Suspicious Partner: Episodes 27 & 28


Woot!  It is time for the OTP to start steaming up the screen with their skinship and cute couple moments.  Sadly, we have to get through a lot of other stuff as well.  Darn the necessity for plot.  Join me as I discuss my favorite OTP scenes and why I will be living in denial for the next few episodes.

Injured Hyun Soo

There is something so satisfying over watching Hyun Soo get hit by a car.  Just one of those things that makes a person shake their head and exclaim “karma!”  It also clears the way for some other plot development which doesn’t include Hyun Soo’s boring murder spree……so YAY on all accounts.


Oh, and before I forget to mention it… the whole planting evidence to convict the bad guy is annoying.  So annoying that I am going to pretend it doesn’t exist.  Just like Hyun Soo and his annoying coma doesn’t exist.  We all know he is going to wake up sooner than later so it is pointless to talk anymore about him.

Alive Chief Bang

You might be wondering why I am not a blithering ball of angst after watching Chief Bang be killed in the last episode.  Simply because, HE’S NOT DEAD!!!!  Thank goodness.  I was going to fall into a deep depression if he had acctually died.  Thankfully, we simply have to go through a tiny period of coma and hospital stay and then Chief Bang is back and smiling with Team Lawyer.


Case of the Week

In true Suspicious Partner fashion, we have another case that hits close to home for several of our lawyers.  This time it is a arsinist that was convicted of a crime but is, of course, innocent.  An innocence that the prosecutor’s office is aware of thanks to the real perp confessing.  However, District Attorney Jang has declared that this detail will be buried.  How embaressing would it be if they had to admit they convicted the wrong person.


Heaven forbid the pride of the prosecutors is destroyed by a little thing called justice. Makes you wonder why someone hasn’t gone and attempted to kill him in a fit of revenge.  Maybe we will get our wish when it comes out that District Attorney Jang is somehow behind the fire that killed our OTP’s (one true pairing) parents.  You know that truth is probably only an episode or so away.


Due to their childhood trauma Bong Hee and Ji Wook don’t want to help Eun Hyuk with the retrial of the innocent arsonist.  Something that I find kind of silly since they sure are open to cases related to knifings regardless of how many people are killed around them via stabbing.  But who am I to correct the heavy handed plot of the writers.


So instead of lamenting the obvious and somewhat tedias plot devices being used, I will instead focus on how adorable Bong Hee and Ji Wook are as a couple.

They are cute drinking.


They are cute cuddling.


They are cute going out on dates.


There is literally no moment when they are doing the couple trope that they are not 100% adorable.

Mama Drama

It is the moment we having been waiting for since Bong Hee first verbally sniped at her future mother in law.  Yup, we finally have the parent meet and greet and it was all that I had been hoping for and more.

There was shocked parents.

There was awkward OTP

There were adorable besties pretending that they didn’t already know that Bong Hee and Ji Wook were a couple.


This whole scene just made my night.  I also appreciated that there was no noble idiocy break ups.  Ji Wook simply declared they were dating and beat a hasty retreat.


Skinship and Sexy Times

This was such a well done make out scene.  Not to mention a great morning after moment which properly showed the close relationship our OTP shared.  Both mentally and physically.  At which point the stupid writers had to ruin it.

What?  We couldn’t even get a morning of post coital happiness?  They had to ruin the lovely feelz with the harsh photo of Bong Hee’s father being pushed into Ji Wook’s face the moment he woke up.  SIGH.  It is not like we didn’t know it was coming.  The director has been throwing photo forshadowing at us since two episodes ago.  I just wish we had this happen when are couple were not having a special intimate moment.  I am not looking forward to all the angst that will be coming our way in the next episode.

So in true Kmuse fashion, I am going to just pretend that the photo reveal didn’t happen and go back to staring at our OTP at happier times in the episode.

See you when the happy times are back,


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  1. They are adorable when they are together! I was just a quivering mass of squee. 🙂 The rest just sails over my squealing self. I dread “noble break-ups” Are they ahead? I think they are. Ugh

  2. Thanks for all your recaps and articles, I follow them faithfully. and first post!
    It’s fascinating. I read your recaps and I find myself! Everything I think and feel is right there! Like reading my own blog without having to write it!
    And YES that OTP is THE OTP of my life! And I screamed at my screen when I saw the dad picture ruining my sweet Ji Wook afterglow! Anyway. I shiver for the episodes to come but I spend my week rewatching all the cute moments and ignoring the bad and the boring! What a beautiful week it was!
    What do you mean 12 épisodes? 12 episodes for real? I don’t really complain because it means 12 épisodes more of JW and Bong Hee and Adorable Lawyers Incorporated but I don’t feel that there that much plot left, and it’s frightening me.
    Love from France !

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