Suspicious Partner Episode 21 & 22

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We established that in love Wookie is the best last week, and it is still true. But secretive and non sharing BongWook is not the best. Add in a heavy foreshadowing director’s hand and I spent the entire episode wondering when the full fledged angst was going to start. We’ve just barely passed the halfway mark (I get confused too with this new episode count) so I hope we aren’t going to be plunged fully into the separation and sadness territory. We haven’t even gotten real couple moments yet.

Not a lot happened in the main murder mystery except for creepy serial killer keeps hanging around our lawyers like he wants them to figure out he likes to dispose of people in his free time. Seriously, it’s one thing to watch from a far and keep tabs on them so he knows what is going on and then there is wearing a huge sign saying I’M THE KILLER YOU’RE LOOKING FOR.

Okay, so a few things did happen with him.

One: he bumps into Bong Hee and she hears the song she knows the killer whistled the night of the murder and after her trial. Like I said, this guy is wearing a sign.

Two: He threatens the man that put up the sign for Bong Hee because even though he already verified the dude didn’t remember him a few episodes ago, he decided it wasn’t enough. So when Bong Hee goes back and shows him the picture of Hyun Soo he says he doesn’t recognize him and instead pics CSI Boy as he’d been previously coached to do.

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Three: His top secret body dumping ground is discovered. Bong Hee happens to catch the perv from the subway (episode 1) up to his old tricks. He’s in the park taking pictures of girls. Bong Hee chases him down and retrieves his memory card, then they send him on down to jail. When he recognizes Bong Hee he starts muttering about how bad she’s had it and she should have moved away from that neighborhood a long time ago because of all the people getting killed there. Which leads to Bong Hee circling back around to the conversation she’d had with this same guy in the prosecuter’s office before her ex-boyfriend was found dead in her apartment. The perv claimed he saw someone on the roof across from his getting rid of a body, but of course no one believed him at the time.

Bong Hee connects all the dots, and realizes that maybe she did “see” something that night. So they go back to the rooftop and Ji Wook immediately smells the stench and then sees the blood tinted water leaking out. They find two bodies inside the water tower and it has Bong Hee spiraling that the ex could have died and her life ruined just because she saw (didn’t really see) a bad thing happen.

This leads us to our secretive BongWook couple. Ji Wook has been hiding the bulk of his suspicions about Hyun Soo from Bong Hee not wanting her to feel bad about helping a killer get off. And now that Bong He is catching on to the full truth, she’s doing the same thing. So they are creating a rift between them really doesn’t need to exist. Especially when Bong Hee seeks Eun Hyuk out and tells him everything. Them sneaking around behind Ji Wook’s back can only lead to bad things. Come on, Eun Hyuk, you just earned the guys trust back, don’t give him a reason to shut you out again.

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Now onto the director’s heavy hand, and the upcoming angst (yes, beyond the secrets and loss of trust). They keep lingering on any picture they show of Bong Hee’s dad.

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Both members of our OTP end up visiting their parents on the anniversary of their death. You guessed it, it’s the same day. Which means, that dream where little Ji Wook sees Bong Hee’s dad coming toward him is probably when he died. My guess is that Bong Hee’s dad saved cute Ji Wook and died himself. Which means once the cat is out, Ji Wook will blame himself for her father’s death. OR the dream could be misinterpreted and Ji Wook will think that Bong Hee’s dad set the fire and murdered his parents. Either way you flip it, there will be sadness and tears.

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And now to more tears, and the case of the week. Ji Wook ends up representing a guy that claims he got into a fight with someone because he can see the future and he knew the man was going to pull out a knife and stab a worker at the coffee shop. He goes about predicting that pizza will arrive, a cup will fall, and then that two people in the room will die. The first two come to pass right after he says it out loud so the third has the two older members of Firm Wook in a tizzy. CEO Byun gets a full check up to make sure he’s not dying and Investigator Bang gets all the protective talisman’s he can find.

Another prediction comes true when the man their client assaulted goes back to the coffee shop and again tries to stab the worker. With the new evidence they’re able to get their client off. But right after he leaves the courthouse (all excited to see his girlfriend) he gets hit by a car. He realizes too late that he was one of the two that would die soon.

He refuses surgery until his girlfriend arrives (knowing that he’s going to die) and while he waits for her, he sees a vision of Ji Wook hysterically crying over someone. He tells Ji Wook to not cry too much, and that it’ll all be okay. The guy’s girlfriend arrives and he dies after seeing her face for the last time.

So not only do we know that the father secret is going to drive a wedge between them, we get to worry about someone dying. They better not kill off ANY of Firm Wook. I love all of them. Can’t we just assume that Hyun Soo was lurking somewhere near by when he made the prediction and he’s the one that will die?

And last but not least, Bong Hee gets the prize for getting our Wookie’s hopes up and them dashing them to pieces. She tells Ji Wook that she’ll finally give him her answer to his confession the next day. And if we’ve learned anything from our hours of drama watching, it’s that if the answer is supposed to come tomorrow, then it will never come.

Ji Wook is all duded up with flowers in hand. And Bong Hee was happily making her way to him, when she bumped into Hyun Soo and heard that he was listening to that song. So she’s rattled and scared about what this means.

When she arrives she sees Ji Wook with his ex (because there is only one coffee shop in Seoul). She uses that as an excuse to say she isn’t ready to give her answer and wants more time. Which Ji Wook gives into her request (while sporting the biggest puppy dog sad eyes).

But after the death of their client, Ji Wook realizes that life is fleeting and its possible one of them might die (due to the prediction) so he calls Bong Hee and rushes to her. He drama pulls her into his arms, and tells her he’s sorry but he can’t wait. Can she please just like him already. YES! Just freaking give in. The women in the viewing audience would have caved AGES ago.

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My Thoughts:

I love this couple, and these characters enough to forgive a tiny bit of noble idiocy, but I am a bit worried what this says for what might be in store once we get the birth secret mumbo jumbo. I will table my grumble for now and just enjoy that Ji Wook has been spurred by this prediction and death to reach out to her again. A little birdie told me there might be a man in a robe with an adorable smile in store for the next episode (don’t let your mind wander too much, this is not that kind of network).

As for the bad guy, KMUSE and I are really wishing dramaland was pumping out better ones lately. I feel about as scared of this guy as I did of the guy from Bong Soon. He’s there, he’ll cause trouble for our couple, but other than that I don’t really care at all.

Here’s to more couple cuteness and less scenes with bad guys.

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