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Hello there show that I fell in love with! Plot twists! A bad guy that makes me shiver! Oh so yummy kisses! (These two need an award for most believably natural yet still steamy kisses). We are winding down and just when you thought the rest of the show would be filled with fluff they make sure we remember that even though a criminal is arrested doesn’t mean there isn’t a ton of work to be done to convict him of the everything he is guilty of. Especially when he have amnesia that equals possible mental instability.Let’s talk about everything this episode did right. Shall we?

Twist #1:

When Evil Daddy Chief Prosecutor (different translations give him different titles but this is the one I think is the most accurate) kidnaps Hyun Soo from the police station we all know it’s so he can take him somewhere and kill him. And to Hyun Soo’s credit, I’m pretty sure he planned it this way. The only hope he had for escape was bate Evil Daddy and get out of the police custody. Once they are alone in Bong Hee’s old apartment we get the full story from Hyun Soo and it proves that Evil Daddy really was all about power and money and never cared about anyone but himself. (Not that we doubted this).

The girl Hyun Soo has been remembering all this time was raped by the group of boys Hyun Soo has been killing as his punishment. The case was brought before, then Prosecutor Evil Daddy, and of course because some of the boys had rich and powerful parents, the case was swept under the rug. The girl was accused of trying to stand in the way of the boys’ futures and had horrible things said about her which led to her taking her own life.

Hyun Soo tells Evil Daddy that it was only luck that led him to murder his son. Because the dad didn’t want his son to get special treatment they hid who his father was while he attended school (totally against the dad’s personality type, but whatever). This does explain why Bong Hee dated him and didn’t realize who his dad was so I’m giving her a point back in smarts.

The whole time Hyun Soo is weaving his tale he’s holding off a knife that Evil Daddy is trying to stab him with. Once he’s finished it appears that the shock of everything causes Evil Daddy to collapse and Hyun Soo is able to make is escape.

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Unfortunately for Hyun Soo, Bong Hee and Ji Wook both felt like things were off about Hyun Soo’s confession and the weird apology from Evil Daddy so they deduce where he’d take him. They show up right after Hyun Soo makes a run for it. Ji Wook asks Bong Hee to stay with Evil Daddy and he chases after Hyun Soo. They face off and our killer uses the fact that he’s recently stabbed Ji Wook to his advantage, slamming his knee into the wound over and over.

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Bong Hee comes to his  rescue and kicks Hyun Soo so hard that he’s gasping for breath and can’t get up. So our killer is back in jail and here is where I thought the fluff would begin, but I forgot our characters are lawyers not police officers.

Bong Hee apologizes post hast:

They do not drag this part out and have her sit down with Ji Wook and say all the things we were thinking last week. He was a victim in what happened in the past. He was manipulated and did nothing wrong to her or her family. She knew it all along it just took her a while to work through her feelings and she knows she was too mean to him. Again, here is where I roll my eyes at the writer. Bong Hee’s character has been used to draw things out too many times. She did it when he finally admitted he liked her and with this. With the larger picture in mind, I am going to forgive her for it because I do like her character and I love this couple. A smaller episode count could have made her character much stronger, but I digress.

They agree to take their relationship back to before everything started. Yes, back before the sexy times too. I didn’t exactly mind that they were coworkers and friends for the rest of this episode because it did allow them to be close to each other and heal from everything they’d been through so that when they started the next chapter in their relationship they could do it fresh.

Team Ji Wook:

I do get why he wanted to be a prosecutor again, and when we see him at the trail he is the best he’s ever been. He’s no longer doing it because it was what his dad did. He doesn’t hate his job because he feels like he’s defending criminals like when he was a defense attorney. He seems to clearly see that sometimes the person in front of him is guilty and sometimes they are not and it is his job to find the truth. I’m not sure he understood that before.

The best part is that this time he doesn’t do it alone. He rallies everyone together so they can prove that Hyun Soo killed everyone he did. They still don’t have any evidence (they throw out the planted knife as admissible evidence) and are back to just having his confession. They can get him for stabbing Ji Wook and escaping custody but they want him for all the murders so he’ll get the prison sentence he should.

They all work together to either find evidence or get him to confess for real this time. Yes, I know he already confessed to Prosecutor Cha but he’s saying because of the head injury that he wasn’t in his right mind when he did that.

Twist #2

Ji Wook decides to prosecute Hyun Soo for rape instead of murder. Apparently, the guy that hit Hyun Soo with his car was found (Prosecutor Cha had been working to try to find him this whole time) and when they arrested him he confessed to being a part of the rape. They never clarify, but I’m assuming they cut him a deal that if he testified regarding the rape then they wouldn’t charge him with attempted murder for trying to run Hyun Soo over with his car.


When he confessed he implicated Hyun Soo as one of the rapists. And when they read the victims statement she does list Hyun Soo as one of the seven (yes, I want to throw up too).

After the other guy testifies they put Hyun Soo on the stand and you can tell he is already losing it. He’s furious to be accused of raping the girl. Ji Wook asks him questions but he mixes up the fact of what happened. Each time he does, Hyun Soo corrects him. Ji Wook asks how he knows so many details if he wasn’t there.

The actor playing Hyun Soo puts forth his best performance of the series here. You can tell he’s fighting with actual memories of what happened, ones he wouldn’t have if he wasn’t there, and the delusion that he’s created to make him her savior. Ji Wook just keeps going after him as one of the rapists. He manages to get him so riled up that he starts spouting facts about how  he murdered the real rapists. Ji Wook has him where he wants him. Give them evidence to prove he was murdering people as the innocent bystander who was just trying to seek justice for his friend. Or keep quiet and be lumped in with the other horrible rapists. Hyun Soo cracks and tells them where to find the body of the CSI guy he killed.

And the big question is, did Hyun Soo really participate in the horrible rape of this poor girl? Not exactly. The hit and run guy did place him at the scene with all the rest of the rapists but he didn’t participate but he also didn’t have to courage to stop them or testify against them. He really did like her before the rape and his guilt after she died drove him to kill the others involved. I guess it took a few years for him to either get enough courage to start killing or for his psyche to finally crack.

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Award for Best Kissers Goes to BongWook!

The last thing that made me super happy about this episode was that after the trial ends we don’t waste time and get our couple back together with a hot courtroom kiss. These two are just spectacular at really looking like a couple who is totally in love with each other when they kiss. I swoon every time and I may rewind and rewatch a few times, then go seek out the behind the scenes footage.


This episode was everything I love and the series could have ended there and I really wouldn’t have been upset. We did get one more hour to tie things up with all our characters and get a few more smooches and laughs in so it wasn’t bad at all.

I was taken by surprise at Hyun Soo’s involvement in what happened to the girl. I kept getting annoyed that they wouldn’t just tell us what happened with her but I can see now why they held that until this episode. And they did a great job at showing us how mentally unstable he really was.

I plan on giving my final thoughts on KMUSE’s last post so I’ll save the rest for then.

Until the next award winning kiss,

I know we are all going to suffer soon with Chang Wook going away for his 2 years service. Here is a bonus slide show to help with upcoming pain.

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