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Many of our readers know that Clkytta and I have been dipping our toes into the drama/movie waters of Southern Asia. Specifically Philippine movies and dramas. This experience has been both a positive and a negative. The positive being we have found a whole new level of fun romantic movies to delve into. The negative is the lack of English subs and availability of content to foreign viewers. Which brings me to today’s topic. The Filipino TV streaming site TFC. Is this the answer to my content problems? Come join me as I review the various aspects of the site and let you know if it is worth the money. 

What is

TFC is the official ABS-CBN streaming platform for Filipino movies, dramas, and reality shows. It also provides a great resource for news programs from the Philippines. Something I am sure would be an interest for Filipinos living outside the country. It is also a nice resource for international viewers looking for subbed content.

What is the cost?

There is a $5 plan that provides viewers access to news and dramas.  The Premium subscription is $8 and is required to have access to the movie catalog (Which is what I am interested in.)



  • Its legal!  I always like going through legal channels when available.  By using legal sources to watch my entertainment I am also promoting international interest in that style of drama/movies.  The more interest there is the more content will become available to international viewers.  We have seen this happen over the last ten years with both Korean and Chinese entertainment so maybe it is time for the Phillipines to start marketing to foreigners.
  • I really love Filipino romantic comedies.  It is a genre that has really been dwindling here in the US so I am thrilled to find a style of show that gives me that fluttering feelz I remember from my youth.


  • The price for a month of TFC is less than what I would spend going to watch one movie in the theaters.  And with this I can stay home in my jammies.  It is amazing how pleasant that sounds the older I get.


  • This site is not user-friendly. They have hundreds of movies available but they do not have a full movie list. Instead, you have to know what movie you are looking for and put the title into the search. Also, add in the fact that you are never sure if the drama/movie has English subs, and it can lead to a lot of frustration. I would compare it to the trials Kdrama watchers had to go through 9 years ago when searching for subbed dramas online. That was a dark time to be a fangirl. The final low-down is if you are willing to put in the time searching for content you can find what you are looking for (usually) but it takes time.
  • There is just not enough English Subbed content. I guess I have been spoiled with Korean and Chinese drama streaming. I am used to having my shows subbed immediately. It does look like they are working on more subs with the newer shows and movies but who knows if they are working on subbing their back content.


  • The newest movies (around 15 or so) are only available to rent which means more money on top of the subscription. This is a little annoying but if you want to watch a specific movie than you just have to decide if it is worth the extra $4 or not.

Is It Worth It?

I am going to say yes and no to this question. Will I maintain a long term subscription for this service? Probably not. I currently intend to watch everything I can for a few months and then reevaluate my options. I can totally see treating myself to a month once a year and watch the newest movies and then cancel in between. However, if you actually understand Tagalog then this is the perfect service for you. It is a great way to watch Filipino content legally.


Well, there you have it, the skinny on TFC tv and all its pros and cons.  Is this something you would be interested in checking out?  Tell us in the comments. As many of you know, we are currently doing a series on Filipino movie reviews and we are wanting to watch and review a wide variety of movies.  We just have to find them first.  So recommend your favorite Filipino movies/dramas and we will try and review as many as possible over the next few months.

Til next time,


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