Drama Banchan: Dramathoning Like A Fangirl #8

....jpgSo many new dramas are out in the last two weeks!  To the point where we feel like we are doing nothing but trying to sit down and keep up with our drama schedule.  Sadly, some are going to have to be put on the back burner and since many of our readers are probably in the same boat, come join The Fangirls as we discuss what we are watching (or not watching as the case may be) in the latest edition of Drama Banchan.



KMUSE: SQUEEEEE!  This drama is as badass as I was hoping it would be.  Everyone is so tough and cool that I just want to watch them get revenge 24/7.  I especially like that often our heroes have to cross some lines in order to achieve their goals.  It is always boring when you have a revenge drama and no one is willing to get their hands dirty.  That said, I like the contrast between our leading man and leading lady on where they draw the line. It adds a great layer to the story.

CLKYTTA: I started this one and I need to circle back to it.  It’s not a warm and fuzzy drama, so I need to be in the right mood to fully appreciate it. I’ve been more into the fun dramas, not the serious ones lately.

Jennie: Since Key is my UB, you know I had to pick this one up. I’m totally caught up because, dang! There are so many good dramas, right now! But I really like the setup, and I also appreciate the depth of the characters. What’s morally right and wrong? I have a feeling this drama will have me asking that a lot.

Drama Geek: Jennie, you may have to fight me for Key. His character is adorable and his relationship with both girls is gold. I can’t help it if I want him to call me noonim. The heart of this drama is the team and we have such a diverse group of characters. The lead guy is so many shades of gray, sometimes you do wonder if he has lines to cross. The lead woman is everything I could ask for in a badass cop. Her fight scenes are some of the best I’ve seen in Kdramas. I’ll be watching for her dramas in the future. Also, if you’ve ever seen Soulmate or Stars Falling From the Sky, you might recognize the priest. It’s Shin Dong Wook who was diagnosed with CRPS a few years ago and hasn’t been acting because of his painful condition. I’m happy to see that he’s able to act, even if it’s a smaller role.


Dramarookie: This one surprised me. The action. The music. The performances. They all add up to quality TV. Remember the scene where the heroine jumps out a high window and the camera zooms in to make sure we know it’s not a stunt double? This actress is killing it! And the Kiss-up Lawyer/Secret Lookout Boss cracks me up. I read a recap where his alter ego was seriously annoying the writer, but I find it all an act. When he whines about his wrinkled shirt while someone is threatening him, I just love that kind of stuff.

KdramaJen: I came to this one late, so it required an all night dramathon to catch up, but it was so worth it!  Wow!  I love how fierce and awesome our leading lady is in this drama.  I also love Key in his role.  Kim Seul Gi is already a favorite for me, but her callous outward nature that is clearly hiding a softer heart just really works.  I can’t wait to learn about all of the back stories that led to their revenge missions.  I am watching this with my oldest son and we have had other family members come into the room and ask us to be a little quieter.  We apparently yell a lot of obscenities at the bad guys!  This is an absolute must-watch show!

Suspicious Partner

KMUSE: I continue to really enjoy this drama.  The bad guys give me the creeps, the good guys and OTP give me happy fluffy feelz, and the story is pretty steady.  More than anything, I am glad that I am finally recapping a drama that I really enjoy.

CLKYTTA: I am loving this drama.  The OTP has great chemistry and the side characters are fun and add depth to the story.  There are some twists and turns to keep the storyline from bogging down.  Interesting enough, right now the bad guy in my books is the father of the ex-boyfriend.  He scares me more than the killer!


Jennie: Totally agree with CLKYTTA, the father of the ex freaks me out. However, I’m so happy Ji Chang Wook is doing a good drama before his military enlistment. I endured more than half of K2 for him, so seeing him in this role makes me really happy. How am I going to live without him? I even watched part of an episode raw yesterday which I haven’t done since Healer. Yep, I have Wookie fever bad.

Drama Geek: This show is my sweet release each week. I could watch these two kids rapid fire banter and puppy dog moon over each other all day long. The bad guys are never as they seem with this writer, which I like. And the side characters are the absolute best. The guy playing the CEO should always play silly characters with a heart of gold. And like KMUSE, I’m just happy to be recapping a drama I love.


Dramarookie: Luv this one. Luv it! Luv it! Luv it! I appreciate a heroine that isn’t afraid to say how she feels, even when she knows it will meet with rejection. The murder stuff kind of bores me, because they telegraph the character’s intentions so clearly. The viewer doesn’t get the chance to be surprised that the defendant is actually guilty, because he’s been giving secret I’m-a-psycho looks every time the team turns around. But the team itself is adorable. Everyone loves Wookie and wants his attention, and all he wants is to be left alone. Except not really. Inside, he’s crying out for affection and Eun Bong Hee is just the girl to give it to him.



KMUSE: OH MY WORD THIS DRAMA!!!  I was not expecting much due to the fact that traditionally, Kdramas do not delve into sci-fi.  I am not talking about fantasy, but down and dirty, robots, aliens, ethical mind games, sci-fi.  Color me wrong because this drama is all that a sci-fi story should be.  So many twists and turns that I have no clue where we are going to end up.  I also want to give a shout out to the director.  He is using old school (think Hitchcock) style directing to create an intensity that we rarely get in live shot dramas.  There is something just so cool when a director achieves a successful vibe without resorting to CGI and computer manipulations. In conclusion, this drama is 100% a must watch for any drama fan.

CLKYTTA:This is my summer show, the one that is going to keep me on the edge of my seat and having me yelling at the screen and throwing things. I love the two worlds and the way they are handling the sci-fi aspect.  They are doing an awesome job using darkness and light to show the different worlds and how everything you see isn’t always the truth.  I love when a show picks my brain and makes me think.

Jennie: Again, not totally caught up on this drama, but WOW! Seriously, after only two episodes my mind was blown and spinning. I think this drama is going to do a great job of keeping me on my toes. I love the dual worlds, too. It’s just…awesome!

Drama Geek: Be still my heart. I am a sci-fi geek and this drama has swept me away into its dual timeline. The first five minutes were riveting and like KMUSE said they didn’t even use the latest tricks to make my spine tingle. This director deserves all the praise. I spend the first thirty minutes on the edge of my seat wondering what will happen next and when that portion is over I’m dying to keep watching that timeline but then I become immersed in Smart Earth and I’m back on the edge of my seat wishing this timeline were an hour long, too. If I had to pick, this would be my favorite out of the selections, but I think it’s because Kdramas don’t usually do this genre and they are knocking it out of the park.

KdramaJen: This has become a weekend drama for me because I have to be rested and able to pay attention; I just don’t have that kind of brainpower at the end of the day during the week!  This one is keeping me guessing and fully invested.  I can’t quite figure it out, and that makes me love it even more!

Fight My Way


KMUSE:  I am a huge fan of slice-of-life plots where friends come together to just get through life.  Which means Fight My Way is just up my rom-com style alley.  This drama is nothing earth shattering, but in the end my emotions are engaged regardless. The various friendships are so established that I am almost worried that romance will ruin the vibe.  Which is exactly what our leads seem to be suffering with.  I look forward to seeing how the writer pushes past this hurdle and hopefully succeed in giving me an all around satisfying romantic comedy that I can watch over and over.

CLKYTTA: Fight My Way looks like it’s going to be one of those dramas that I will fall in love with.  Not every drama handles the friends to lovers trope well, not naming any names, cough *The Time That I Loved You 7000 Days* cough. I like that our leads have good chemistry and that they aren’t perfect people. These are real people with normal lives (at least in drama land), and I think that will be one of the things that helps this drama stay fresh.

Jennie: This is usually not my favorite style of rom-com, but for some reason I’m hooked. I blame their chemistry, although I like them as friends. It’s going to take a lot to convince me that they belong together as lovers. I think it can do that, though.


Dramarookie: I like this one, but it hasn’t won me over completely. Little moments like when he hides her from the co-workers so she can cry her eyes out are the sweet spot. But there’s a real melancholy feel to this show because the two couples are so downtrodden. You want them to reach their dreams, but life keeps smacking them back down.

Drama Geek: You know when a show should hook you but you just can’t explain why it isn’t? I’m there right now. I’ve been pretty stressed out about real life stuff lately and you would think this low-key friendship drama would be exactly what I need, but every time I start watching I get bored. I like the characters. The writing is fine and the story seems to be solid. I have not written this one off . . . yet. I plan on trying again this weekend when I’m not dog tired and still buzzed after watching the other dramas. Plus, I’ve seen buzz about a steamy kiss (not from the OTP) so I’ll have to check it out. Seo Joon does rock the kiss scenes like a boss.

KdramaJen: This one snuck up on me and it is now one I really look forward to watching each week.  I can’t explain why exactly, though.  It is not perfect, but there are small moments where it is so darn obvious that they could be more than friends, and in those moments they sizzle.  I also still have a soft spot for Ho Goo/baseball boy from Train to Busan, so I am quietly cheering for our second lead too.  One other factor is the Tae Kwon Do angle.  I have discovered that a good fight scene will turn my head.  Maybe this one is standing out for me because it is easy to watch and does not require as much mental energy to follow as some of the others out right now.  Regardless, I am enjoying Fight My Way!

Ruler: Master of the Mask


KMUSE: I am playing catchup on this drama but love everything about it so far.  Yoo Seung Ho is always his best in angsty historicals so this role is pretty much made for him.

CLKYTTA: This drama is on my list, but I haven’t started it yet.  I’m excited to start it though. My summer drama list just keeps growing and growing.

Drama Geek: I’ve watched the first episode but my drama schedule is very packed. I’ve heard mixed reviews on it so I will probably wait and see how it holds up as the drama goes on.

Dramarookie: SAEGUK! Ahhhhh! Don’t make me do it!

KdramaJen: As my fellow fangirls know, Yoo Seung Ho is in my bias menagerie.  I just think he has really great acting potential.  This is the first drama I have seen him in where he has great chemistry with his leading lady.  He manages to create awesome bromances (and he does that in this one too), but there is actually believable chemistry with two different girls. Kim So Hyun is a great match for him! I am enjoying the plot intricacies and I am especially enjoying his mane of glory!  Also, I think L is doing a great job in this one.  I recommend giving it a try (unless you hate Sageuks).

Seven Day Queen


KMUSE: It kind of sucks that it is going to be a sad ending.  That said, I am willing to watch a sad show as long as there is good writing.  So far, the writing is superb.  I only fear that I love the kid versions of the characters so much that the adults will just not have that same wonderful chemistry.

Dramarookie: Saeguk, again. Still avoiding them.

KdramaJen: I started this one, but I am not very far into it.  It clearly is not going to have a happy ending, but I like the cast, so I will keep watching for a while.

Sassy Girl


KMUSE: I am sad to say that I absolutely hate this drama.  The OTP has no chemistry  and the directing is really bugging me with its stop and rotate scenes.  I also hate to admit that I don’t really like Joo Won in historical garb.  Maybe it is because this drama is supposed to not feel historically accurate, but he has too much of a modern vibe to really make me feel his character.  After two episodes, this drama is going onto the dump pile and I am going to just go watch Bridal Mask if I need a Joo Won fix.  On an up note, this frees up some time so I can watch Seven Day Queen so YAY!

CLKYTTA: Sorry Joo Won, I love you very much, but I just can’t with this drama.  I made it halfway through episode 1 and said nope. Nothing feels right about this drama, it’s all over the place and not even one of my favorite actors can induce me to pick this one back up.

Dramarookie: Even though this was a Saeguk, the previews promised fun and romance, so I gave it a try. The story began with false accusations, barbaric murder, and guys with the 80s rock star hair and see-through top hats. So I spent the first part muttering “I hate Saeguks” over and over. But then Joo Won showed up. And his doggy was dressed in period clothing. His solemn monologue at sea that kept restarting because the lurching ship interrupted him cracked me up. There was hope . . . and then there wasn’t. I actually sat through two episodes, but the crude humor and complete lack of chemistry was a total turn off.

Drama Geek: Sometimes it’s nice when someone else can take one for the team and save you an hour or two of discomfort. Thanks, ladies!

KdramaJen: I wanted to love this for Joo Won.  I felt guilty that I didn’t really like his last drama, so I wanted to make it up to him.  I tried.  I really tried.  Maybe I will try again, but there are just too many awesome dramas out right now.  It is hard to justify the time for this one!  Sorry, Joo Won.  I look forward to what we will see from you upon your return from your military service!

The Best Hit


KMUSE: I am throwing this one in at the last moment so the other Fangirls don’t have time to comment… but this show is so much fun, I feel it needs a shout out.  If you are looking for laugh out loud hijinks this is the show for you.  I truly love that I can turn it on and just zone out to time travel fun.  Not to mention, I have been waiting for Yoon Shi Yoon to come back in a comedy and this character has the possibility of becoming my favorite Yoon Shi Yoon character of all time.  For fluffy, cheesy, summer fun, this is 100% perfection.

That concludes our thoughts on the new dramas.  Be sure to let us know which ones are your new favorites and come back for more drama chatting.

til next time,

The Fangirls


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  1. When it comes to sageuk, my opinion is like that of Dramarookie. Surprisingly I don’t dislike historical shows, infact one of my favorite show is a Turkish historical drama Muhtesem Yuzyil. I’m even fine with Chinese hostoricals but there is some kind of disconnect with korean sageuks. Be it the accent or the few sets, i don’t know what it is but they can’t bring me to watch one at all.
    Amongst the new shows Circle and Fight my way are my favorite, with Chicago Typewriter ending, I’m glad that there is circle to fill in the gap. For me uptil now CT was the best show of 2017.

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