While You Were Sleeping Episode 5 & 6

I totally did not see where this story is taking us. Which is a good thing if you consider that after nine years of kdrama addiction, a person can sometimes become jaded when it comes to plot twists. Come join me as I discuss exactly what While You Were Sleeping is doing right as well as my favorite moments.

It’s all Hyung’s fault

We left off with the horrible duel vision of Jae Chan’s younger brother being arrested for the murder of Piano Girl’s abusive father. Between Jae Chan and Hong Joo, they realize that Little Brother accidentally kills the father when he intervenes between a fight between the man and his wife. He is arrested by the cop who was saved from being run over the previous day. Ooooh. We have some serious tangles in the plot-web of this drama.

And of course, all these events are put into motion because Jae Chan signed off on the family’s court case. I’m not sure if I really believe that, but I can see where Little Brother would take the situation personally. This also sets us up for most of the episode’s conflict.

Visions x 3

But before we get to all the lawyering, let’s take a minute to chat about the sudden plot twist that I never saw coming. OH MY GOSH, THIS IS SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!! Who else was blindsided by the whole cop Woo Tak having his own psychic premonitions? We see the aftermath of abusive dad’s death once again. Only this time from Woo Tak’s point of view. He witnesses himself putting a kid into his car  arresting him for murder. Just as Woo Tak  is about to drive away with the perp, he see’s the man who had saved him from being hit by a car come rushing up and bang on the window yelling for his brother.

Due to his vision, Woo Tak changes his plans and drives straight to the location of his dream. He is just in time to find all the apartment’s residents shuffling around on the sidewalk. It turns out that Jae Chan and Hong Joo arrived right after Little Brother and Piano Girl. At the same time Jae Chan drags them out of the elevator, Hong Joo pulls the fire alarm which stops Abusive Dad’s attack and saves mom. Woohoo for Team Psych!

What happens next?

I was expecting the whole episode to be focused on saving Little Brother from becoming a murderer. But here we are 20 minutes in and having that specific plot arc concluded…..kinda.

In the commotion of the police arriving and the fake fire alarm, Hong Joo nabs Piano Girl and her mom and offers them a safe place to stay….at her own house. This leads to some hilarious scenes between Hong Joo and Piano Girl. I am so sad that Kim So Hyun (Piano Girl) is only a cameo and not going to be in all the episodes. I could watch them snark at each other for hours.

Meanwhile, Jae Chan reopens the case against Abusive Dad. But only after Hong Joo tells him the winning lottery numbers to bolster his confidence. Hahahaha. Lottery numbers that turned out to be fake. Poor Jae Chan.

But due to his inner sense of justice as well as the lottery lie, Jae Chan stands up to both his boss and Yoo Bum declaring that he would look over every inch of the case as well as the past cases that were previously ruled  in  Abusive Dad’s favor.  I am of the mind that Jae Chan is at his sexiest when he is standing up for what is right. I love a khottie with convictions.

Romantic interludes

Thankfully, the writer was able to slip a bit of romance in between all the action. Jae Chan and Hong Joo are walking to work, the day following the almost murder, and Hong Joo stops at the pharmacy to buy medication for Jae Chan’s cut. I had almost forgotten that it has only been a few days since the car accident. We witness some serious soulful gazing as Hong Joo administers the ointment and a band-aid. When she asks to see his finger, Jae Chan quickly removes a band-aid he had put on previously and allows Hong Joo to be his Florence Nightingale. Squeee!! I have so many feels!


We continue to get small glimpses of our lead’s life via flashbacks. This week we witness the close bond between Jae Chan and his father. Through various situations, we discover the after events of young Jae Chan being framed, as well as the heartfelt talks that convince him to take his studies seriously and to become a lawyer.

Sadly, those moments are cut short when Jae Chan’s father is shot by the same soldier who later kills Hong Joo’s father. This explains why both children were at the funeral home at the same time. We also discover that all the selfies Jae Chan is taking are inside his father’s memorial. Aw.  He is sharing all his accomplishments with his father the only way he can. I didn’t think I could love Jae Chan even more but here I am getting all verklempt over his filial actions.

Changing fated events

I might need a flowchart to keep track of which character has which vision. This time we end with one of Woo Tak’s. He meets up with Jae Chan outside the prosecutor’s building and offers to take him to dinner as thanks for saving his life. But, in reality, Woo Tak has hidden motives. Woo Tak had another vision in which he and his partner meet up with Jae Chan but go on without the lawyer to eat. They just happen to choose Hong Joo’s restaurant and witness a confrontation between Yoo Bom, Piano Girl, and her mother. Woo Tak hopes that in switching out his partner for Jae Chan that he can somehow change what is going to happen.

And what is going to happen? It must be bad if Woo Tak is trying to change things. Unfortunately, we have to wait til tomorrow to find out. While I am always a fan of a good cliffhanger, it is times like this that I start to change my mind. I want to know what happens and I want to know now.

My Thoughts:

I love our trio of vision afflicted heroes. They make me so happy and I am praying that they have many hours of hijinks spent together fighting for justice to come. I also am waiting to see how Woo Tak is connected to the other two. It is not too big of a jump to think he might have also been affected by the AWOL soldier.

Til next week,


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