Upcoming Reaper Themed Drama Black Releases Character Teasers.

DramaKimchi21Despite my love of the fantasy/scifi genre, I am just not sure I am going to be able to watch the upcoming dead reaper drama BlackI am still in major Go Ara burnout from her horrible performance in Hwarang (although I admit that it was a good 80% the writer’s fault for creating a sub-par character.) Add in the fact that Song Seung Heon has never been an actor I enjoyed and it becomes an up hill battle to create excitement for this project.

**Synopsis: “Black” tells the story of a grim reaper named Black and a woman named Kang Ha Ram who can foresee death. Together, they go against the rules of the heavens and fight to save someone’s life. However, after falling in love with Ha Ram, Black breaks rules and gets erased from the memories of the world.

The teasers have not 100% convinced me to bother watching Black. However, the fact that I am severely lacking in good kdramas right now and my interest in the fantasy genre has me committing to at least one episode. Who knows… maybe this will be one of those dramas that shock me with how good the actors and director come together to tell an amazing story?


Black is set to air on OCN starting October 14th





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  1. Dramatic teasers…

    The thought of these two emoting together in a serious scene makes me nervous. Neither has much individual appeal from my point of view, so when they’re cast along each other I can’t even rely on the other one to carry the show. I’d be glad if they surprised us all but I remain sceptical until then.

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