Suspicious Partner Episode 23 & 24

.;a1a2s4a8.pngEmotions were tested to the nth degree in these episodes as our heroes must face their own mortality and decided whether pride is really important when faced with a finite amount of time.


Before we get to some of the more serious aspects of these episodes, let’s focus on our OTP (One True Pairing).  Following the death of their client Jung-ha, Ji Wook is understandably spooked.  Jung Ha had declared that two people were going to die and if he was one of the two, that leaves one death to go.  From this point on I pretty much feel the Grim Reaper standing over our character’s shoulders just waiting to snag the second character.  Eeek!


Scared for Bong Hee’s safety, Ji Wook rushes to her side and grabs her in a dramatic hug.  Declaring that he is done with playing around and they need to start dating immediately since they are wasting precious time.


Bong Hee is not convinced and still in full noble idiot mode.  Thankfully, Ji Wook is not taking it and brings all of the Hyun Soo drama to light.  Both admit that they were keeping secrets and when Bong Hee tries again to pull away from Ji Wook he is having none of it.  He tells Bong Hee that they are going through hard times and it is not their fault for defending someone who is guilty.  What is important is that they go through the stress and trials together not suffering separately.

After some angsty contemplation, Bong Hee runs to Ji Wook (who just so happens to be coming from the shower looking mighty fine in a bathrobe) and declares that she has decided that today is officially Day 1 then runs away.  Ha.  It takes a minute for Ji Wook to realize that she means they are now dating, but when it does, his face lights up.  SQUEEEE!  I love how happy he looks in this scene.

Bong Hee and Ji Wook are visually twitterpated as they enter the office for the morning meeting.  CEO Byun starts his regular bickering with Bong Hee.  Something that I always find amusing.   After the snarky verbal exchange, Ji Wook drags Bong Hee aside and awkwardly informs her that CEO Byun is his adoptive father.  HAHAHAHA  Poor Bong Hee realizes that her mouth has gotten her in trouble and goes to play nice with CEO Byun.  Something that just freaks out the older man.  I can’t wait til she has to meet his mother.


Can I bring up one tiny complaint?  Bong Hee and Ji Wook are so adorable.  Yet, when Ji Wook tries to go in for some more intense skinship, Bong Hee stops him cold and declares that’s all he gets at this point is a quick, milisecond, smack on the lips.  UGH.  You are killing me people.  It has felt like you have been unofficially dating for weeks and all we get is a quick smooch.  I need some serious skinship already.  At least an intence kiss that is filmed without this director’s go to light flashes to distort the visuals.

The Big Bad


He literally must buy those knives in bulk.

I am getting so bored with the bad guy.  I agree with Drama Geek when she commented that it is so stupid that he is hanging out with the lawyers.  Especially when there is no benefit to his actions.  We get some bad guy contemplation as he considers how to kill everyone and continue to have an alibi.  SIGH.  More action and less plotting would make him so much more interesting.

No. Not him!

Wait!  I take that back.  Hyun Soo needs to go back to just plotting and not actually doing.  Especially when his new murder spree includes one of my favorite characters.


Hyun Soo is once again focused on his killing spree as he murders the last person in the photograph of CSI guy and his two friends.  But just as he is finishing Inspector Bang arrives at the scene. Inspector Bang, upon seeing the dead body, calls Ji Wook, but before he can say much he is attacked by Hyun Soo.  The two men have an intense fight but in the end, Inspector Bang is overpowered and killed.


I am devastated.  I can’t believe that our smiley inspector is dead.  I am not sure if I can really express how sad I am.  I am looking forward to see how Inspector Bang’s death is going to fire up our lawyer team to take down Hyun Soo.

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