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Our OTP is finally hooking up………..slowly, very slowly.  But when an OTP (one true pairing) is as adorable as this one it is worth the wait.  We also have some progress on our main killer mystery…….slowly, very slowly.  Hmm  Looking back we don’t get a ton of plot progression, but the few key points we do get are pretty big and all the filler is cute OTP fluff so I am satisfied regardless.  Come join me as I chat the key points of this week and do a lot of OTP screencaps because they are cute to the nth degree.

Before we jump into this week can we glance back so I can comment on the #1 problem I have with the drama?  It is just one of those small tidbits that has continued to annoy me and I meant to comment about it last week………..but, well, I forgot, and it has to be said, so here I go.

How in high heaven are we supposed to believe that our bad guy/killer was worried Bong Hee would be able to identify him from that first murder? He was literally covered in black from head to toe and was standing a couple hundred yards away in the middle of the night.  Heck, even looking at him from this close it would be hard to say that he was for sure the killer.


I wish the initial plot point was just stronger so I could shake my head at home and say “that makes sense.”  As it is, I shrug my shoulders and go “meh”.

OK, now that I have that off my chest, let’s get back to the current story.

We left off at the awkward dinner from hell.  The one where annoying ex barges in and declares that she will be opening up the scumbag ex murder case again. This just adds to the awkwardness, as if the mood wasn’t already stretched thin from everyone suspecting Hyun Soo.

It is at this time that we get a flashback to the night CSI guy escaped into the river. I had thought he had escaped and was on the lose somewhere. Nope, we witness Hyun Soo meeting the unlucky bad guy as he dragged himself from the river.  I suspect that CSI guy did not escape our killer’s hands twice. Looks like there will not be any future conflict between our two bad guys to ruin Hyun Soo’s frame job.

Blah, I am kind of tired of talking about Hyun Soo so lets take a minute to stare at our cute couple being all couply while washing dishes.  SQUEEE!  They are so adorable.

Sadly, we don’t get to stare at Ji Wook and Bong Hee doing dishes all day.  Real life interferes in the form of a new case.  We have a new victim and mystery to solve.  This time it is an abusive man lying dead on the floor with, you guessed it, a knife sticking out of his chest.  Does anyone in this show die who is not an abuser?  Or for that matter, have a death that doesn’t involve the same type of knife?  I am pretty sure the props guy just uses the same knife for every death scene.


This time we have a case where the abused wife admits to the murder of her husband, despite not having killed him.  The husband had actually died (supposedly from a blow to the head) and the wife assumed her son had killed the dad.  In order to protect her son, she stabbed the knife in post-mortem and confessed.


This is all well and good, except it turns out her son is not any more guilty than she is.  Through serious sleuthing into all things concerning the abusive murder victim, Bong Hee discovers that he had some serious health conditions that lead to a heart attack.  This had somehow been missed during the autopsy and was only noticed when she requested further testing.

We also witness that when Bong Hee is in the middle of a work mystery, she somehow forgets all sense of personal hygiene.  I guess it is a good thing that Ji Wook loves her already because………..ew.

That level of gross hair makes me need another picturesque montage of OTP goodness.  Gah!  Their flirting is just legendary.  It almost is enough for me, despite the fact that they are STILL not officially together.  Talking about that, how long is Bong Hee going to last before making their relationship official?  This is cute and all, but I need commitment already people!

So what does our couple do rather than spend time committing to a relationship?  They go hang out with their parents of course.  It is at this time we witness Ji Wook eating pizza with his mom (I am kind of sick of seeing everyone eating that same type of pizza in every scene) when we learn she is not in fact his mother.  Turns out that both of his parents had died in the fire and his mom is the best friend of his biological mother.  And surprise, surprise, her husband is CEO Byul.  Aw. These two make the funniest feisty couple.  I hope we see more of them in the future.  It also clears up how Ji Wook is related to our adorkable CEO.


But parents can’t keep our OTP separated for long.  Before you know it they are back in their home chatting about parents and relationships.  Ji Wook opens up about his parent situation and in solidarity Bong Hee admits that she has two fathers as well but doesn’t want to discuss them til later.  UGH. This show is such a tease with the juicy details.

But birth mysteries are quickly forgotten as we get more deep longing filled looks and an almost smooch.  If only they had powered through despite the mug mishap.  Obviously they want to kiss.  We viewers want to watch them kiss.  Its a win win all the way around. So kiss already!


Sadly, we are forced to watch our leads go to bed smoochless.  It is no wonder that Ji Wook has troubled dreams of his parents death.  Troubled dreams that include an unknown man coming through the flames towards the young Ji Wook.  Just so happens that same man is somehow related to Bong Hee as we witness him and a young Bong Hee smiling up from her photo book.

My Thoughts:

WHAT?  What kind of birth secret makjang crap is this?  Isn’t a serial killer as a errand boy enough angst to fuel the story?  And before I forget and focus on the daddy issues….. why the heck are our lawyers keeping Hyun Soo around?  As of now, 3 out of the 5 openly suspect him of being a straight out killer.  You should not be encouraging relationships with the guy,  especially when much of the suspicions about him is being kept from Bong Hee.  We all know that is going to come back and bite Ji Wook in the butt.


Now back to daddy drama.  I personally am not a fan of this plot twist at all.  It feels like it is coming out of left field and I personally don’t think either the relationship or the narrative are benefited by this new plot twist.  Maybe I will be wrong, and maybe this will end up being a spectacularly successful storyline. All I know is I just won’t be betting the farm on it though.  So for now I vote more cute couple moments and less birth secrets since smooching OTP trumps all else at this point.

Til next time,


Also, due to a request from a reader, here is the behind the scenes video of the kiss.  Enjoy!


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  1. I felt the same way about the “daddy issue” Ugh Can we not please. Also that kiss….Mercy that’s hot. How does she stay so calm. I would have melted into the floor. Well she’s an actress so….she does very well. I admire her abilities.

    • Me too. ‘Healer’ also had the whole “Did your father kill my father” thing, so I was like, are they seriously going to recycle a plot twist from another JCW drama.. It’s unnecessary but who knows, I might be wrong. Also, thanks for the BTS clip<3

  2. They set up the plot twist in episode 2, when Ji-wook was flipping through her photo album at her home and said he thought he might have seen Bong-hee before. So I wasn’t too surprised. Hopefully the writer will surprise us in a good way than go for the tired “your father got my father killed” cliché.

    The kiss was pretty yummy. Director and crew must have had the same thoughts as us, not yelling cut for four long minutes!

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