Suspicious Partner Episode 35 & 36


We are FINALLY reaching the end of our drama (only 4 episodes, or 2 if you go by the old counting, to go) and we are FINALLY getting closure to many of our storylines. But in true dramaland fashion, Suspicious Partner still has a few plot twists up its sleeve. Whether I like those plot twists is a whole nother matter.

Flashbacks and Stretching the Story

You know you are watching a drama that is losing its steam plotwise when you start seeing a lot of flashbacks. Case in point, the 3-minute replay of the escalator race. Hahaha. I actually don’t mind that much with this one since it gave me a second chance to laugh at how ridiculous and slow it was.

Admit it, you are snickering and rolling your eyes along with me.  It was truly one of the silliest suspenseful moments in drama history.


Sadly, it isn’t just the escalator chase that was stretched out. The whole memory loss hoopla is also used ad nauseam. If I had to watch various characters discuss how much of Hyun Soo’s memories have returned one more time, I might scream. Why would they even assume that he didn’t regain all of his memories when he escapes? Because they needed to fill 30 minutes with pointless guessing. Let me take a moment to roll my eyes dramatically.


Hyun Soo manages to escape and goes to places where he might regain his memory. Or at least the memory of why he had to murder the people he did. While this is all boring and time consuming since we still don’t find out the reason why he went on a killing spree, at least we are gifted with some pretty Hyun Soo moments as he looks attractively contemplative.

Upset that he still has not regained all his memories he tracks down Bong Hee (in true serial creeper fashion) and demands she tell him why she is important?  First off…. how did he find her?  Why is he suddenly acting all crazy pants when he had previously been methodically careful.  This whole thing makes no sense.  At least Bong Hee’s hair is still looking amazing even though she is startled and terrified for her life.

Hyun Soo attacks and is met with confident resistance. I really wish that we had witnessed Bong Hee’s fighting skills more often so I wouldn’t always feel so shocked when she suddenly is a bad ass. But it is only when Ji Wook enters the fight that they manage to subdue Hyun Soo. However, Ji Wook is stabbed in the process which leads to yet another trip to the hospital. At this point, I am beginning to wonder if there is any character that is not going to end up stabbed at some point? Better watch out Eun Hyuk, your turn is next.

As it turns out that this trauma was all Ji Wook needed to unlock his hidden memories. As he rides in the ambulance with a wailing Bong Hee by his side, he reflects back to the moment of the fire where rather than being the instigator, Bong Hee’s father actually rescues Ji Wook. Not only that, but it is only when he rushes back in after Ji Wook’s parents, that the man is killed by the flames. UGH. I feel another case of noble idiocy hurtling over the horizon.


Before we get to the point I begin some serious ranting, let’s have a moment of humor. I almost forgot that this drama used to give us liberal doses of funny. Sadly, it has been a few weeks since I have actually laughed out loud at any antics. But at least we have Ji Wook lightening the atmosphere a bit by faking amnesia. Phttt. His laugh after coming clean of the ruse was so adorable.

We also have a Korean Harry Potter moment which is always a highlight for this viewer.  I swear, our OTP (One True Pairing) needs to get over themselves and adopt this kid ASAP.  He is beyond adorable and fits right in with the Lawyer team’s style of snark.


One last thing before I get truly ticked off (Yup, Bong Hee pisses me off that bad that I am actually trying to avoid typing about it), is the topic of Eun Hyuk and his love triangle.  We all know that he is going to end up with Lawyer Ex instead of Frenemy.  It was pretty much written in the drama stars from ep 1.  But, I personally, am a bit sad that Frenemy isn’t the one for him.  A phrase I never thought I would say.

I have several issues with how they have written this storyline. First off, they have totally tried to redeem Lawyer Ex by making her not a cheater…..technically. Seriously? Why couldn’t you have just kept with the storyline without trying to suddenly make them ethically squeaky clean? It kind of negates a lot of the trauma that Eun Hyuk went through in the first half of the drama. Then we have all of the ugly past just swept under the rug and Lawyer Ex realizes all the feelings she might have. In real life, both of these characters would have so much baggage and issues that this relationship would NEVER work, but since the writer’s told us it was mostly fake, suddenly it is all good and the baggage is minor. I totally call foul. It would have been better for everyone involved if Eun Hyuk did start new with Frenemy. Or, maybe better, not have Frenemy be part of the love triangle at all. It kind of screws her over royally, which is a shame since at this point she is one of my favorite characters.

657213fcaa059998e7ae569fd08099f4SIGH…. Ok, let’s attack this sucker head on. My all time least favorite moment of the drama to date. The moment where Bong Hee turns into a judgey bitter jerk. At least in my opinion. Realizing that he has to come clean, Ji Wook sits down with Bong Hee and explains the events surrounding their parent’s death. Along with the fact that because he was suffering from PTSD and influenced by a bad prosecutor, he is the one that implicated her Dad as the arsonist. At which point Bong Hee begins to rail at Ji Wook for making her father a killer. What the heck girl? He was a little tiny kid who witnessed his parents death and had repressed the memories of the event completely. He was not the one at fault. It is obviously the Prosecutor General who lead his testimony and is the guilty party. UGH. Her actions are so annoying.


I am totally aware that this is just another roadblock to our OTP’s happy ending being created to add on time to the drama. Whoever thought that this story needed twenty hours to be told makes me cranky. Obviously, since they keep repeating the same OTP angsty scene over and over, that is not the case.


There was a few moments of redemption after this scene.  First, I really enjoyed the Frenemy comfort hug.  I really hope these two girls become besties in the future.

I also appreciated the confrontation between Bong Hee and the General Prosecutor.  You know, the person who really is guilty when it comes to her father and his tarnished reputation?  She pretty much straight out tells him that he is a selfish and dispicable person who ruins people and doesn’t care.  She totally lets him have it and all he can do in the end is apologise because he realizes that he was the one guilty.  YAY for at least some satisfaction, even if it is not of the romantic variety.

We finish of this week’s episode with some confusing plot twists.  First we find killer Hyun Soo make veiled references that he has support from high places.  Then we witness him openly bait the Prosecutor General with talk about his son’s murder.


The episode concludes with Hyun Soo getting into the car of the General Prosecutor and they drive off.  I, personally, don’t think he looked frightened or worried for his safety so I am curious to see where this plot twist goes.  Is the GP just taking him away to kill him?  Is there some secret connection we are unware of?  Can’t wait to find out as we reach the final week.

Til happier times, this is KMUSE, signing off

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