Romance Blossoms in 2nd My Sassy Girl Teaser


Joo Won and Oh Yeon Seo have a light and breezy chemistry emerging in the 2nd teaser for upcoming sageuk My Sassy Girl. Something that I am very thankful for since I tend to only enjoy around half of Joo Won’s leading ladies when it comes to romantic chemistry.


In this teaser we witness full blown sassy Oh Yeon Seo who plays a princess with a tiny bit of a thug side.  I have always enjoyed Oh Yeon Seo in past dramas, so I am actually anticipating a lot of fun hijinks between her and her uptight leading man Joo Won.  The only other thing I got from this teaser is that the director really loves a good pulling the lady from danger moment.  We get three in just 31 seconds.  If that continues into the drama I forsee the perfect opportunity for a drama shot game.  Although, then you might be too drunk to appreciate the awesomeness of our leads, which would be tragic. My Sassy Girl is set to air May 29th.


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