The Eternal Love Episode 16-18 (A Positive Recap)

DramaKimchi26Sometimes it is hard being positive. Especially when our favorite characters go all noble idiot on us. At least we had some highly anticipated deaths occur this week. In a positive comments only recap, you have to accept your silver linings wherever you might find them. Join us as we chat episodes 16-18 of The Eternal Love.

***Sorry this recap is later than usual.  Both Drama Geek & I live in Portland right near where all the fires are happening.  Sadly mother nature and the smoke induced headaches we are enduring are making blogging a bit more difficult than usual.

Darwinism at work


KMUSE: The episode opens with the annoying 2nd wife trying to buy her way back into her husband’s good graces (because attempting to murder the love of his life is totally forgivable). When that fails to soften 8th Prince’s wrath 2nd Consort decides to make nice with Tan Er so she will put in a good word with their husband. Which is all good in theory but becomes an epic fail when instead of doing a good dead by drinking wine that Tan Er claims will unsettle her stomach, 2nd Consort ends up drinking the wine and dying. Yup, that wine was poisoned by everyone’s favorite older sister and the Crown Prince’s wife. I had to laugh when she realized that she had accidentally killed the Dowager Empress’s favorite goddaughter.

Drama Geek: Karma, or as Kmuse puts it, survival of the non-annoying comes to bite the 2nd Consort. One thing I like about Chinese dramas is that once we get close to the end, the bad guys start dropping like flies. I will not miss her. Bu-bye!


The Soul Suppressing Orb is back in play.

Drama Geek: Because the Crown Princess is not smart (AT ALL) they’re able to determine right away that she’s the one that poisoned the wine that killed the 2nd Consort. She’s shoved in the dungeon which leaves her dear daddy no choice but to beg Tan Er to get the 8th Prince to save his daughter. (He does try the 1st Prince first but I think that guy sees it as an opportunity to get rid of his dumb wife.) The only reason Modern Tan Er gives in is her dad promises her the Soul Suppressing Orb. She knows its supposed to be hers so she works her magic on Cheng Cheng and the Crown Princess is released.

Daddy Qu doesn’t go back on his word and delivers the orb to the 8th Prince. He says that the late king entrusted his family with the orb and that the 1st Prince really wants it. Seems Daddy Qu’s alliance has changed. He also informs them that when Tan Er was younger she tried to touch it and it hurt her pretty badly. But that was Boring Tan Er without the second soul in her body.

To show us that she can now touch the orb they have the Crown Princess run in trying to stop her dad from giving away her precious birthright. She runs toward it and in an attempt to stop the CP from touching it, Tan Er jumps in the way. CP gets blown by a powerful blast while our girl is left unscathed.

KMUSE: I am not a fan of the Soul Suppressing Orb. We are almost to the end and still don’t have a clue as to what it actually does. Maybe if this wasn’t a short web drama I would be less worried about this huge plot point that we don’t know anything about. But at this point, I think we are going to be screwed plot-wise. (DB: SSO = plot device.)

1st Prince saves the day and then is possessed

Drama Geek: I know they really want you to believe in the 1st Prince’s love for Tan Er, but he picks and chooses when he wants to care. He does save her which pushes the weirdos to decide they should finally use the full force of their power and completely possess him. And he gets a makeover… Yup, you heard that right. They do his hair, eyeliner, and lipstick a bit different and from this point on I don’t think I’ll be able to contain my laughter any time he’s on screen. It’s not the makeup, exactly. It’s more the way he seems to have taken the change to mean he needs to be a ton more animated. It’s just too funny.


KMUSE: Ha. I also have to laugh at 1st Prince’s newly discovered intensity.  I had hoped that they would develop his love for boring Tan Er.  Sadly, I can’t ever tell when he is faking being evil for Tan Er’s sake or is truly evil.  And at this point I am not sure I really care anymore.

Big Sis bites the big one….. dramatically

Drama Geek: I feel bad for Daddy Qu.  He gives away everything to save his daughter and the stupid Eunuch goes and kills her off to protect the Dowager’s evil actions. (DB: this comment wasn’t made by me. Hahaha. I guess KMUSE forgot she made it before crazy fires took over our lives.)

KMUSE: I also felt bad for Daddy Qu. He really did give away all his ambition in an attempt to save what little family he has left. And then the big mean Dowager went and ruined it with her scheming and paranoia. As if it takes a genius to realize that she is behind all these plots.


I also liked that we had a bit of closure between the two sisters. Sure it didn’t change the fact that Older Sister is a huge meany head with a tendency to plot murder, but it did explain some of the sibling rivalries that occurred in the past.

Drama Geek: Yay! Another death. If only the arrow had hit her and the 1st Prince at the same time.

Destined to die by 25

Drama Geek: Ugh, do they really have to doom the 8th Prince to death? The whole reason the king hasn’t made the 8th Prince crown prince (because everyone knows he’s the smarter more capable brother) is because of a prophetic word left by the late king. The 8th Prince won’t live past 25. And now that they are controlling the 1st Prince, he’s able to use this knowledge to put one over on the queen dowager. He gets the king to confess this info to the QD. He’s then able to tell her about the orb and implies that it can save the prince’s life, but only if Tan Er dies so that it will change owners. You know, it would be really refreshing to go an episode without someone wanting to kill Tan Er.


KMUSE: I am still unsure why the Grandfather King was considered this all knowing master of everything.  How would he know that 8th Prince would die?  Was there a super secret prophecy?  Was the old King psychic?  Didn’t he just go walking off and disappeared leaving everyone behind?  So many questions and no answers in sight.


You have to die for love

KMUSE: Discovering that in order to save 8th Prince by dying herself, Modern Tan Er is committed to the whole dying for love thing. Even Boring Tan Er agrees after she discovers, once again, that 1st Prince loves the throne more than her. Thanks to 1st Prince’s scheming, everyone has decided that if Tan Er dies the power of the Soul Absorbing Orb (UGH SO STUPID) will transfer and elongate his life.

In order for this to work, Tan Er must separate the combined life spell that Old Weirdo had enacted back when she was almost dead. She tracks down the Sorcerer and forces him to stop the spell. Which he claims to have done. But that was all a fake-out since he thought she was acting weird. I thought for sure that this was going to be how our OTP tragically dies.


Drama Geek: They are setting it up very Romeo and Juliet, and I think we still have time for that to be how they go out. I’m wondering if the late king was actually someone like Modern Tan Er and had some future dude in his body that knew the 8th Prince died at 25. Sadly, I don’t think we’ll get any of those answers by the end. After reading this post again, I’m not sure we’re sticking to the just positive stuff anymore. :) It’s hard when all three episodes were mostly evil people dropping dead and the Soul Sucking Orb.

Karma almost kicks the Dowager Queen’s butt

KMUSE: Not that I want our OTP to go all Romeo and Juliet, but I thought for sure that this was going to the moment where the DQ gets her comeuppance.  Because of all Dowager Queen’s plotting and lies, Tan Er would drink the poisoned wine willingly and then die…..along with her favorite grandson.  Therefore causing the prophecy to be fulfilled.  It would have been Karma at its finest. (DB: But we still have episodes left. Did you think the Orb would then magically save them?)


Only, right as Tan Er goes to sip the wine, she is interrupted and saved, once again, by 8th Prince. He and his father (the King) promptly burst the Queen Dowager’s bubble. Finding out that she had been played by 1st Prince, the Dowager looks stricken.


Drama Geek: I do love when they declare their love for each by being will to die for each other and save each other and all, but I feel like it’s been forever since they had a night alone with each to just kiss….

I wonder how long it will take for the Queen Dowager to die too? I mean, all the other ladies died, she should really spend the next few episodes wary of pillars, wine & open windows where arrows can fly through.

What is going to happen next? Will we finally find out what the heck is going on with that stupid Soul Suppressing Orb? Do we even care? Find out next week as we come closer to the end of our drama.

Til next time,

Kmuse & Drama Geek

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