Kim Nam Gil goes crazy for history in Live Up To Your Name 2nd teaser


I literally can not stop watching this teaser, laughing, pausing to wipe the tears from my eyes, and then pushing replay so I can watch it again.  Kim Nam Gil is one of those actors that I can watch in any role and be perfectly happy.  I have viewed all his dramas and many of his movies, despite the fact that they are sometimes more tragic than I would have preferred.  So watching Kim Nam Gil in something funny (at least in a drama….. The Pirates remains one of my all  time favorite comedic movies.) will be a whole new experience for this Fangirl.  And judging from how much I enjoyed this teaser, it will be a very positive experience.

Live Up To Your Name is yet another drama dipping its toes into the time travel genre.  This time we have Heo Im, the Joseon genius in the field of acupunture who travels through time to modern Seoul.   He meets renowned cardiologist Choi Yeon-kyung, who has a cold demeaner and is obsessed with her work.  While the plot doesn’t sound like anything new, it has Kim Nam Gil playing the fish out of water doctor/genius.  And considering how much I am loving his character just from the few teasers, this drama is going to be a lot of fun.  Especially for us fans who are simply tickeled that one of our favorite actors is back on the small screen.


Live Up To Your Name will air following Forest of Secrets on TvN.

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