Suspicious Partner Episode 13 & 14


Denial runs ramped all over the place this hour. But it does allow for so many longing looks from our resident mopey lawyer that I almost  wish this stage would stay a lot longer. Except I like his smile way more than longing looks and we’re back to only getting it when he doesn’t think anyone is watching or when it just happens spontaneously. We get closer to finding at the why’s and how’s at what really happened the night Bong Hee became a murder suspect.

Bong Hee can’t help herself when she sees Ji Wook come home from being with his ex. She runs and throws herself into his arms. You can tell he really needs the hug, but then she blurts out that she likes him and he thrusts the wall back up. He does hesitate for a moment, but the wound from his past has just been reopened and influences his feelings. He’s been betrayed by those he thought were his closest friends so you can kind of understand.


Ever the gentleman, he doesn’t go the pretend mean route and just tells her not to like him. She, of course, thinks he means she’s the only one with feelings and starts crying saying that she wishes she hadn’t confessed. She does ask him for a favor of giving him one last hug. Again, you can tell this isn’t a favor for him, but something he desperately needs.

There is nothing worse than getting rejected by someone and then having to skulk back inside because you live together. Bong Hee goes in her room and bawls her eyes out while he just lays on his bed fully clothed and doesn’t go to sleep.


In the morning he catches her putting cold spoons on her eyes. It’s sad because they both know it’s because she was crying all night, even though she tries to pass it off as something else. Again, the gentlemen, he rushes to help her out with something and she firmly tells him to stop being nice to her. She needs to get her feelings in order and go back to how it was before she liked him. He agrees and gruffly tells her to get to work then.

Cut to a full spread of food that Ji Wook made, just cause. And our little team of lawyers showing up. CEO Byeon can’t wait to tell everyone that he came back to the office te night before and caught Ji Wook and Bong Hee hugging. Haha. His demonstration of the hug is hilarious. Everyone looks to them and they’re in full denial mode. Us? No, there is absolutely nothing going on between us. So awkward.

Bong Hee eventually retreats outside and tries to keep from crying. Eun Hyuk joins her and offers to be the person she can cry in front of, if it helps. I really like their relationship. It’s platonic and supportive. It would be cruel to have him fall for Bong Hee only to not get her like the ex, so I’m glad they’re going this route with them.

Ji Wook catches them, and is instantly jealous but he has put himself in a position that he can’t really say anything, except for continue to be moody and petty. Where’s the water hose when you need it?.;a1a2ss.png

He’s headed out to work on the case and Bong Hee offers to go with him. They check all the cameras in the area and find several of them damaged, but they do find one that might have something. Then end up at the chef’s house, and Bong Hee is tasked with climbing in the window so she can let Ji Wook in. I guess defendant’s lawyers don’t get access to the scene so they are technically breaking and entering.

They look around and his experience shows because he can tell there is something off but just doesn’t know what. They hear someone coming so they dive behind the island in the kitchen, but aren’t that great at hiding. The person who entered the house grabs Ji Wook and they end up in a three way stand off. It’s the ex. Okay, I guess I should really start using her name. Yoo Jung threatens to turn Bong Hee in (she makes it clear that she’ll only turn Bong Hee in) if Ji Wook doesn’t talk to her alone. Bong Hee leaves and Yoo Jung shares Hyun Soo’s past record. He beat up a guy within an inch of his life. Okay… so not so innocent after all. Though the side laughs Hyun Soo’s been giving at inappropriate times have kind of clued us in already that something is off about this guy. Also, I really don’t know how our legal system works let alone Korea’s, but are the lawyers who do not work for the prosecutors office really not able to access this kind of information? Shouldn’t the team have already known he had a record?


Ji Wook goes to talk to Hyun Soo to get more information about the assault. He asks Ji Wook if he’s ever had to watch someone in his life hurt without being able to save them. He claims the guy he beat up was assaulting a girl and he witnessed it so he stepped in. Ji Wook is savvy enough the catch the undertones of the way Hyun Soo explains it and surmises that he didn’t do it to protect the girl but he saw a wrong committed and doled out punishment.


The three cuties drink together and Bong Hee and Eun Hyuk talk about one sided love and how they wished they were actually attracted to each other, but no matter how hard they try they just don’t see each other that way.


Then Ji Wook shows up and gets upset that the boys let Bong Hee get so drunk. He takes her home and puts her to bed. And we’re back to the longing looks and hand hovering just above her hair. But she rolls over before he can touch her, and his moment is lost.


Next morning he’s mad at everyone for drinking and assigns them tasks. Eun Hyuk’s job is to talk to the restaurant worker who has refused to talk to them. Bong Hee is supposed to go through ALL the CCTV footage. And Investigator Bong…. I can’t remember. I’m sure it had something to do with finding out more about Hyun Soo’s record.

They have their first hearing and  do a good job proving that all the prosecutor has is circumstantial evidence. It’s nice to see Ji Wook seem to care when he’s in the court room. He’s passionate and wants to win. Except he seems both conflicted about his client and feels the pressure to prove his innocents too. CEO Byeon tells him his father was the same way. He always felt worried he would fail the victims or convict an innocent man.

Ji Wook goes home and falls asleep sitting up and Bong Hee finds him. He still has his tie on and looks really uncomfortable. She walks away telling herself it’s not her place but then can’t help herself and quietly undoes his tie. Quietly equals sexy!!! He wakes up and doesn’t say anything, just stares at her.

The director doesn’t have any music playing and they are both intently gazing at each other and this may be better than a kiss, in my book. The spell is broken and she starts babbling that it was just the tie and nothing else and goes to walk away. He stops her from leaving and asks if she’ll please stay with him for just five minutes. She kneels down in front of him, and he quickly drifts back to sleep.

Investigator Bang walks in in the morning and finds them sleeping that way. He blocks the other boys from going upstairs. I love that he’s been quietly shipping them for a while.

Eun Hyuk finally gets the restaurant worker to talk. The chef was a horrible boss and was always arguing with his sister. Bong Hee also finds something on the CCTV footage but we don’t get to see what it was.

They go to court and call the sister to the stand. The footage proves that she went to her brother house at 11 instead of 1 like she said. Ji Wook plays it like they think she’s the one that murdered her brother until she finally breaks down and admits that she was trying to cover up the things the killer said about her brother that would hurt his image. (So their family image was more important than finding the real killer.)


Innocent Face Killer has been in the courtroom during the trial but the team doesn’t seem to notice. They get an innocent verdict and all go out for drinks. Their client, Hyun Soo included.

They all get drunk and Bong Hee sings for them. TOO FUNNY. She really is bad (I’m pretty sure Ji Hyun can sing but is doing a great job singing off key and sounding tone deaf.) The best part is all the little smiles we get from Ji Wook. Which you can tell are uncontrollable because he still seems bothered by something. Even though they won, he’s really not celebrating like everyone else.


The couple Bong Hee was trying to use to prove Hyun Soo’s alibi sees the note on the wall and call Bong Hee but when she doesn’t answer, they call Ji Wook. He agrees to meet them and they confirm there was a guy drinking by himself that night. They have a video and when Ji wook watches it he discovers that the guy there that night was not Hyun Soo.

Then Ji Wook looks to see all the pictures on the wall and finds a picture that represents each thing Hyun Soo used for his alibi the day of the murder.


Back at the party, Bong Hee is trying to whistle that tune the killer whistled and is still doing a horrible job. Hyun Soo smirks and then we get to see in flashback that he’s the one who whistled outside the courthouse the day Bong Hee was released from jail.

He was also the one who watched her while she looked at the shoes and was in her office when she chased after him. He killed the chef and Innocent Faced Killer (?) was his partner in crime. So we have two very young and attractive men going around killing people. Hmm… sound similar to this writer’s last drama. I’m not complaining though. It should be interesting to find out their backstory.

Ji Wook walks back to the restaurant as Hyun Soo leaves. They meet and Ji Wook wonders if he’s just helped a man get away with murder.


This writer doesn’t usually hide who the killer is for very long. It’s more about cat and mouse than who done it. I’m fine with knowing that Hyun Soo is the killer. And so far he has been making it pretty obvious with his weird reactions to things. The part I’m a tiny bit disappointed in is Bong Hee doesn’t seem to have any sense of people’s true nature. For a lawyer, she’s way too trusting. I know it stems from her own experience. She projects her own false arrest and being a murder suspect on her clients. And I feel like the only good thing that might come out of the defending the actual murderer is for her to learn to look deeper when listening to someone’s testimony or looking at evidence. People in law enforcement and the judicial system are at their best when they both believe that people are innocent until proven guilty, and that not everyone is innocent.


On the friendship, and Team Ji Wook front, I couldn’t be happier. I really could watch a drama just about this rag tag law firm. Ji Wook is an odd leader, with his mopey and cranky ways, but they all love him and want him to love them back.

On the OTP front, I can see him cracking sooner rather than later. Especially if Bong Hee is in danger. He really only has trust issues left from his relationship with Yoo Jung. There doesn’t seem to be any true feelings lingering on his side. He’s already fallen hard for Bong Hee, probably harder than she has for him. It’ll be nice when he can move past being scared and just love her with everything he has. Now that is going to be a wonder to behold.

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