The Best Hit: The Fangirl’s Favorite Moment Compilation


Yoon Shi Yoon is back and better than ever in the new comedy The Best Hit.  And where Yoon Shi Yoon goes, The Fangirls are sure to follow.  Come join us as we discuss our favorite moments to date and discuss why this drama is a breath of fresh air.

What do you like about this drama?

CLKYTTA: I love the whole idea that a popular idol has traveled over 20 years into the future and how he has to adjust because nothing is the same.  I’m a sucker for a well done time travel story and this one really works for me because our main character disappears during my own teenage years and I’m going back down memory lane with the pager and the clothing styles. Seriously, it’s mind boggling to think that we went from pagers to answering phone calls on our watches.

Dramarookie: Three words. Yoon. Shi. Yoon. (Or Dong-gooyah if you’re a 1 Night, 2 Days fan. He’s basically the only reason I watch that show.) I struggled to make it through the first episode when he wasn’t around. But now that Hyun Jae is here, I’m more invested.


KdramaJen: I love that this drama makes me laugh.  There are so many wonderful dramas out right now, but many of them are intense and make me think.  This is fluffy and fun.  Yoon Shin Yoon is awesome in this role.

Drama Geek: Everything! Yoon Shi Yoon excels in these goofy roles. His idol out of time is the absolute best. And this writer is killing it with the running gags. I also love the little makeshift family. The CEO from Suspicious Partner should stop doing evil roles altogether and just play loveable guys like this. I laugh for the entire episode and then want to rewind and watch again.

Why is it different from the usual drama tropes?

KMUSE: I really enjoy this writer for his random use of humor and his ensemble cast storylines.  The same writer also wrote Potato Star and the High Kick series.  I do admit I am glad this is a short drama and not the 70 to 100 episodes like his other shows.  He brings a fresh feel to the characters and their trials.  It also helps that he isn’t against making them suffer emberassment to the nth degree.  Good writers = good dramas.


CLKYTTA:  I think it’s different because they aren’t using the tropes in the same old ways. Instead of it being the old forced cohabitation romance trope, we have friends who share space. The relationship of the four people who live there is the focus, it’s all about the hopes and dreams of the people who live in the building.  I love that we see all the side character’s stories.

Dramarookie: Some of the reasons CLKYTTA mentioned are actually why I struggle. There are so many side characters: Cardboard Box Girl, Buff Rapper Guy, Downtrodden Dad played by Cha Tae Hyun, Intense Trainee Girl, Scaredy Cat Grandpa, etc. I think it’s telling that I don’t remember their names. It’s hard to care about that many side stories. So instead it morphs into one giant, swirling vortex of crushed dreams and missed opportunities. But I do appreciate how the show doesn’t wallow. There’s still hope and humor injected into every episode that keeps the viewer rooting for a happy ending for everyone. Even if you can’t keep them all straight.


KdramaJen: I am with CLKYTTA on this one.  I love all of the side characters and the way they connect to the main story.  I also love all of the cameos.  It is so much fun to see so many familiar faces just passing through or hover-boarding through.  It definitely reminds me of Producer in that way.

Drama Geek: I’m not sure it is different from usual tropes but who cares when it’s this much fun. Like KdramaJen said, the cameos add for a reality show type atmosphere while staying within a traditional drama story.

Favorite Moments!

CLKYTTA: I loved when Hyun Jae dresses up like the Reaper from Goblin and scares the President on the rooftop.  That made me laugh so hard because the President immediately started trying to negotiate and say that he wasn’t ready to die.   Another scene that cracked me up was when Woo Seung loses her contact and has to follow behind Hyun Jae using his super long belt as a leash.


Dramarookie: Any scene with Yoon Shi Yoon and a phone. This actor spends a lot of the show interacting with a cell instead of people, yet it’s comedy gold. Seriously, this is the main relationship of the show for me. Hyun Jae + Hand-a-pone = Love.


KdramaJen:  My favorite scenes so far include Hyun Jae’s hospital escape where he tries everything imaginable to avoid being recognized by the press, yet they have no idea who he is!  The best part is when he blocks the revolving door and when it draws a crowd he tries to cover his face with his hand.  People tell him to move his hand, and he finally realizes it is not the hand shielding his face they want him to remove, but his hand blocking the movement of the door!  I laughed out loud.


I also giggled uncontrollably at a scene where Drill, an aspiring rapper, has taken off his shirt in the elevator, proclaiming his awesomeness. Then, MonstaX hops on and you can FEEL his discomfort as he tries to appear nonchalant despite the fact that he is half naked.  I was so embarrassed for him, but I also found it extremely entertaining!


Drama Geek: Most of my favorite scenes have already been listed. The comedy is what is keeping me entertained through the whole thing, but I really liked a scene where Ji Hoon has a monthly evaluation and instead of dancing he’s asked to rap, which isn’t his specialty. I tend to be picky about music shows because they focus on more ballad type songs and that’s just not my thing. But this song, and Kim Min Jae’s performance were both amazing. He really is a talented young man and I’m really excited to see him in more leading roles. Also, don’t miss out on the epilogues. Unlike some recent shows where I think they’re totally unnecessary, this show saves some of the comic gold for the end. The latest one where they showed a commercial Hyun Jae did in the 90s was hilarious.


KMUSE: I have two favorites that have not yet been discussed.  My first is when Hyun Jae comes up to rapper Defcon (my favorite cameo so far) and has a hilarious misunderstanding on what is a hand phone.  I especially like how they threw in the Inspector Gadget reference to explain the confussion.


I also want to note that Yoon Shi Yoon is not the only character that is truly funny.  I have really been enjoying Woo Seung’s character.  It took me some time to decide which moment I wanted to share.  Possibly the scene where she is hiding under a box and finds that her boyfriend and best friend were cheating behind her back?  Maybe the many random kiss scenes with Hyun Jae?  I finally chose the scene where she goes to retrieve her belongings after finding out about the cheating.  In a fit of revenge, Woo Seung took all the items that she and her bestie had won in random contests and broke them in half.  I could not stop laughing. I really enjoyed this actress in Vampire Detective (one of the few things I enjoyed), so I am happy to see her in a drama with good ratings.


Would you recommend this drama to our readers?

CLKYTTA: Yes, it’s hilarious and I love all the references to 1994, it makes me feel like I’m watching a Reply series drama in a way

KdramaJen: I definitely recommend giving this a try.  I haven’t laughed out loud like this while watching a drama in a very long time.  Yoon Shi Yoon very convincingly shows how much has changed in a little over twenty years, and his reactions are hilarious!  This has a bit of an idol drama feel (my guilty pleasure), so if you enjoy idol dramas, then I think you will definitely like this one.


Drama Geek: I can see how some people might be like Dramarookie, so you have to watch the first 2 (0r 4 if we’re counting by the new system) to really see the potential. I thought it was hilarious and loved it right away, but again, it may take some warming up to. It’s probably my favorite show for comedy right now.

Dramarookie: Yes and No. I enjoy all the fish-out-of-water hilarity, but some might find it hard to get through the initial setup, like I did. There are so many good shows out, right now. If you’ve got limited drama viewing time, I’d recommend Suspicious Partner. If you have lots of spare time, go for it.

KMUSE: I love this type of creative humor and always support writers who try to go outside the drama trope box.  So this is a 100% must watch in my opinion.

This concludes our favorite moments from the ongoing drama The Best Hit.  Be sure to leave us your favorite moments in the comments if you are watching the show.  If not, then start watching ASAP.  This drama is truly one that you can’t miss.

Til next time,

The Fangirls

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  1. Well, I love the chemistry between Hyung Jae and Woo Seung, so I enjoy a lot the time they spend together. The night when she lost her contact lenses is my favorite so far…it was both fun and sweet, you can see how they are warming up to each other. They are definitely my favorite pairing in this show, and I’m ok if they do not end up in a romantic relationship (I would not mind, though), as long as they become besties by the end of the series.

    I also like how they picture the problems of today’s youth, like students having to work day and night, or being a civil servant (or an idol) becoming a golden dream for people that do not see other possibilities to achieve a decent life…the comedy is great in this drama but it also has a lot of heart.

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