The Fangirl’s Movie Review: Can’t Help Falling in Love


The Fangirls take a jump down south to the Phillipines (our first foray into Phillipine cinema) and watch the romantic comedy Can’t Help Falling In Love.  I think we can safely say that we are now huge fans of this couple.  Come join us as we chat all things accidental marriage in our latest movie review.


Upon getting engaged, a woman finds out that she is already accidentally married to a stranger and goes about getting her marriage annulled.


  • Kathryn Bernardo – Gab
  • Daniel Padilla – Dos

TRAILER: Can’t Help Falling In Love





KMUSE: There wasn’t a ton to say about the filming technique, however I do suddenly want to visit all the exotic locations where they filmed the beach town scenes.  Not only was that part of the movie super romantic, but it was the perfect way to promote tourism to the area.


Kdrama Jen: The cinematography was not remarkable, but I agree with Kmuse; some of the scenery in Cebu was breathtaking. I really want to go to that cave and try out my spelunking skills and maybe take a hike or go snorkeling. I did not see that this movie was sponsored by the tourism board, but it still tempted me to pack my bags and go visit!

CLKYTTA: I agree that the cinematography wasn’t anything above or beyond, but the scenery was gorgeous!  I really really want to go to Cebu now. Maybe we need a Fangirl trip for “research purposes”?

The Plot:

DramaKimchi5KMUSE: The set-up of accidental drunken marriage and discovering the marriage license just as our leading lady gets engaged is pretty standard.  But it is Gab and Dos’s chemistry that really sends the story into a different level of enjoyment.

I am a huge fan of chick-flicks, which makes it quite surprising that I don’t watch many Asian ones that I would recommend.  That is not the case with this film.  I LOVE THIS MOVIE WITH AN ALL CONSUMING PASSION.  The mixture of romantic hijinks, out of this world OTP (One True Pairing) chemistry, and solid writing created the perfect romantic movie.  And I am not just saying the best out of Asian films.  I am claiming it is one of my favorite chick-flicks of any country.  This movie, in other words, was pure romantic perfection.


Kdrama Jen: By far, this movie caught my attention and won my heart because of the chemistry between the two leads and the well-written story. Sometimes you get one or the other, but in this movie there is both a well-plotted storyline and actors with sizzle. I found myself smiling and connecting throughout. I loved it!

CLKYTTA: I love the trope of accidental marriage, it’s one of my favorites.  I loved how the main characters interacted and they had some serious chemistry.  While watching it all I could think was how perfect this movie was, the right amount of romance, the right amount of angst, and I didn’t get bored at all.  Honestly, I was completely unprepared for how much I loved this movie, it’s been a long time since I fell so hard for a movie.

Random Character Observations:


KMUSE: I liked all of the characters in their various roles.  Even the annoying fiance was perfect in his place as self absorbed tool.  But what really made this movie magical was the leads Gab and Dos.  They left me with a permanent smile from the moment they met post “wedding” to the final scene in which they drove off in the sunset for their happily ever after.  Even as I type my thoughts, I can’t help having a ginormous grin plastered on my face just thinking about these two lovebirds.

Kdrama Jen: I loved the role of the besties in this movie. The group of them did not really take center stage, but they were supportive and appeared when needed (such as questioning her boyfriend about ways to terminate a marriage or almost getting arrested). The family members were also interesting characters.

CLKYTTA: While the main characters were perfect and wonderful, what made this show was the overall casting.  I adored the combination of Gab and Dos, but I also loved Dos’ family.  While sometimes they were funny, you could really tell that they loved him and protected him.  Don’t get me wrong though, Gab and Dos have totally jumped to my #1 favorite couple of all time. I grinned like a fool through all of their interactions.

Overall Review:

KMUSE: I give this movie 11/10 romantic stars.  There are not words to express how much I enjoyed this movie.  It is the perfect escape from all the horrible things that are happening in the real world.

Kdrama Jen: I have been in a drama drought lately. I was looking for something that would sweep me away and keep me engaged. This movie certainly met those goals and beyond. I smiled and I felt the pain of our OTP. They drew me in from the very first scene. If you are looking for a movie with romance and heart, then I highly recommend Falling in Love.

CLKYTTA: KMUSE stole my rating! I loved this movie and I think everyone should watch it.  Seriously, the amount of swooning from the fangirls while watching this movie would have made a Victorian heroine proud.DramaKimchi6

Since we loved this movie so much we have decided to review all the movies that Daniel Padila and Kathryn Bernardo co-stared in.  Or at least the ones we can find English subs for.  Be sure to come back in the upcoming weeks as we go on this fun journey together.

Unfortunately the subbed movie is on one of those sites we don’t talk about on the blog.  If you are wondering where we watched, feel free to ask us on facebook or email Kmuse at

Til our next movie adventure,

Kmuse, Kdrama Jen, & Clkytta

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8 thoughts on “The Fangirl’s Movie Review: Can’t Help Falling in Love

  1. It’s one of the recent mainstream films of this tandem. You should watch Barcelona. I’m not just sure if that has an English sub. Their other movies, I wouldn’t really recommend.

    Try some of Pinoy indie films. Most of those has hard English sub. I can think of the most recent titles but you most likely would not find a good copy of those yet.

  2. I have been saying for several years to anyone who will listen that I think the Philippines makes the BEST romantic comedy movies. If you liked this one, you should really start watching more. And this pair isn’t even my favorite Love Team. Love Teams are actor pairs that get paired up in movie after movie, tv show after tv show. I used to be able to find lots of movies with English subs online, but I can’t anymore, so if you guys find a great place, please share. I’d recommend movies with Liza Soberano & Enrique Gil or Kim Chiu & Xian Lim or anything with Gerald Anderson (who used to be top love team with Kim Chiu) or Bea Alonzo. For a pure romantic movie (not really funny), I’d recommend an older movie called And I Love You So.

    • Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil movies are boring.I almost fell asleep watching one of their movies, Kathniel movies and tandem has more appeal and actually more famous.Watch Shes dating the gangster (best for me), Crazy Beautiful You (second best) and Barcelona (heavy drama). And Watch all John Lloyd Cruz movies. and some of Kim and Xian, gerald movies are as boring as Liza and Enrique movies 😉

    • It was pulled from the site we watched it on. However, we do watch on TFC which has it available for a $4 rental cost if you do their premium subscription. So for the $8 regular price and the rental is just a bit more than going to go see a movie in the theaters. I personally think the movie is worth it.

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