Strong Woman Do Bong Soon – Episode 11

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 8.17.12 PMGah, more teasing! I am so ready for these two to kiss that I might have to fly to Korea and intervene. But at least we had hugs, and handholding, and so much cute. Min Hyuk finally got his moment to be bathed in the light of Do Bong Soon’s awaking feelings and it was so worth the wait.

#6 Bong Soon and her two Romeos.

Writernim could we please have more of this Gook Doo? Ji Soo’s acting skills have been sorely underused in this drama and I really wanted to feel the ache of him not getting the girl again. Bong Soon is twitterpated after Min Hyuk confesses to her and has a hard time sleeping. She has her Romeo and Juliet dream, but soon Gook Doo jumps onto Juliet’s balcony and declares his love.


Even in the dream I think we can all tell who Bong Soon is leaning toward.

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 8.12.16 PM

Of course Dong Pyung ruins it.

#5 Dong Pyung, do I like him?

I do hate that Bong Soon’s strength pops up here and there and is used as a plot device most of the time. I really didn’t know what to think of Dong Pyung when he showed up. But I do have to say that seeing someone who is supposed to be openly gay and still holds a respected position in the office is a nice step. And the fighting between Bong Soon and Dong Pyung is pretty funny.

I do wish they’d have Bong Soon show him the respect a new boss (who could probably teach her a thing or two) deserves. Interns are usually made to run menial errands. It’s just part of the workplace environment.

This episode was littered with Dong Pyung making Bong Soon do things and her doing them, but totally showing off her strength and attitude.

Dong Pyung also cries throughout the episode after hearing that Min Hyuk does like girls and likes someone in the office. The show has chosen to pair him up with Secretary Kong so that they can have misunderstandings from people in the office. Again, I’m torn. I like that Secretary Kong is nice and supportive of him. But I also feel like it’s a sideways way of making fun of the situation.

#4  Bong Soon Discovering Her Feeling

Min Hyuk finally got slow mow and glowy back lighting!!!!! How did it take Bong Soon this long to start crushing on him?

Seriously, he’s so adorable and sweet. And once he confesses his feeling it’s all downhill for Bong Soon. She can’t concentrate and keeps staring at our cutie CEO. She spends the entire day sneaking looks at him.

# 3 Poor Ji Soo

Yes, I meant to use his name and not Gook Doo. I actually don’t feel that bad for his character. Mainly because I know so little about him. I know he has a mom who flirts with her dad. That he vaguely started crushing on her in high school. And for whatever reason became a cop.

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 8.23.28 PM

When he goes to buy the necklace for Bong Soon he has no clue what to get her, but the sentiment is sweet. He of course never gets to confess because on the way to meet her, he’s told the kidnapper is now targeting his ex-girlfriend. He rushes to save her, but finds that she’s fine and going out on a date with Bong Soon’s twin.

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 6.07.26 PM

His second attempt to confess is stymied by Bong Soon herself who stops him and says she wants to always be friends like they are now. Pretty harsh to be friendzoned by someone who’s had a major crush on you for years, but for whatever reason it took him this long to discover his feelings.

I really wish the writer had given Ji Soo more to do than run around looking like a slightly capable cop.

#2 Oh yeah, the kidnapper storyline

Yes, there is a kidnapper loose. And he can see everything the cops are doing. So when they clue into the fact that he was tailing Gook Doo’s ex he switches strategies and snatches a different girl. Bong Soon’s BFF. And she of course didn’t have time to press her alert bracelet. (The source of her confidence in walking around by herself at night). Again, I really wish the bad guy had layers or backstory. Or was scary. I kind of wish he’d never taken that mask off. Or maybe I wish he’d find his own drama and leave this rom-com alone.

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#1 Hugs and Parting the Red Sea

When Gook Doo stands Bong Soon up (she doesn’t know why) Min Hyuk finds her in the lobby. He’d told her he give her time to respond to his confession but he’s adorably impatient. I really do like the way Bong Soon just says, “but I’m not like normal people,” and he’s like, so what. They hug and it’s super sweet.

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 6.03.44 PM

Then they’re this adorable sequence where she really just needs a moment to catch her breathe (who wouldn’t after being in Min Hyuk’s arms) and she heads up to the elevators to get her purse. Min Hyuk waits for her but is still impatient and does the arms up in the air making the gates open.

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 6.05.25 PM 1

They leave and go on a cute little trip around town before he drops her off. They hold hands and moon at each other. Of course there is no kiss like I said before. But generally they are very sweet.



I stand my earlier grumpy reaction to how little Bong Soon was taking up the hero mantel. The writer throws random situations at her to show her strength, but gives her no clear story arc with the strength. Except that she randomly wants to catch the kidnapper. And Min Hyuk’s main storyline wrapped up so fast that now he’s stagnated in liking Bong Soon and that’s about it. At least they are cute as hell. My hopes for the rest of the drama is that they finish out the romance to a satisfactory conclusion, and they don’t put me through too much torture with any of the side characters.

One thing I know is that the Korean audience loves this show and from what I’ve seen online most international fans are either of the same mind set or they’re with me and find the OTP awesome but the rest isn’t doing it for them. I love that Park Hyung Sik has a hit on his hands for his first real lead, and I can’t wait for what the future holds.

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