The Fangirl’s Movie Review: Vampire Cleanup Department

OK, before you think we went totally crazy in our choice of movie review, I would like to come clean that this was a recommendation from my Chinese and Japanese drama discussion group.  Who in their right mind would look at the title and think, “Wow, this is going to be a great movie”?  That said, this was a really fun movie!  So come join Clkytta and I as we chat all things Vampire Cleanup Department.



Attacked by vampire, Tim, a born loser is saved by three street cleaners. When he wakes up, he finds himself in a government secret facilities hidden in a garbage collection station. Tim then discovers that he has a special immunity to vampire attack, making him a perfect candidate as agent of the secret organisation, the Vampire Cleanup Department



Choi Babyjohn – Tim Cheung

Lin Min Chen – Summer

Chin Siu Ho – Chau

Vampire Cleanup Department Trailer:


 WARNING:  Movie Spoilers Ahead


The Plot:

KMUSE: If you are expecting something scary and intense… this is not the movie for you.  Think instead, light and fluffy, romcom with a hilarious vampire twist.  Pretty much true loves kiss turns this


into this!


and thus begins the fun and hilarious hiding the vampire from the vampire killing team hijinks.

CLKYTTA: I was really skeptical about her, I mean come on she’s a vampire and we all know that when vamps go from ugly to pretty that normally means bad things.  Instead, we actually get a character that really surprised me. I really liked her character a lot.


KMUSE: It was pretty simple directing.  Nothing spectacular, but it was still a lot of fun.

CLKYTTA: Be prepared, this is a vampire movie so there is some gore and lots of vivid colors. (KMUSE: Yes, but it wasn’t to the point where I would ban my older kids from watching.  More PG13 level.  Enough to say “Ew” but not have lingering images of chunks stuck in my brain 5 min later.)


Random Character Observations:

KMUSE: This drama was all about Summer and Tim being cute and slightly inept at everything they accomplish.  It was absolute fluffy fun.  There are other characters, but in my opinion they don’t get a lot of focus or character development, so you will pretty much be watching these two come into their own for the whole 2 hours.

CLKYTTA: I giggled and laughed more at these two than I ever imagined I would.  These characters totally made the movie for me.  The actors were really good with using facial expressions and body language to convey their emotions.  My favorite side character wasn’t even a person, it was Tim’s phone.  Tim’s phone plays a bigger role than some of the humans or vampires!


KMUSE: While we didn’t really go deep into the other characters, they did provide a great background for various jokes and for Tim to discover his vampire fighting skills.  That part was very Karate Kid montagesque.

CLKYTTA: I kept thinking Karate Kid through the first half of the movie. I even told Kmuse, instead of wax on, wax off, it’s sweep on, sweep off! I really liked the side characters even though they didn’t have much depth.  They gave Tim a great background to grow and provided him with a family.  So what if the family is mainly made up of crazy uncles no one really talks about!

CLKYTTA: As I was watching this movie I was cracking up at the ad placement.  Obviously, Vans shoe company sponsored some of  the clothes because even Grandma is wearing a Vans hat. Yes, I’m weird and I notice little things like that.

Overall Review:


KMUSE: I had so much fun watching this movie.  Would highly recommend to anyone who wants to watch fluffy vampire romance.  The hopping vampires alone had me cracking up the whole time.  Whoever decided to make them hop made my day.  So much fun fluff.  The perfect movie for when you don’t want anything serious or needed extreme focus.

CLKYTTA: I laughed so hard I cried, and then laughed so hard I cried again.  This movie is really good and I think I need to watch it again.  When we were picking a movie I was really curious if I would like this one, but it sounded interesting.  I was pretty impressed that they managed to pull the plot together pretty well and it was more than just a gory movie.  The hopping, oh my gosh the hopping, I can’t even write it without laughing!!!  Two thumbs way up on this one!

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  1. Chinese vampires always hop. It’s one of the cultural characteristics. If you watch more vampire comedies from Taiwan, Hong Kong or China, you’ll see them. There are a couple of old school classics in this genre I remember watching as a child some couple of decades ago.

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