My Secret Romance: Episode 3 – Too close for comfort


Psychology defines personal space as anywhere from 1.5 to 4 feet away. But our hunky hero’s definition must be 1.5 to 4 inches. Not that I’m complaining. I love the vicarious tingles I feel watching him get toe-curlingly close to the heroine. How about you?

Flipping her insides like a pancake

Lee Yoo Mi decides to play it dumb and deny any existence of that night three years ago. But Cha Jin Wook is having none of that. He sets up bulletin boards of her hotel suite, texts her pics of the wine, and even drives by in the scene of the crime, otherwise known as his white convertible. I love the mischievous look he gets when he says, “This is fun.” Even Butler Bestie notices how lively and happy he is and tells him it’s nice to see the old him. (Awwww. Did his life just stop when she disappeared like Cinderella?) Yoo Mi tries to get her company to switch her job location, but gets caught and turned in to the boss. Jin Wook hits the nail on the head when he asks her if she always runs away when she can’t handle things. Yoo Mi finally breaks down at that and tells him off. In banmal. Well, he was asking for it.

If you only heard what I didn’t say


Extroverts might not get this, but we introverts can all relate to Yoo Mi’s inner dialogue. Who am I? Where am I? I’m losing my mind. Get it together! Have any of you said one of these things in the past three days? (My secret identity by day is a teacher, so mine has been something like this: 5 more weeks. I can make it. Only 5 more weeks!)

I wish Cha Jin Wook could hear her thoughts, because he looked kind of devastated when she casually dismissed what happened three years ago as a one-night stand. Her inner confession that it was her first time and she was scared felt kind of heartbreaking, too. I know it’s only episode three and too soon for honesty, but I’m really looking forward to that conversation.

I’m seeing spots in front of my eyes


Does the actor who plays Butler Bestie feel embarrassed in his outfits? They truly deserve their own post. Sometimes he goes the subtle route like the tomato red number. But the polka dot suit with the polka dot shirt and the polka dot tie. Wow! No wonder Jin Wook claims he has Trypophobia or the fear of irregular patterns or clusters of small holes (and, yes, I totally had to look that up). I worry that the production blew their wad too soon. How are they going to top this number when there’s still 9 episodes to go? Our fashionably adorable sidekick butler has become that go-between that everyone had back in high school days. The go-ask-her-friend-to-ask-her-if-she-likes-me guy. But whatever role he plays in the future, I’m sure he’ll be stylin’ and profilin’.

What’s in the box?


We got two boxes, but only one answer. Yoo Mi keeps a cardboard box in her closet with his beige overcoat still inside. We should have known she was lying when she said her mother threw it out, since she avoids her mom like the plague. But one box remains. It obviously holds something important because Jin Wook brooded over it in two separate scenes. I feel like I can’t speculate because of a post I read about its contents. I’m not sure if it was a spoiler or just the person’s opinion, but I’m pretty sure they were right. If they are, it’s hilarious. I hope they reveal all in the next episode so we can laugh or cry together. There will still be other mysteries left to solve. Like why does Kiss-up Director want to replace the kitchen staff? Or why does Cha Jin Wook write with a feather quill pen?

Miss Take-a-hint


The girl that makes Cha Jin Wook run for cover is finally revealed. Joo Hye Ri is one of those classy, subtle girls who can tell what a man’s thinking with just one look . . . . pwahahahahaha. Yeah right! I’m not sure what it will take if “Get your hands off me” doesn’t make her bat a heavily mascarahed eyelash. She feels no shame in waltzing into Daebok’s kitchen with gourmet food and golden spoons to feed her self-proclaimed, future husband and demanding that the cook send pics of every meal to her. So glad Jin Wook walked in at that moment to derail her crazy train. When I saw the previews of him grabbing Yoo Mi and pulling her close, it seemed like he was using her as a fake girlfriend to deter Stalker Girl. But he was only saying she was the only one allowed to feed him. Oh well, I guess that’s nice, too. But the contract relationship is one of my favorite drama ploys! This show lives and breathes clichés, so maybe it’s not too late. I could totally see Jin Wook pulling the “You owe me” card to get Yoo Mi to act like his girlfriend. Fingers crossed!


So let’s take stock of where we are. Jin Wook and Yoo Mi meet again. They both admit they remember that night. But what does Jin Wook really want . . . or think he wants? Closure? An apology? Or does he realize he still wants the woman in front of him. I’m not sure. Neither is he, from the looks of it. While we sit back and ponder, I thought I’d include this short video from Dramafever. It’s Sung Hoon using adorably embarrassed English as he invites us to their live Facebook chat. Enjoy his abashed grin at the end.


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  1. I loved that quick little clip – especially since it wasn’t very prepared. Too bad I missed the actual event.

    • To be honest, I liked the clip more than the event. But it was very cute to watch him explain in broken English that he wasn’t a singer when someone asked him to perform the OST.

  2. LOL, I think we all know what is in that little box…but I won’t be a spoiler either.
    This is a very fun show so far, I hope they can keep it up as well. Jin Wook is one handsome devil, simply gorgeous!

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