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.;a1a2s3Ji Wook, oh sweet Wookie, which of your states of love do I adore the most. Last week their was so much pining and denial but not today. Today, we have truth and honesty. We have smiles and teasing. And we have the cutest version of Ji Wook yet. Oh, and we get to see that kiss but the LONGER version this time. (And I might have watched a behind the scene’s version where the director never said cut and just let them kiss and kiss and kiss. Fans self).


Let us get the case things out of the way so we get back to the kissing.

CSI Boy isn’t dead! Well, for now. He drives away from the park and I think he knows Hyun Soo is in the back seat. He decides to make a run for it, and Hyun Soo thrusts his knife at him. CSI Boy manages to get out of the car, and they fight. Hyun Soo gets knocked to the ground and for whatever reason CSI Boy thinks the only logical thing to do is jump off the bridge into the water below. He doesn’t surface but that doesn’t mean anything in dramaland.


He drags himself out of the water sometime later and we don’t see his whereabouts for the rest of the show. When Ji Wook and Bong Hee go looking for him he’s already told his landlady he’s moving (before the chef’s murder) and taken vacation days that he’d saved up off from work. So he may have just randomly jumped in the water to escape but it looks like he’s been planning his get away for a while. Note that Hyun Soo jabbers on about how 4 have already disappeared and 3 more must disappear. So… I think he has a certain number of victims he thinks he has to have. Maybe his past trauma took out a large number of people in his family and he’s seeking revenge. We’ll have to wait and see.


Investigator Bang keeps snooping around Hyun Soo for Ji Wook and he happens to see Bang which tips him off that Ji Wook might be suspecting him. I was under the impression he already figured that out, but all killers can’t be geniuses. He goes to plan b (or it could be C for him by now) and plants the bloody knife that killed the chef in CSI Boy’s abandoned car.


Hyun Soo calls Bong Hee out to talk, and she goes because she still has no reason to suspect him. He admits to her that he lied about his alibi because he couldn’t really remember what he did that day. She remembers all the little hints Ji Wook has dropped that he’s suspicious of of Hyun Soo and now we finally have Bong Hee take her first step back from a client and question whether she should trust them or not.


On the annoying girl front, the ex spends most of the episode talking to the other girl about Bong Hee and whining about how she has NO CLUE why Ji Wook and Eun Hyuk wouldn’t want to continue being the three musketeers. The only important thing that does happen with her is the murder of Bong Hee’s ex is going to be reopened. His evil father just can’t let it go that Bong Hee was the killer. He admits to Yoo Jung and the other girl that he planted the knife Ji Wook found in the apartment, and he thinks that Ji Wook might have planted the other knife to help get Bong Hee off. Yoo Jung doesn’t believe Ji Wook would ever plant evidence but you can tell that she’s letting jealously and loneliness sway her thinking. But more on that later.


Okay, now that we’ve pretty much covered the other stuff, let’s get back to our couple. In combo voice over and flashback Ji Wook tells us that he knows he realized too late that he liked Bong Hee, because once he discovered his feelings, he was too scared and pushed her away.


And now that he’s admitted to himself that he does like her, he can’t trace back to when the feelings started. I love all the memories he goes through to try to figure out when it started, and he thinks back before she was even accused of murdering her ex. I’d say when you got out of that taxi and brought the makeup case to her, you were a goner buddy. Or maybe it was when she drunkenly seduced you on your couch. Hehe. I have a feeling some day we’ll come back to those two nights they’ve left a mystery and each time the drunk person just passed out.


His feelings get the best of him and he kisses her, breaks away for a second and then kisses her again. Rewind, play again. Bong Hee is stunned and retreats into her room leaving Ji Wook to stare at her retreat in dismay.

Sometime later she comes out of her room and finds him about to knock on her door. The awkwardness would be awkward except they’re so dang cute. They hem and haw around and finally decide to sit down and talk. He tries to speak first but she cuts him off. She pretty much does exactly what he did when she confessed that she liked him. She puts her walls of protection up and says that this probably isn’t the first time they’ve kissed and therefore should just treat it like it was a mistake. She likes things the way they are. She’s happy. She has a job and a nice place to eat and live. She has friends and coworkers she likes. She just wants things to stay exactly how they are now.


She doesn’t really give him a chance to argue and goes back to her room. The next morning, they run into each other again and Ji Wook says that he didn’t get a chance to talk the night before.

Can we please appreciate the dark blue shirt he’s wearing. Yum. Anyway, he apologizes for taking so long to realize he likes her. And he will respect her change of heart if she will respect his. He will keep liking her and just let things stay the way they are. And if she comes back around to liking him, then he’ll still be waiting for her. The utter shock on Bong Hee’s face is priceless. He has to remind her to breath. You can tell she wants to break so bad and just jump into his arms. And what is wrong with that? I mean, what sane girl could say not to him after that confession?

She goes back to her room, and Ji Wook creeps back up from behind the kitchen counter and reminds himself to breath too. Oh my gosh, this boy is killing me when he’s twitterpated. Nothing like Wookie when he’s totally in love.

They have a staff meeting, and it is awkward again between Ji Wook and Bong Hee, but I think the staff is getting used to it. CEO Byeun is grumping because he was arrested for a DUI and has to pay a fine. He wasn’t really driving, exactly. He got in his car and turned it on to get some air while he called his chauffeur. That was his first mistake. Don’t put your key in the ignition if you’ve been drinking. He sees that a cart full of boxes is about the hit a pedestrian so he puts his car in gear and stops the cart with his car. Well, when the cops show up he was acting drunk so they did a breathalyzer on him.


Everyone agrees that he should just take his punishment. Meetings at the this law firm are one of my favorite things of the show. The bickering and back and forth. Especially between Bong Hee and CEO. She’s the one who ends up offering to help him, and the kissing up he does is hilarious. The best part is that he’s not the only one that gives her attention and our love struck lawyer is there to witness it all. Wearing his sexy glasses of course. He gets all jealous and goes to lean over and help with the DUI case. I don’t think I’d be able to take notes with him leaning over me either.


For most of the episode they swing between his professional treatment of her, which is that he is the superior and has the upper hand. But then when they aren’t working, he’s a puppy in love with a girl who is desperately trying to push him away. He even gets all cutesy with her when she’s totally flustered and doesn’t know how he should act.

When the news breaks that CSI Boy’s car was found with the knife a few things happen. Bong Hee has met up with Hyun Soo and is becoming suspicious of him. Ji Wook calls Bong Hee to see where she is and finds out she’s with Hyun Soo. He says to bring him over for dinner so they can celebrate the police finding the real killer. Yoo Jung decides she’s going to reopen the murder case like evil dad asked her to.

Bong Hee takes Ji Wook to task the moment they’re alone about him hiding his suspicions about Hyun Soo. He says that he didn’t have anything to back up his feelings, and he also didn’t want her to be too hard on herself for getting a killer off if he was right. She says that now she doesn’t know what to believe but she trusts Ji Wook’s uncertain feelings about him. Eun Hyuk over hears this and so now we have those three on the same page along with Investigator Bang.


Then the most awkward dinner ever commences. We have the three friends who have a cheating incident in their past. We have a prosecutor and the man she tried for murder. We have two people trying desperately not to admit they kissed recently and both love each other. And in the middle of it all we have the murderer they are all looking for. And he gets to hear first hand that Yoo Jung is reopening the case and looking back through all the evidence. She’s determined to find the killer and thinks they might even be in this room. So not subtle. The only person who is even a suspect in her eyes is Bong Hee so she’s pretty much saying because I’m jealous of you I’m going to find a way to put you in jail.

All those in the know about Hyun Soo give him shade when Yoo Jung declares that the murderer could be in the room.

My Thoughts:

I am leaving out SO MUCH when it comes to Ji Wook and Bong Hee and their awkward adorable courtship in this episode. These two have the most amazing chemistry in everything they do. That behind the scenes video of the kiss scene was so different from any I’ve seen. The whole set was quiet and they just let the cameras run. Chang Wook was in control and was really the one directing the kiss and it made my toes tingle. But it’s not just the physical. They have this amazing sense of space and timing that gets me every time. Once they both admit their feelings and go forward with their relationship I may not be able to contain myself.


The law firm with no name continues to be one of my favorite parts of this drama. They fight like a family and they take care of each other like one too.

My only complaint is the ex and the other girl. I really wish they’d poof, disappear. And I hate the thought of Eun Hyuk ending up with her in the end. His friendship with Bong Hee is a delight and I’d hate to see that tainted by stupid ex.

Until the next tie is undone,

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  1. This recap made me laugh out loud. And yes, he was a goner from the beginning. One could even say that Ji Wook caught feelings before Bong Hee did, although he realized it much later.

  2. Yup the staffs meeting is insanely funny.
    I lost count how many a time had I rewatch them.
    Thanks for the on point recap.

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