1st Impressions: Live Up to Your Name


Live Up to Your Name, the latest drama starring one of my favorite actors of all time, Kim Nam Gil, aired this weekend.  Which can only mean one thing… it is time to write another 1st impression post and let you know if this drama is a keeper or one that is doomed to be kicked to the curb.


Kim Nam Gil – SQUEEEE!!!! Kim Nam Gil is back on my TV screen. Even better? Seeing a non-revenge seeking Kim Nam Gil for once on my TV screen. His smile is pure happiness bottled up in one charismatic khottie actor package and, I for one, could not be happier. So far Kim Nam Gil has shined as the ambitious Joseon acupuncturist looking to create a better life for himself. Who due to greed and some magical shenanigans finds himself stuck in 2017 Seoul.

Kim Ah Joong – I have mentioned in past posts that Kim Ah Joong is not always my favorite actress. Depending on the role and the way a director films her facial expressions, she can be very hit or miss. Thankfully, after two episodes, she is totally in the former category in Live Up To Your Name. I find her character interesting, strong, and so far, very compelling. I liked the glimpse into her issues with acupuncture vs western medicine and am excited to see where this goes within the story.

Time Travel Trope – The concept of time travel is my current favorite trope out of all the many drama tropes.  It is very rare that I don’t enjoy the resulting confusion and hijinks.  Plus, if it gives me more scenes like Kim Nam Gil discovering the escalotor, then I’m all for it.

Eye Acting – Some actors are able to convey whole conversations through their eyes.  Kim Nam Gil is just such an actor; a fact that is causing me so much joy!  His various expressions are bringing the comedy to a whole new level of fun.  If nothing else, I would suggest watching, just to watch KNG’s sexy eyes.


Unique Story – So far I am very interested as to how and why drama fate is bringing these two people together.  Sure there is the obvious difference of opinions when it comes to medical treatments, but is that really all it is?  I can only hope that the story will continue to engage the viewer and give us a story that both makes sense and is entertaining.  Something that makes sense  seems to be hard to find in this last chunk of dramas.


.;a1aCrazy Pants Filming Techniques – I swear if the director twirls that camera one more time I might be tempted to do something drastic.  Not sure what, since I am not deserting Kim Nam Gil over an annoying filming technique… but maybe scream a few curse words into the atmosphere and hope the negative karma comes crashing onto the director.

657213fcaa059998e7ae569fd08099f4Just hold the thing still and focus on Kim Nam Gil’s glorious facial expressions.  Is that too much to ask?

Graphic Scenes – If I went my whole life without seeing a guy’s festering puss being sucked out of a needle, I would be a happy camper.  I think that is pretty much all I need to say regarding this aspect of the drama.


There you have it.  My initial impressions for Live Up To Your Name.  Is it worth watching?  I would say the answer to that is a resounding yes.  The plot is fun, the acting is better than average, and so far the whole show is entertaining.  There are even signs of fuzzy happy feelz coming our way in the future.  What were your first thoughts?  Be sure to let me know in the comments.

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  1. Drama Fever posted Due to last-minute licensing issues, we are not able to make this series available. Still interested in a fun time travel medical drama? Check out Faith or Time Slip Dr. Jin!”

    I agree with everything yo said about this drama so far. I think KNG does slapstick really well. He also conveys a lifetime in his eyes, and subtle expression,a very talented actor who I missed so much. I do like it when also portrays his dark side. I do think there are moments in this drama that promises a deeper darker Dr. Heo. The teasers were light and breezy but thankfully the first two episodes have a more serious side. Each doctor faces inner demons and are being pushed down by the powers that be.

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