and other detective wait for the play to end. They have no idea they’re watching what is really happening to the kidnap victims unfold before them. Or that their suspect is in the audience and not on stage. The person that bought the shoes is the actor playing the bad guy in the play. And he says the shoes were stolen from backstage where people come in and out all the time. He has an alibi for the kidnappings because they all occurred while he was performing in the play. So the cops think it’s anther dead end.

Our kidnapper knows he needs to tie up all his loose ends so he creates a fire distraction, pulling BOTH of the men doing protective detail away from BFF’s hospital door. Kidnapper sneaks in wearing doctors clothes and goes to insert a needle filled with who-knows-what into her IV. Thankfully, Bong Soon’s there visiting and realizes he’s not really a doctor. For a minute I thought she wasn’t going to and the character progress she’d made this show would be flushed down the toilet. He bolts and she runs after him. She gets the cops attention and they all go running after him. Kidnapper manages to block the doors but when Bong Soon comes to them she just barrels right through. They of course don’t catch him, but they at least saved the BFF.

Gook Doo does what he does best, and yells at Bong Soon for chasing after him. She tries to defend herself, but he just keeps yelling and she leaves. I know he doesn’t realize she can protect herself, and I know he’s heated about the subject because he actually likes her, but dang it still annoys the crap out of me.


I haven’t touched on Dumb and Dumber and his crew much, but the guy who lost his teeth is released from the hospital and is taken to Bong Soon’s neighborhood to teach her a lesson. Again, these guys have seen her in action so it’s stupid that they think toothless pee guy can take her on by himself.

He follows Bong Soon and threatens her with his cane. Min Hyuk has shown up and he sees all of this, but is too far away to do anything, and he knows Bong Soon can take care of herself. Gook Doo flies in out of nowhere and kicks Toothless to the ground and pounds on him. Bong Soon, being the soft hearted person she is, tries to get Gook Doo off of him, and in doing so knocks him on his ass and sends him flying across the ground. I might have cheered a little here. Sorry, but I was happy for two reasons: he can no longer treat her like a damsel in distress and he really deserved it a bit.

My Thoughts:

This was Bong Soon’s episode. She showed her weaker side by expressing to her mom that she’s always felt second best to her brother. And that she’s never been good enough for her. She’s always been pushed aside and just told to go away. By having her suppress her strength they really caused her to bury her true self. And in turn she embraced that persona with her crush on Gook Doo. I think that is why her dream is to create a game staring a girl just like her. Deep down she wants to just be herself. Tiny King Kong. Her grandma doesn’t seem to shy away from using her powers, and besides her dad, she’s also the one Bong Soon seems closest to..;a1a2ss.png

Which brings me to her relationship with Min Hyuk. I love that she reached out to comfort him when he was down. Slowly she’s started seeing him for who he truly is and not some annoying boss who is trying to steal her crush. The conversation on the bus was lovely and they really seemed to connect with one another. He accepts her strength and also sees her struggle to keep it contained. His insistence that she couldn’t work for the company until she got it under control was for her sake and not his own. Okay, maybe he did have ulterior motives. I’m sure he’d love to physically interact with her in the future and not break bones when they hug or kiss.

Which leads me to my favorite montage so far. Min Hyuk training her to restrain her strength was both hot, come on, them wrestling was SO HOT, and sweet. He’s so patient with her. I know he’s rich, but anyone would freak if you imbedded a go piece in your big screen.

I knew this show had potential to be great, and this episode finally came together for me and felt more like the first few episodes did. I can’t wait to see how Gook Doo reacts to her strength and continue to see the affection our OTP has for one another grow.

Still a Bong Soon Fan,

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