The Fangirl’s Movie Review: Once Upon a Time


Were you one of our readers that loved Three Lives, Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms as much as we did?  Did you wish the story had never ended?  Well sit back and join us as we chat about the movie Once Upon A Time and discuss whether it lives up to the drama it is based on.


Three hundred years ago, Bai Qian stood on the Zhu Xian Terrace, turned around and jumped off without regret. Ye Hua stood by the bronze mirror to witness with his own eyes her death.

Three hundred years later, in the East Sea Dragon Palace, the two meet unexpectedly. Another lifetime another world, after suffering betrayal Bai Qian no longer feels anything, yet she can’t seem to comprehend Ye Hua’s actions. Three lives three worlds, her and him, are they fated to love again?

Based on the novel by Táng Qī Gōngzǐ


Liu Crystal – Si Yin / Su Su / Bai Qian

Yang Yang – Mo Yuan / Ye Hua

Luo Jin – Zhe Yan

Yan Kevin – Qing Cang








CLKYTTA: There were so many special effects that you could tell they had a nice budget for this one.  The settings were very dreamlike and it was obvious that this wasn’t an Earth we were familiar with, it was obviously a land of the gods.

The Plot:


CLKYTTA: We pick up the plot after Bai Qian has returned back to her rightful place after her time as the human Su Su. She meets Ye Hua and his son and feels a confusing connection to them.  We see her struggle as she tries to figure out what that connection is while also dealing with dangers from the enemy clan as the same time. My biggest complaint was that if you were unaware of the backstory of the characters you felt a little lost but it all ties in quickly.

Random Character Observations:


CLKYTTA: I can’t help but prefer Yang Yang as Ye Hua.  He makes me believe he is a young man with an old soul.  I saw him as a warrior prince from the very first, but he also plays the gentle artist side well too.  I don’t think anyone can argue that Yang Yang can be both fierce and gentle and when he turns on the romance, we get real romance and don’t get me started on the toe curling kisses!


CLKYTTA: Liu Crystal’s Si Yin/Su Su/Bai Qian surprised me. We meet the character as Bai Qian, a goddess who doesn’t remember her previous life.  She plays a more gentle Bai Qian, a woman who has hardened her heart for some reason she can’t remember, but she’s not completely cold. While Yang Mi’s portrayal is my favorite, I was really pleased with this Liu Crystal’s version and how she gave Bai Qian more empathy.

Overall Review:


CLKYTTA: Sometimes a story reaches out and grabs you and shakes you to your toes, and this was one of those stories for me. I was an avid watcher of the drama Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms and I loved it so much that I even bought the book, To the Sky Kingdom. My fangirl heart almost exploded with happiness when I discovered that they were doing a movie based on the same story. Even though I missed seeing the backstory and I missed some of the side stories that were omitted, I had to give it a 10/10.  I loved it and I highly recommend it.

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