Suspicious Partner -Episode 5 & 6

Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 5.23.14 PMOne sided crush or STALKING? Bong Hee has to take a hard look at her own actions and figure out which category she falls in. The case she takes on eerily mirrors her own feelings and she soon realizes she might have to impose her own restraining order before things go too far.

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We left off with Ji Wook drawing a clear line with Bong Hee by telling her they have an ill-fated relationship and he never wants to see her again. We get to see the lead up from her perspective this time, and whoa boy, she’s all twitterpated and set to confess to him. He shuts her down before she has a chance with his ill-fated relationship comment. He walks away but Bong Hee isn’t deterred easily. She gives him a gift of tea to help with his insomnia and makes sure he understands that she will prove her innocence thereby proving his choice to release the existence of the second weapon wasn’t a waste of his career. (Ahem, it wasn’t. He was just doing his job by following the law.) She tells him she even has a lead on the real killer. Ji Wook is totally exited until he finds out the she didn’t actually see the killer but just heard him whistling a tune outside the courthouse. It was the same tune she heard on the way back to her apartment the night her ex was killed.

Pictures cannot convey the hilarity of Bong Hee trying to whistle the ditty for him.  He has no clue what it is, and she’s determined to make sure he knows that she is going to find the killer on her own.

A prosecutor not having enough proof to convict you and being proven innocent are two totally different things. Bong Hee soon finds that out when the ex’s dad shows up at her apartment to pretty much scare the crap out of her and remind her that he still thinks she’s the killer and will be watching her. I really wish the dad was played by a different actor. I’ve never really thought this guy was that great as a bad guy and I’m kind of tired of seeing him in these roles.

Ji Wook ends up exactly where I hoped he would. He’s working for CEO Byun the kind older gentleman from the first episodes. I have a feeling Ji Wook’s dad and this guy were pals before his dad died. This also puts him in the same office as the adorable and hated Eun Hyuk.

This only makes Ji Wook’s distain for being a defense lawyer more pronounced. Their friendship is so odd but also what puppies are made of.

Bong Hee realizes the only connection she has with the killer besides the tune is the place he dumped the knife so she heads out there, and gets the crap scared out of her when Ji Wook saunters up behind her. Ha! The switch from the dramatic pull to the chest so she doesn’t  fall to him gently holding her hand is super swoony! Or maybe that’s just Ji Wook. She does what all us Wook fangirls would do and that’s internally squeal.

He feigns that the reason he’s there is because he couldn’t solve his last case as a prosecutor and it hurts his pride.

The place where he dropped the knife doesn’t yield any knew information so all Bong Hee has is the song. She never saw his face and to Ji Wook’s annoyance doesn’t even remember the bike he was riding. Ji Wook about loses it and when Bong Hee says she thought he was really worried about her he admits that as her mentor he was but it all ends today.

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She doesn’t have enough info to find the killer and he’s done all he can do. She’s not giving up though. She vows to catch the killer and change their relationship to something good.

This whole conversation transpires while they walk down a lovely path with spring flower petals fluttering around them. I am so happy that warmer weather is here and we might finally get to say goodbye to turtlenecks!

In voice over Bong Hee tells us that when times got hard over the next two years she’d always find Ji Wook and just seeing his face would help her through the tough patches. She gets so close to him that he really would have to be blind not to realize she’s been hovering around him all this time.

Poor Ji Wook HATES his job. He went from putting away criminals and feeling like he was honoring his father’s legacy to defending spoiled brats who deserve the jail time. He also doesn’t seem to get along with the lawyers any more than he got along with prosecutes. Me thinks this boy needs to start seeing the people he’s defending or prosecuting as people and then he’d be able to find a purpose in his life.

Unfortunately for Bong Hee her classmates have gone on to be prosecutors, most notably the girl her ex cheated on her with. She’s a defense lawyer like Ji Wook but doesn’t seem to the best at her job yet. She’s defending someone and in the middle of her speech, Ji Wook comes in and sits down. She loses her train of thought and suddenly says her client is guilty. Talk about mistake.

He doesn’t even look in her direction when she does the walk of shame out of the courtroom. She hangs around and watches him lifelessly defend his client. She totally gets caught by Eun Hyuk.

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She breaks her heel and has to get it fixed. She’s drooling over the store window of shoes when she gets a call from a possible new client. You can tell times are tough when she jumps from her chair, her shoes not done, and goes over and steals her nemesis shoes. Gotta love her.

Her client is an injured ex-boyfriend (Ji Il Joo) who says that he coincidentally ran into his ex-girlfriend on a bus and because she has a restraining order against him she freaked out and pushed him out of the bus, causing him to break some bones.

Bong Hee is so caught up in feeling that this guy is just like her that she doesn’t really question his innocence. And hey, a girls gotta pay the bills somehow.

Of course, the girlfriend needs a lawyer too and she hires Ji Wook. She’s visibly petrified of this guy and makes me think that Bong Hee maybe didn’t need that paycheck that much.

The lawyers face off in court and everything Ji Wook says hammers into Bong Hee’s conscience. The apathetic and just plain loss of spirit that Ji Wook conveys in court really does have you thinking that he’s noticed Bong Hee following him and he’s at his wits end. Bong he starts defending herself for the stalking. Even saying, so you knew I was stalking you? But it seems it was all in her head.

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She tells the judge that her client plans on immigrating when this is over and all he wants is an apology. Yeah… if I was the ex-girlfriend I’d only agree to a written apology. No in person meetings for me. But she just wants the case to be closed so they agree to meet with their legal counsel present and sign the agreement.

Everyone drives away except Bong Hee when a few things start bothering her. Her client smiled when his ex-girlfriend’s phone rang during their meeting and Bong Hee thinks that someone seeing the one they love for the last time wouldn’t do that. She calls Ji Wook and he picks her up.

It’s a good thing she did because creepy ex had the taxi driver do a u-turn and now he’s following his ex on foot.

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She runs into her apartment and slams the door but dropped her phone outside. She creaks the door open and tries to grab it but he’s there and pushes his way in. She gives him a face full of pepper spray and locks herself in her room.

He grabs and bat and starts saying all the creepy things a dilusional stalker usually does. Bong Hee runs ahead of Ji Wook and when she gets inside the apartment she brandishes her shoe as a weapon, ready to take her client out. But Ji Wook gets there in time to toss the creepy stalker over his shoulder.

Side note: why did they make Bong Hee an ex Taekwondo athlete if they aren’t going to allow her kick butt? It really doesn’t seem to add much to her character and just makes me roll my eyes when a normal guy has to jump in and save her. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing Ji Wook do his action hero thing, I just hate that it was needed.

Ji Wook and Bong He both seem pretty excited they were able to stop the creepy stalker from hurting his ex-girlfriend.

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While Bong Hee gives her testimony, she starts to ponder the question of when does love turn into obsession. And worries about how awful it must be for someone like Ji Wook to have endure being loved by someone he doesn’t return that affection for. She has herself so worked up that when he drops her off, she declares a self-imposed restraining order. She promises Ji Wook that she won’t bother him anymore and the only time he’ll see her face is when it can’t be avoided because of work.

His face while she’s saying all this is hilarious and pretty obvious to the viewer by now that he really has no idea that she likes him, or that she’s been watching him from afar.

Bong Hee has herself a good cry up in her office. Lamenting about how they’ve never dated yet she’s had to say goodbye to him so many times.

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She notices something on her desk and opens the box to find the pair of shoes she was looking at across from the shoe repair shop. On the lid it says, if you keep looking for me, I’ll find you first.

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Bong Hee is a delight to watch. She’s hilarious and the rapid-fire dialogue really suits her acting style. The brightness this actress brings to her roles shines through even when Bong Hee has fallen to dark place. She doesn’t say anything but she’s lived as a murder suspect for two years. She isn’t a prosecutor and she has very few clients. It’s just her in that dinky office so that means she runs her own law firm. Besides her mom, she’s been alone for two years.

Ji Wook is like a limp noodle until he’s verbally sparing with Bong Hee. He is in desperate need for that purpose I was talking about earlier. As a prosecutor, his only goal was to put away the bad guys. I don’t know if he saw anyone as innocent once he was in the courtroom. And I’m not sure he’s changed at all. Now he’s just on the other side defending them like a robot.

The show is crackling when our OTP are together and I’m glad the killer has reappeared because it’s only going to draw out two lawyers closer together.

Until we get to see Wook’s next suit,

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  1. Ji Chang Wook has the MOST expressive face! He manages to convey all sorts of info silently – I noticed this when I watched Whirlwind Girl 2 (could only make it thru 8 episodes cause he just didn’t show up enough – like he needed to be in every scene before I’d watch anymore). Anyway, he got dubbed of course, in Chinese – but I could still understand what his character felt. He was such a fish out of water there (as in, a pro among amateurs LOL)
    I do love this little actress as well – she’s so adorable & charming 😀 I’m loving this show so far!

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