Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Ep 15 & 16 (Finale)

.2a87b1We are finally at the end of a very long and complicated drama journey.  Did we love the last two episodes?  Did they destroy the promise of a once bright and quirky show?  Do they once again mention poop wine?  All that will be answered as Drama Geek and I give our final thoughts on the last two episodes. 

Fireworks?  Really?


Drama Geek: I’ve never looked up how to make a bomb, not that I might not in the future since it could end up in one of my books. But I’m pretty sure you don’t stop by your local fireworks stand and add a few for good measure. But with this show I usually have to suspend belief, so why not bombs that create beautiful displays in the sky.

KMUSE: I especially cracked up in the extended scene in episode 15 because the fireworks kept on going after the initial blast.  Pretty sure it doesn’t work that way.  But at least we got a pretty scene of our OTP lit up by the blast.

Should I Sleep Over & Piano Smooches

Drama Geek: The separation and Min Hyuk’s trying to get his attraction (read boner) to go down was pretty hilarious. I always like when a drama shows that people are attracted to each other. I was super happy she’s the one that went to him. And boy were we rewarded. That piano kiss was hot. I knew they both had it in them and would have been disappointed if all their kisses had been like their first one.

KMUSE: Now this was the kiss I was expecting.  Min Hyuk and Bong Soon have such explosive chemistry and I was really happy to finally see some physical signs of that.  The beach kiss was sweet but as a drama addict, the piano kiss is what I live for.

Doppelgangers Meet …. then Nada

Drama Geek: I’m sure everyone was thinking this had to happen before the end, and it was funny when they met, but then nothing came of it. Seriously, if someone looks exactly like you then you’re going to find out if you’re related. What it did highlight for me though was how much the gangster version drove me nuts, and how much I’ve come to like Dong-pyung.

KMUSE: I agree with Drama Geek.   This fated meeting of the doppelgangers just highlighted the two extremes of the show and my dislike of the thug-themed one.

The Enigma of Dong-pyung


Drama Geek: We touched on how this show wasn’t exactly handling the gay issue well, and I still stand by that. But I feel like when they brought in Dong-pyung there was a slight shift. They presented a successful, well respected person who was openly gay. Yes, they totally played him up for laughs, but I still think the writer was trying to show something positive. And the fact that they did slip in a possible relationship with Secretary Gong shows that their intent was to represent a gay person in a positive light. Now, in our international standards it probably still didn’t hit the mark, but I give it props for trying.

KMUSE: I was really happy that Dong Pyung (most likely) hooked up with Secretary Gong.  They were super cute.  The one problem I had with the show and the use of a gay theme is that at one time, they had almost every male who came onscreen as possibly gay or going into a bromance with lots of winking.  I felt it was really overused and could have been more effective if just left with our Dong Pyung/Secretary couple.

Gook Do Suddenly Has Game


Drama Geek: Oh the tears I cried when I saw how well Ji Soo did once they finally gave him something to do. This character was sorely underused in the right ways. Running around looking like a not that great cop just didn’t do it for me. But once they allowed him to be honest and real with both Bong Soon and her brother it was gut wrenching magic. I also cried for the two different bromances they could have made stronger. The basketball scene showed the Gook Doo and brother had tons to mine from, and there were several scenes where Min Hyuk and Gook Doo proved they could have been a very odd couple that was super enjoyable to watch.

KMUSE: It was as if the writer had the first two episodes of Gook Do’s storyline and the last three episodes all figured out and then had to somehow fill in the middle part.  There was such a huge disconnect between the sweetness and intensity of Gook Do being in love with Bong Soon and Gook Do being a mediocre cop and we never just got one or the other…. never both smooshed together to create a balance in his story.

The Misleading Character Development of Mom

.;a1fDrama Geek: What in the what? Okay, I admit that I fast forwarded through the explanation that she didn’t actually hit him, and he fell on a sewing machine, but I did read it from commenters. What was the purpose of making everyone think that she’s an abusive spouse? Oh well, she was a pretty non character for me. I rarely watched the scenes she was in.

KMUSE: WHAT THE FUDGE?  I could handle this as the storyline if they had explained the truth back in the episode (or even the one right after) where the event happened.  But to go the whole show letting us think the mom was an abusive psycho was just wrong.  It ruined the character for me and I really resent the writer for that.

The Characters are Finally United in A Cause


Drama Geek: Here is the show I signed up for. I was told that there would be cohabitation with all three leads and that they would work together to get the bad guy. None of these happened for most of the drama. When they did happen, I pumped my fist because they made an awesome team. I loved how it was Bong Soon’s show and they were her sidekicks.

KMUSE: It was so satisfying watching everyone (including the various thugs and such) come together to catch the bad guy.  It made me lament all the filler crap that we had to wade through to get here.

The End of Our Mediocre Serial Kidnapper


Drama Geek: All I will say about this bad guy is his laugh drove me crazy and the scene where he gets locked up was SOOOO over the top that I cringed. And true to this writer’s form, we never get a reason behind why he did it. He just felt like it.

KMUSE: I hated the bad guy…and not in a good way.  He became so ineffective and annoying.  But I did cheer when the guys helped Bong Soon acheive her goal of catching the bad guy with her strength.  Their bad ass slow-motion walk away was well deserved.

Continuing the Good Fight

.2a87b.pngDrama Geek: I love that Bong Soon becomes a true super hero. Yeah, she kind of sacrificed her position at the company, but was it ever really that important to her? I do wish that the three main characters continued to be a team. But all in all I was satisfied with who she became and most of her journey to get there. She was probably the only character who changed and grew over the course of the drama and I was happy with where she ended up.

KMUSE: I agree with Drama Geek.  I was very satisfied that Bong Soon found her inner strength and became happy with her life.  It was by far the best character growth of the show.

Fluff So Much Fluff


Drama Geek: Do not hate me for saying this, but I actually felt like Hyung Sik went into cute overload and was a bit too much toward the end. I love him though, so I’ll forgive him. You can not deny the power of this couple’s cute.

KMUSE: I actually didn’t mind it as well.  I think that it just felt like overboard since it was so many of his scenes in a row without the annoying thugs to break it up.

Wedding Cuteness Overload

.2a87b2Drama Geek: The wedding was cute and funny. There were several plot holes that didn’t show up, like his family or her grandma, but it was still a great time. They both looked smashing in their wedding attire. The twin girls was a nice touch at the end since we all wanted to know if her strength would be passed on. Poor Min Min and what his life will be like from now on.

KMUSE: I was so happy that we got a wedding and a post wedding life with kids scene before the closing credits.  If I had to sit through so much filler to get here, I demand some satisfying cute relationship closure as my reward.  I just don’t understand why the thugs would be part of their wedding photos.  Of course, I didn’t really get why they were part of the drama either so I guess I will just have to accept their presence to the bitter end.

Final Thoughts


Drama Geek: This writer clearly had the beginning and ending worked out when they started. The last 2 episodes were pretty enjoyable and we were able to see all the elements come together to make an adorable package. But I’d kind of like about 10 hours of my life back during the middle. After reading a lot of viewer comments I know the watching audience was pretty split down the middle. Half thought the couple was so adorable they could overlook the small plot holes. The other half thought the plot holes were so huge they were just glad the actors were so freaking cute. (I’m sure you know which half I’m in.) This will not end up on my rewatch list. If I feel the desire to see the puppy couple, I’ll just pull them up on YouTube.

KMUSE: Once again, Drama Geek and I are on the same page.  I just can’t sit through the huge plot issues again for the cute OTP.  If there are any good FMV (fan made videos) on YouTube send them my way.  Other than that, I am satisfied with putting this drama behind me and looking forward to our next recap.

Til next time,

Drama Geek & Kmuse

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  1. I wanted to love Min Min and Bong Bong as much as I loved Joon Hyung and Bok Joo. Alas. It was not meant to be. Sigh, show. Sigh.

    Please Drama Gods… Throw Park Hyung Sik and Park Bo Young into another drama as the OTP!

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