5 Reasons We Are Loving the Chinese Vampire Drama The Journey

DramaKimchi18When Kmuse starts a text message to me that says, “Have you seen the Chinese drama…” I know I should just delete that message without looking, but like a vampire obsessed with the sunrise, I just can’t avoid it even though I know it may not be good for me and my productivity.  So began my recent fall into the quirky, yet surprisingly addictive Chinese drama called The Journey.  I am now watching it without subs.  Yes, it sucked me in so completely!  So, read on to discover why Kmuse and I think you should cancel your plans and binge watch The Journey.

KMUSE: Bwhahahaha! My superpower is convincing my friends to join me on whatever crazy drama phase I might find myself. How else were you going to discover the joy that is Ma Ke and a wind machine that is constantly blowing his dramatic locks?

Kdrama Jen: Why is it so addictive?  It kind of has that early Power Rangers vibe at times, but without realizing it, I was completely lost in this drama.  It combines magic, time travel, and vampires, so it just kind of works. So, here are our reasons for watching:



**According to an old saying, the life you have in this lifetime is a karma of what you did in the last. What if you can go back to your past lives and change your actions? Ye Yin is a girl who can look into the past for the cause, examine the present for the adversity, and see into the future for the solution, an art she learned from her mysterious master. She has the ability to send a person back and forward in time and to any place. All she needs from the person is one sincere drop of tear. By helping others resolve their past conflicts, perhaps, she can move closer to changing her own fate.

The Journey Trailer:

#5 A Spunky Leading Lady

DramaKimchi25KMUSE: I will admit that I was not a fan of hers in episode 1.  I thought she was going to end up being one of those fluffy brainless female leads.  Luckily, I kept going because Ye Yin became one of my favorite female leads of the year.  She is spunky, smart, and resourceful.

Kdrama Jen: It took me an episode or two to really appreciate Ye Yin, but soon I was a fan without realizing it had happened.  Spunky is definitely the word that comes to mind.  I really love her sense of loyalty too.

#4 Fun Time Travel Vampire PremiseDramaKimchi19.png

KMUSE: It is very entertaining how the Chinese writers get by all the fantasy sensors that the government has instigated.  Some of the back stories have to become so complicated that I need charts to understand all the subtle nuances.

Kdrama Jen: It’s kind of like someone made a list of all the popular dramas and then decided to put that in a blender to come up with something new.  This drama has time travel, vampires, magic, beautiful costumes, romance, and adventure.

#3 Exploring History


KMUSE: I loved how we jumped through history. I am a huge history enthusiast so all the little details and famous people that were thrown into the narrative were very interesting. I also liked that the writers kept inserting reoccurring jokes every time she jumped to a different time period. Always entertaining.

Kdrama Jen: I love history and I love historical fiction.  I am not saying every jump in time was historically accurate, but it definitely highlighted some of the major eras in Chinese history.  That made this drama very unique.  I also adored Ye Yin’s costumes!

#2 Mysterious Going-ons

DramaKimchi21KMUSE: All of the mini mysteries that needed to be solved in every time period were also interesting. They were unique and didn’t feel like they were only filler for the main romance story arc. The main mystery surrounding Se Yin also remained strong to the end of the drama. I kept going back and forth on whether Se Yin (aka master) was evil or in love. There were so many moments where I was not quite sure.

Kdrama Jen: This drama kept me guessing!  I loved that there was so much I didn’t know for sure.  Like Kmuse, I was also confused about Se Yin. Ye Yin seemed to friend zone him over and over, but he was a steady presence throughout.  I thought he was definitely the leading man, but then I started to fall for…

#1 Sexy Vampire Hottie

KMUSE: As good as everything else is, if Ma Ke wasn’t the sexy wind-blown vampire, I would not be as invested. I loved him in The Journey of Flower and I love him again as the snarky lovesick vampire Ya Long.


Ya Long’s devotion to Ye Yin is just so intense that I can’t help but want to cut away anything standing between him and his love. Sorry, Se Yin. You just come up second best in my book.

Kdrama Jen: I was not expecting it. I was sure he was just there to heighten the conflict, but then something happened.  I am not sure at which point I shifted my attention away from “Master” and toward the vampire hottie.  I am actually not sure when I started seeing him as “Vampire Hottie.”  It was his devotion and dedication that won me over.  He was willing to sacrifice for love.  Ack!  My heart!DramaKimchi26

Final Thoughts:

KMUSE: This drama was such a total crack drama for me. The different mysteries were interesting and the romantic narrative stayed strong from start to finish. Which makes me very excited that this is the first part of a four part series. Season 2 is already coming out and season 3 and 4 are being filmed. If this turns out to be true and not just rumor, I will be a happy fangirl. I could easily watch another 3 seasons of Ya Long finding true love.


Kdrama Jen: I learned a valuable lesson.  If Kmuse says, “Hey, you should try…” then I must immediately clear my calendar.  This drama was so addictive.  Although we have given you 5 reasons to watch, I am not sure that fully captures the crack-like nature of this show.  If you decide to watch, then I recommend that you make arrangements in your life.  Get someone else to take out the dog, drop the kids off at soccer practice, make meals, and maybe even come turn you over, so you don’t get bed sores.  It is seriously that addictive!  I had no idea a future season is planned.  I might need to start saving my vacation time now!

Til next time,

Kmuse & Kdrama Jen

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13 thoughts on “5 Reasons We Are Loving the Chinese Vampire Drama The Journey

  1. I swear I have seen this out there with subtitles – or perhaps just labeled Eng Subbed. Ma Ke is so flamboyantly good looking that I do wonder if producers just say “Forget spending money on the script, just spend it on Ma Ke!” Although what I’ve seen so far has always been pretty PG . . .

  2. I totally agree with Kmuse’s fantastic ability to pick winning dramas. Definitely adding this to my list. The only problem is there are so many shows I’m watching right now, how on earth will I keep up with all of them. From Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms, to Nirvana in Fire to Secret Forest and Age of Youth 2, I don’t know how to stay sane. Someone help me please!!!!!

  3. I knew about the drama, but never got around to watching it.. now i kind of have to, it sounds so crazy but you both sound so convinced and I’m super curious haha

  4. Addictive, yes. But this is one of those dramas that I thought can do better. I’m not a fan of Ma Ke, and his character does him no service. Every time he appeared, I got an overwhelming urge to FF his portion. On the other hand, I love the dynamic between Ye Yin, her brother, and their master and their multiple incarnations. My favorite segment is Lady Yang and Prince Li. Their over the top antics cracks me up to no end. Some people are just meant to be together.

    • I totally feel the same way about Ma Ke. I really like the guy but was never quite his fan. And his character here is very reminiscent of journey of flower, albeit with more subtlety and improvement. At first I was very smitten with his character because his love and devotion was so consistent throughout the millennia, but then I started to fall in love with the different incarnations of Shifu. I feel like Fu Xin Bo is so adept at playing his characters with the depth that Ma Ke seemed to lack. And you’re right, this drama could’ve done so much better, especially the poorly invested cgi. But for once that didn’t detract from the story for me at all. And the Tang Dynasty story was definitely hilarious. Lasy Yang really stole the show.

  5. I watched this twice already! I totally agree with your #1 Reason LOL. Actually I just accidentally discovered this Chinese drama in YouTube. After I saw the trailer I hunted down the episodes with english subs. I didn’t get much work done because I was so hooked. Please post any news about this series specially if there is really an upcoming S2 S3 and S4!! Thank you!!

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