The Eternal Love Episodes 19-21 (A Positive Recap)

DramaKimchi21I foresee that our positive comments are going to be few and far apart in these last few episodes. It is really hard to remain positive when the plot focuses on that blasted orb of stupidity. Seriously, I still don’t know why that orb is important and we are entering the home stretch. But I digress. Drama Geek and I are committed to positive comments so please join us as we discuss the scintillating details of various cast members wardrobe. What? We have to talk about something while our leads are being defeated by the stupid possessed 1st Prince.

1st Prince Loses His Marbles

DramaKimchi9.pngKMUSE: The problem with being possessed by the weird sorcerer dude is that eventually you are going to do something against your will.  Such is the case with 1st Prince.  Not only does he take over the palace and put his father, the king, in time out.  But he also attempts to kill 8th Prince and Tan Er.  Luckily, he is as bad at that as he is at everything else and only manages to keep Tan Er as 8th Prince and Weirdo Sorcerer flee to regroup

Drama Geek: At least being possessed has animated him. Or… maybe that’s a bad thing. Either way when he comes on screen now all I do is laugh and wait for them to add another layer of evil makeup.

Love Almost Triumphs

KMUSE: I am not sure if this is exactly a positive comment, but more a notice on what happened.  I will say that at least the plot was somewhat interesting here and of importance so it should be added.

While trying to force the information about the Stupid Orb out of Tan Er, 1st Prince gets to the point where he is literally choking and threatening to kill Tan Er if she doesn’t give him what he wants.  Which makes Tan Er bring out the big guns…. or rather, Boring Tan Er.  Who better to convince 1st Prince than the women he loves?  This works for a second as we see 1st Prince remember all the moments he loved Tan Er.  Then the evil sorcerer reinforced his hold over 1st Prince and in his state of possession, he forces the two Tan Er souls to separate and ends up killing his Tan Er.  At this point I am not sure if they were both corporeal or just still a soul and a body.  It was kind of confusing.

DramaKimchi12Drama Geek: I was actually hoping there would be two of them and then Boring Tan Er and 1st Prince would be the Romeo and Juliet couple. Which I guess they kind of were. LOL.

Rescued Again

KMUSE: Just like the last twenty episodes, Tan Er is rescued again by her 8th Prince.  They rush away but are stopped by Possessed 1st Prince and his guards.  He stabs Tan Er and demands that 8th Prince bring back the Orb of Suckiness before Tan Er bleeds out.  8th Prince agrees.


After bringing  the orb, Tan Er decides to get her flute on and plays her tune opening the Orb box and it flies into her body (I have no clue why at this point.)  1st Prince attacks 8th Prince but stops when Tan Er gets between the two men.  You can see 1st Prince is fighting internally with himself over whether to hurt Tan Er.  1st Prince throws off the possession and hits himself in the face with a fatal evil fireball, sacrificing himself for the one he loves.


Drama Geek: Hahahaha. Death by magical head slap. It’s almost better than death by pillar. By this point 1st Prince is in full makeup possession and his performance had me in stiches. The orb better do more than just make Tan Er fly for a hot second and then do not much else. Why oh why does trapped-in-a-cloud evil guy want this dang thing?

8th Prince Decides to Take a Political Sabbatical

DramaKimchi15.pngKMUSE: With only 2 years to live before his 25th birthday, 1st Prince decides to spend his remaining time with those he loved and put aside all political ambition.  Oh wait… he changes his mind on all that and moves to the country where they spend all their time together and promptly get Tan Er knocked up.

Drama Geek: Well, he doesn’t get her knocked up immediately because she has the baby really close to his 25th birthday so I think they practiced night after night for several months before she got pregnant. Hey, who wouldn’t want to run away and just snuggle with the 8th Prince until you died?

Its a Baby!

DramaKimchi16.pngKMUSE: Tan Er gives birth to a little baby boy.  There is tons of talk of stupid orb related health issues but I pretty much ignore the conversation as soon as the word Orb was uttered.  What I want to know is who thought giving birth to a baby just months before Tan Er and 8th Prince planned to die was a good idea?  Yes, give your innocent little child into the hands of the royal family and go off to die.  A totally solid parenting plan.

Drama Geek: I think Kmuse is forgetting one important thing. No birth control. In order to not get pregnant they’d have to stop practicing. I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t fly with the 8th Prince. It is hard to tell how long before his 25th birthday she has their child since babies tend to get born and then look 6 months old the same day in dramas. But I got the sense that they took him to the palace fairly soon after his birth. The maid and 8th Prince’s faithful servant agree to take care of him along with the king. I wish they’d done more with the servant’s character and had a side romance blossom. It would nice to think of them taking care of the little prince while being in cutesy love.

Death & Beyond

KMUSE: So 8th Prince and Tan Er die……….and promptly emerge into a new realm which is the magical fantasy realm?  Uhm… I am so confused.

Drama Geek: I had a feeling that 8th Prince was just going to disappear and go to wherever Tan Er is from, but I didn’t expect them to get sucked into some weird magical place.DramaKimchi17.png

KMUSE: They are also attacked by demons wanting the orb of stupidity and for once, it is Tan Er who saves the day with her magical fluting skills.  Or at least she kind of saves them until she also is spitting up blood for some magical unknown reason.  But that gives the ghost/soul/who knows what to call him 1st Prince a chance to come in and defeat the demons.  I have to admit that he is looking pretty good with his white haired elf look going on.


Oh wait.  Turns out this is Royal Grandfather and not 1st Prince.  I guess that is why they made a point to say they looked like each other a few episodes ago.  Still confused… but at least I don’t have to figure out if 1st Prince is a ghost or not.

Drama Geek: I have been waiting for the white hair to appear ALL series. I kept seeing the thumbnail of him with white hair.

I’m not only your grandfather, I’m also you bestie in another world

Drama Geek: Tan Er wakes up and finds herself locked in a room with guards that do not think very highly of her. Ha! I think they just changed out a few props and she’s actually in the exact same room she was in at the 8th Prince’s manor.

Tan Er discovers she has new eavesdropping powers and uses them to find Cheng Cheng. He’s meditating (?) somewhere outside of the home she’s currently in. She starts to draw a map from what she saw with her magical eye but is interrupted by Royal Grandfather. He comes in and explains who he is and who the 8th Prince used to be.


Really? We find out four episodes from the end that the 8th Prince is actually Royal Grandfather’s dear old dead friend that he loved so much he created a whole kingdom and spawned children so he could be reincarnated. I have to say the death scene where Royal Grandfather mourns over his friend had me wondering what kind of relationship they had… just saying. There was some affectionate caressing going on.

KMUSE: Uhm…. that was probably the 2nd most romantic relationship shown in this drama.  Grandfather was getting really overly bromantic with Cheng Cheng,  I would totally worry if I was Tan Er.  Also, did I mention Grandpa looks really sexy with the all white styling he has going on?

Finally Some Romeo and Juliet Moments

DramaKimchi19Drama Geek: The kicker is that in this realm our two lovers are from rival clans and their families have been feuding for centuries. Okay, maybe we are back to Romeo and Juliet.

And since we’re still on the tragedy story line, Tan Er finds out the only way to save 8th Prince is for him to remember his past life which will, of course, erase his current life memories, and all the time he spent with Tan Er.

KMUSE: I actually liked this aspect of the story.  We might get to see our fated lovers fall in love all over again. DB: I was super excited at that prospect. They were best when he was always cheeky with her, and ready to jump in bed at any moment.

What The Fudge Is Going on In Clan Qu?

Drama Geek: We also find out the Old Weirdo is from this realm as well and Tan Er is their clan leader. I’m confused about where she originally came from. Was she really a real estate agent from a modern time or were those memories implanted in her before they sent her to the other realm?

KMUSE: Sitting here wondering what the writer/director/script writer were thinking to leave us with so many unanswered questions.


Drama Geek: Old Weirdo tries to break Tan Er out of the house she’s in but is stopped by the guards. He does manage to give her another thing to study (like the flute she never really studied but just started playing at random times when the plot called for it). If she learns the Qu family secret fighting skill she can defeat the guy who wants the stupid orb and save the day. Or whatever.

KMUSE: Ten to one she will be needing to be saved before the end of the next episode.  Her magical skills seem to be mediocre at best.

Only 3 episodes to go and I’m not confident there will be a lot of positives to talk about. This show has gone off the rails for me but at least the couple is still beautiful. Though I miss the crackle they had at the beginning.

Til next time,

Kmuse & Drama Geek

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  1. I thought the grandfather/”bestie” relationship was the best thing for several episodes. Their “one for all and all for one” togetherness was ruined by 8th-prince-first-incarnationed falling in love with Tan Er-First-incarnation and that iwas what caused all the kufufle! He was a pissy old grandpa after all but a Spurned Lover!

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