There’s a new Sung Hoon drama. Another one!

IMG_5336I’m not talking about My Secret Romance. There’s another one. You can get double the Sung Hoon now! If you’re willing to pay for him.

Amazon Prime just released The Idolmaster KR on their streaming service.  It’s based on a video game and is pre-produced, so no live shoot problems. In this showbiz centered drama, Sung Hoon plays a genius music producer who convinces an identical twin to follow in her dead sister’s footsteps. I know it sounds a little morbid, but the longer trailer has some lighthearted moments as K-pop wannabes compete against each other to become the next big group. From the looks of it, the aspiring singers are going to take up a lot of the storyline.

Here is a Sung Hoon-centric teaser for the show and a link to the official website.

The Idolmaster KR is also showing on some of the SBS channels if you have Korean cable. On Amazon, it airs once a week on Fridays for 24 weeks. The first episode was 45 minutes long. I admit I’m not willing to pay for another streaming service, not even for Sung Hoon. But anyone who already has Amazon Prime is good to go. If you are a die hard fan and don’t mind paying, then the cost of Amazon Prime Video is $8.99 a month. What I might do is wait six months until the show is completely released, then pay for one month of Prime and marathon it. Yes, I know. I’m a cheapskate. But I prefer to think of it as being cost conscious.

Happy Saturday, everyone!


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  1. I have Prime, I’ll definitely add this to the list. The show feels very similar to that Rain drama, “My lovely girl.” And the lead actress in this show is giving me the same wooden vibes. yikes. Sung Hoon is an actor I want to love, but i’m never excited about any of his dramas or they’re not my taste. (Except Faith. And I muddled through Oh my Venus.) Hate when that happens.

    Kind of an odd plot for a video game? But i really don’t know what’s out there in the gaming world anyway. Thank you for the heads up!

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