Strong Woman Do Bong Soon: Episode 10


If you are a huge fan of the thug filler and abusive mom shenanigans, then this is not going to be the recap for you.  Usually, I try to look past it all and focus on the adorable OTP (One True Pairing) that has me coming back each week.  However, this episode had a limited amount of cute coupleness and abounded with obvious filler scenes.  There was so much filler that I had a hard time even coming up with three favorite moments, let alone six.  So this is going to be a recap of ranting and an attempt to do some blogging therapy so I am ready to enjoy the show (hopefully) on Friday.  So please join me as I go through the various moments that had me screaming “What the Fudge was the writer thinking?”

Min Hyuk Loves Women

I was happy that the whole gay confusion was finally put to rest.  I was not overly happy with how it was explained away.  Why would being gay be a good marketing ploy?  Why would his sexuality really come up anyway?  He is a mini chaebol at best and most people wouldn’t really expect him to be married at his young age.  It is one of those moments that is explained but not very well.  Almost like the writers had to try and make their confusing plot make sense now that the OTP were ready to hook up.  SIGH.

At least I had a fun time watching Min Hyuk go into extreme narcissist mode explaining how he was now available for dating.  Or he would be if he ever made a serious move and didn’t run away the second Bong Soon leaned in for a smooch.  I am still a bit bitter over the kiss that never happened in the last episode.


The Stupid Cops Still Exist

.;a1a1.pngI don’t even know what to say regarding my dislike of the cops since I have already ranted in past recaps.  Pretty much I just suffer whenever they come on screen and start being dumb.  Ji Soo, I am sad to say that I am actively starting to dislike your character.  Better luck next drama since my Fangirling for you is officially on pause.

Ji Soo VS The Kidnapper

Talking about stupid cops, was I the only one that thought the scenes between Ji Soo and the bad guy were really off?  I felt like they had more in common with boys arguing on a playground than worrying about multiple missing women.  Oh well, I guess I will have to wait for another drama to enjoy a good villain.  Emo artistic boys who like to kidnap women like Blackbeard just doesn’t do it for me.

And while we are on the topic of The Kidnapper…am I the only one that finds the women that he abducted really really really annoying?  Notice how many times I used the word really?  That means I wish that they were all muzzled and unable to wail and whine.  The sound of their screeches is nails on a chalkboard to me.

annoying sound.gif

Our Leading Man Can Be A Jerk

I realize that our leading man can be a bit of a jerk occasionally.  More of a mischievous mini jerk than someone that is truly cruel. However, Min Hyuk’s whole fake job in development for Bong Soon was just not nice.


The poor girl was so happy that she was going to be a real employee, only to find out that Min Hyuk is her boss, her desk is just her old desk revamped, and that there is no real job.  I felt so bad for Bong Soon.  I know the writer is going for a cute workplace hijinks kind of concept, but in my opinion, they totally missed the mark with this plot twist.  Rather than cute and funny, I just see it as selfish and cruel.

A Familiar Face


Finally, I think it is time to chat about the huge elephant in the room.  I am talking about the effeminate doppelgänger of the toothless thug.  Don’t get me wrong, I actually find the newly introduced character somewhat funny, if not just a bit over the top.  My issues are that the writer, once again, just misses the mark when it comes to the amount of screentime a side character receives.  Just like in previous episodes, the percentage of side character to the main couple feels off and I begin to get cranky.  There are some truly funny scenes with Bong Soon’s new nemesis.  But at the point you feel that the joke should be concluding, the scene goes on…and on…and on.  This is yet another thing that has plagued the whole show to date and I don’t see it going away anytime soon.

Realisations & Confessions

At this point, you might be wondering if there was any part of episode 10 that I actually liked.  The answer to that question would be a resounding YES!  I continue to love our OTP and their burgeoning love with an all-consuming passion.  They continue to be the #1 reason I continue on with this drama.  Just sadly, there were not as many scenes with them as their usually are.

Who could say no to Min Hyuk’s intense love gaze?  Not to mention, Bong Soon’s Romeo dreams.  They are just all that is wonderful and right about this show.  I was also excited for the final scene where we get an honest to god confession.  I might have cheered and performed a little victory dance in my head


So where does that leave us?  Did this episode kind of suck?  Yup.  It 100% did.  But that doesn’t mean that I have left the Strong Woman fangirl train.  More that I took a forced pause until the writer starts developing my Bong Soon and Min Hyuk romance.  Which hopefully will be next week.  Otherwise, I might go beyond a tiny recap rant and really start hating.

This is the still hopeful Kmuse saying bye til next week.


0 thoughts on “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon: Episode 10

  1. I agree with you on everything. This drama started off feeling like it was going to push some boundaries and be not just fun, but thoughtful. I’ve given up on thinking it’s going to be deep, and still am disappointed in it. Before the past couple episodes, I was hoping that they’d at least start doing the superhero thing, but we haven’t had much of that, either. Seems like the writer wanted a medical drama but they wouldn’t let her do one, and the director wanted a slapstick comedy, but picked the wrong script.

  2. Since I find the side characters funny & those silly plots fun, look at the serial killer as a wanna-be & a plot point, and rather enjoy the keystone cops, I do not agree. However, I do understand your viewpoints on this!
    The workplace nonsense is our rather immature CEO trying to keep Bong Soon near him – but yeah, he needs to recognize she truly wants a real place in his company.
    Still, this is the cutest drama out there right now (although I’m liking Liar & His Lover, & Radiant Office – just not as much)

  3. The good: Park Hyungsik can melt ice glaciers with his gaze. That’s it.
    That’s why there’s no kiss until now, almost doesn’t count. Coz if they kiss now we won’t tune in next week.
    The writer thought it is a waste of salary to just let gangster ahjussi be in the hosp doing nothing so let him be a doppelganger. He was interesting and I think the only openly gay character I’ve seen in a kdrama, with make up and nail polish and not trying to be a transgender. But something doesn’t feel right about that, I really don’t know, I’m not amused but he was kinda funny, duh, idk. Just a distraction coz we are skip skipping on so many scenes.
    Poor Jisoo, it would hv been better if he signed up on a real action crime drama and not as a sorry excuse of a cop here. The whole police stn is a joke. The gangsters are all annoying. Everyone is annoying, the psycho guy, his brides, his mechanic, his junkshop, the whole neighborhood,too!
    This kdrama feels like a big skit.
    If not for OTP, this would bomb big time.

  4. Thank you for calling out that MH can be a jerk sometimes. I feel like there’s so much fangirling that everything is the females fault. I still love my OTP, but still be able to be fair.

    They better develop my superhero more, because I was looking for female empowerment!

  5. The best part of this show beyond our OTP cuties, Ji Soo, and the awesome mom is very clearly the gorgeous purse that is clearly product placement, but seriously worked on me. While I could not get them to ship it to me from Korea, my good friend in Seoul is making the purchase on my behalf and sending it to me. Gotta love the Mini-Maisy. The same company caught my eye in Goblin, but the beautiful backlighting they use for this product placement in Do Bong Soon just left me drooling. I would gladly have more airtime for the handbags and we can just cut out the thugs and poop wine completely.

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