Fangirl Stalking Military Edition: Welcome Back Oppa! Choi Siwon


Lately I’ve been boohooing over all of our favorite actors who are leaving for the military, but now I’m going to focus on our guys who are coming home or already home. We tend to have them leave for the military in groups, but it feels like they come home slowly and one at a time.  There are many reasons to be excited for the end of an actor’s military service.  I’m completely shallow and I love seeing all the post military abs that are always showcased in the first drama after they return.  Seriously though, there is something about a man who has served his country and that level of loyalty and service changes how they play their roles.  We may see an actor in a comedy, but suddenly he is playing his character with more depth and personality than we’ve ever seen, and I think this is a good thing.

The Rules of Fangirl Stalking:

We will start with the dramas I think are must watch works by the actor.  Followed by the shows that could go either way.  This means that they are worth watching in my opinion, but I know there are some people who don’t like the genre.  Lastly, we will cover the dramas/movies that you really could skip and not miss much (at least in regards of the actor featured).  These are the shows that are for die-hard fans who want to watch everything.  So let’s jump into obsessing about Choi Siwon!

Watch ASAP!

She Was Pretty – This is not one of my favorite dramas but in the case of Siwon’s performance, it is one of his best. So to the top, it goes. Siwon’s quirky 2nd lead character Kim Shin-Hyuk just made this show. In fact, when all is said and done, it is the only reason I would recommend a kaddict it out. That says how amazing his performance was. The 2nd lead syndrome was extremely strong and I still wish he had won the girl in the end.


King of Dramas – Siwon’s performance of a diva actor in King Of Drama was so much fun.  This was my first time seeing him play a quirky comedic character and I almost wish he would only do these type of roles in the future.  If nothing else, you should check out this show for his hilarious broken English phrases.  To this day I can instantly recall his voice muttering “Oh my father!”  It is truly a delight.


Cameo in MV Motercycle – Siwon makes a very interesting looking girl.  I laugh every time he shows up in that MV

Depending on my Mood

Oh! My Lady – WARNING: Do not watch this drama for the romance.  There is almost no chemistry between the two leads.  That said, I really enjoyed the plot and Siwon did a good job.  This is one you might add if you just need a Siwon fix and not necessarily a romance fix.DramaKimchi11

Skip Beat- This Taiwanese drama is one of my guilty pleasures.  For that matter anything Skip Beat has a special place in my heart.  That doesn’t mean that it is for everyone hence it being in the middle section.  But if you don’t mind unfinished stories and dubbing check out this quirky Rom-com.  Or even better, go check out the manga.  It is one of my all time favorites and you can get more of the story than the short bit shown in the drama.DramaKimchi14.png

For the Die Hard Fans

Poseidon – I really wanted to watch this drama.  Siwon looked so sexy.  But the plot was meh bordering on annoying so I would recommend this being a hard skip.



I am so excited to see Siwon coming straight back to dramas from his military hiatus.  His upcoming drama Revolutionary Love is a rom-com co-starring Kang So Ra.  Let’s cross our fingers that it is worthy of his comedic talents.  You can check out Revolutionary Love’s first teasers HERE!


Until our next Fangirl post,


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  1. I just finished watching SHE WAS PRETTY two days ago. I started watching for Park Seo-joon, because I loved FIGHT FOR MY WAY. But then I got major second lead syndrome! Choi Si-won is so adorable with those dimples! And then there was the towel scene. You say you are looking forward to military abs, but his abs looked pretty freaking perfect. I’m not sure I could handle it if he somehow got even MORE ab-licious! Is that even humanly possible?!

  2. i watched oh my lady years back for him..kekeke.. he was an adorable father in the drama.. he was also the one that made me followed SuJu activities then (he was not the best singer, but oh well!)

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