Strong Woman Do Bong Soon: Episode 14

.2a87b5Thank the Kdrama gods.  Finally, we had an episode that I enjoyed and felt actually had plot movement and important character development.  It has been so long that I was starting to lament that I was going to have to suffer, with no emotional fulfillment, to the bitter end.

While this doesn’t suddenly make Strong Woman an amazing drama, it does pave the way for me to end the show on a mediocre note rather than wishing it a flaming burial in my kdrama vault.   So join me as I discuss the best moments of episode 14.

Just Die Already

I want to send Ji Soo off to target practice.  Just shoot the guy already.  Although in the grand scheme of things, I guess I should be thankful he shot him at all.  It is one of the few moments of police competence in the whole drama.

But of course, our big bad serial kidnapper does not die.  He just gets shot, crashes off the road into a lake, and causes the rest of the police to wander around scratching their heads and lamenting about the lack of a body.  .;a1a1

Haven’t the police detectives ever watched Korean dramas?  If there is not a dead corpse in front of you that means they are still alive… regardless of how completely dead they should be.

But at least the possible death of our bad guy gives our cute leads time to reconnect and make their way through the trauma of Bong Soon losing her strength **cough cough HUGE PLOT HOLE**

Looking Forward To Snuggles & Normality

This is what I am talking about.  Look at all that cute snuggling taking place on Min Hyuk’s couch.  Min Hyuk’s total support of Bong Soon, with super strength or without, is truly what epic romances are made of.  Not to mention I really want that couch.  It looks so large and comfy.  The perfect backdrop for making up and getting one’s hug on.

Cute Styling

One of the highlights of this drama is the superb styling of Min Hyuk and Bong Soon.  The colors.  The textures.  The tightness of Min Hyuk’s jeans!  Now this is what great styling looks like.  Not an ugly turtleneck in sight.

The Most Evil Haircut EVER

.2a87.pngBwahahahaha!  This hairstyle change of our serial kidnapper is crazy intense and evil.  I might have laughed longer than normal just thinking of all the evil plots he was creating while chopping off his long bad guy bangs.

Dating The Boss

.;a4I appreciate that we get a glimpse of Bong Soon and Min Hyuk’s relationship minus the whole strength aspect.  It is surprisingly, very similar to what they were like before.  Makes sense since the majority of the show, Bong Soon didn’t rely on her strength in everyday life.

However, I do appreciate that we see a deepening of their trust for each other.  Especially when it comes to Bong Soon. Her character’s growth and development is way overdue.

Revenge Thwarted

Finally, we come to the huge conclusion where our evil serial kidnapper attempts to get revenge against those (Bong Soon & Min Hyuk) that had thwarted his evil master plan of locking up women in his person jail…………I still am a bit fuzzy as to why he was doing that, but whatever.

There are several positive moments in the follow scenes as well as some that made me say WHAT THE FUDGE?  Let’s hit the positive first.

  • Ji Soo actually recognizes our bad guy despite his change in hairstyle!  Yay for increased detective talents.  I really appreciate that he didn’t just walk past him yet again.
  • Bong Soon realized that she would not be able to take the bad guy on alone and stayed where Min Hyuk ordered her to be.  Yet again, we are seeing character growth here people!
  • Min Hyuk ordered the building to be evacuated so innocent people would not be caught in the middle.

Now, let’s take a minute to chat about the few things that confused me.


  • The office seems devoid of any type of security force.  Once the place is evacuated it is only Min Hyuk and Ji Soo searching for our wannabe bad guy. 
  • Why did they turn off the lights?  If you get rid of everyone else than it seems that keeping the lights on would make it easier to find your perp.
  • Where did the bad guy get all of the components for the bomb and fake bomb?  As far as I could tell, it wasn’t like he was lugging them around in his stylish manpurse. Total plot fail when it comes to common sense.

But at least the bomb gave us a wonderful moment between our two leads.  It was so romantic how desperate Bong Soon was for Min Hyuk to save himself.  All while Min Hyuk accepted that he would rather die with the woman he loves then live on without her.  I totally am a sucker for tragic almost death for true love.

Luckily, for whatever reason (This show really likes to make up plot lines) Bong Soon’s selflessness allows her powers to come back.  Breaking the chains and the door where she is imprisoned, Bong Soon throws the bomb up into the heavens seconds before it detonates.  Woot!  True love overcomes mediocre bad guys and all is right with the world.

My Thoughts:

.2a88I was so glad that this was a good episode.  Now I just have to make it through two more hours before I can put this drama behind me and hopefully find a new show to recap.  One where the phrase Poop Wine is never uttered.

Happily almost done,


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