Kmuse’s Musings: How To Survive While Your Bias Is Gone For 2 Years of Military Service

.;a1a1We all knew this day was coming.  As of March 28th 2017, Seo In Guk officially entered the mandatory South Korean military for two very long years.  I imagine I am not the only Heartrider, sitting at my computer devastated at the thought that my bias will not be in new dramas, music videos, or any other form of media entertainment for 24 months.  So I thought it would be useful to write out in words how I am going to survive this horrible time in my life.

 ** Since I started writing this post, Seo In Guk’s service has been postponed due to a physical problem with his ankle.  Sadly, this probably won’t mean he is working anytime soon.  It will probably go one of two ways.  Either his MS will just be postponed until he heals or is placed a type of service that will not be a problem with his ailment (Which means that the two-year countdown will still be in effect, if not longer due to the delay.)  Or Seo In Guk will be released but the crazy netizen outrage when it comes to celebrities not completing military service comes into effect and he might have to wait out the two years regardless because of fan pressure.  I know that seems crazy, but we just saw the same thing happen with Choi Jin Hyuk who had to wait a year after being released before fans allowed him to come back.  Netizen power is one of those crazy forces when it comes to South Korean entertainment.  So since I will still have to go Seo In Gukless regardless of how this pans out, I decided to go on with this post.

Binge-watch my favorite Seo In Guk dramas

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If you add up all the Seo In Guk drama episodes you have a good 121 hours of Seo In Guk. That is not counting Rascal Sons since I would rather watch several of his dramas a 2nd time than sit through that show again.  Rewatching Seo In Guk in all the scenes that made me fall in love with him in the first place is a great way to spend time while I await his return.  You can never have enough SIG.

Make a Seo In Guk music playlist

I plan on doing this as soon as I get a bit of time to really fall down the Seo In Guk MV rabbit hole on YouTube.  Until then, here are a few of my favorites to get you started.

Lament with other Seo In Guk fans

I know that we have a lot of Seo In Guk fans and Heartriders that read the blog so this is a great place to start.  Feel free to throw in a SIG comment on any blog post, even if it has nothing to do with SIG.  I promise to always answer.

1a49.jpgOr go on Facebook, Twitter, or any other form of social media and hunt down the Seo In Guk fanpages.  It is a great place to meet like-minded Fangirls who just want to adore all things Seo In Guk.  Spending the time with friends who know what you are going through helps one through the pain of separation.

Continue watching dramas from other biases

I know this is hard, but Korean dramas provide us with a plethora of hot men to help distract us from our misery.  It helps the time go faster as we wait for our #1 bias.


Start a Daily Countdown

Yes, I really did… because Seo In Guk deserves a countdown clock!  Click the link below to check out how long til his release.  I am sure the time will go go by quickly.  ****This countdown will be fixed once we know for sure what is going to happen to our beloved SIG.


Those of us here at DWASOK wish Seo In Guk the best in his current recovery and endeavor and look forward to seeing him back on our TVs in 2019.



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  1. If he does end up having to wait out his conscription period like Choi Jin Hyeok, he has one big advantage. He can work on his music during that time, writing, composing etc, the sort of thing that can be done quietly and privately

    • That is very true. I think it is so cruel that if, through no fault of their own, they are not allowed to earn a living in their field because they can’t do military.

  2. Ah all the feeling that I feels when I am reading this post, thank you very kamsa for this! I believe Seo Inguk still doing his MS, as you per stated that Knets can be really crazy about their MS, and this past few days, luckily I havent stumbled into any negative comments in regard to his predicament. I have tried to watch other dramas from other biases like you suggested you see, but the result are not welcoming. They are not Seo Inguk, and there is no way I could have the same effect that Seo Inguk could have give me when I watch their dramas. So the very best I can do to ease my pain; I watched his dramas once in while, and at the same time keeping my schedule busy is one of the good way to ease the longing though. 😂😂 I feel bad but no other actor could replace his place in my heart, so Gukkie Forever!

    • I agree with everything you said, especially the part about no one being able to replace him… He just has a way of captivating your heart like no other actor can! I need a distraction from him!!! There is so much behind that beautiful exterior though. He just doesn’t act, sing, dance, model, etc., He is extraordinarily good at every single thing he does and still stays grounded, modest and relatable. I just love him! He really connects with his fans and seems to really care about them. Seo In Guk is Koreas national treasure in my opinion and I know he wanted to serve his country so badly through his MS but he should realize that MS is not the only way. There are many ways to serve and defend your country and entertainers have always played a big part in times of war. He is already serving his country (and many others) in a much bigger way by touching the lives of the people and making this world a more caring and loving place. I believe his country is proud of him and respects him as a person and as an artist. I think people know where his heart is and will support him regardless of what direction his MS takes – I know I will. He is just simply the best. ❤️

      • Indeed he is irreplaceable, because I am not a big fan of Kpop, or anything that is related with Koreans entertainment though, but somehow Seo Inguk was the only exception. Since my comeback to the Kdramas world, to be honest I only have been watching his stuffs, be it dramas or any videos related to Seo Inguk. I really wish him well, because I want him so badly to be a big Hallyu stars like the others when he came back from the MS because you know, Seo Inguk got what it takes to be the next Hallyu star. So fighting Gukkie! 😍

  3. I do can watch all of his dramas and all his videos again and again and again, I also can do the countdown thing and I already joined SIG’s fans community in my country BUT I cant continue watching drama from other bias because I dont have any other bias, it is one n only Seo In Guk. If I have to mention my bias from 1 to 10 then it will start from Kim Chang Mo to Louis -which is all SIG’s character in dramaland- 😅 Even after I finished watching Shopping King Louis, I have no desire to watch other new drama till now…..
    So….. na eotokaji?? 😥😥

  4. I’m really worried, I just hope he’s recovering well… I so love everything he does, and I can feel his passion and the connection to his fans were undeniable… He’s my number one Korean actor, definitely irreplaceable… I actually have collected his MV’s and I listen to it before I sleep every night… He’s voice is soothing my heart well, he inspires me a lot… How I wish he’s doing fine… I’m forever Seo In Guk.!

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