Go Back Couple Finally Catches My Attention Right Before Premier

I will tell you a deep dark secret. I rarely enjoy Jang Na Ra dramas. I always want to, but that love of the characters she plays, never really develops. Despite my disappointment, I always somehow get sucked into watching her dramas. This time I thought I was in the clear. Go Back Couple failed to catch my attention in their teasers which focused on the lead’s horrible married life. I had no intention of watching…. and then they had to release an adorable Macarena themed teaser that has made me question my decision.

Where other teasers have been based on the screaming and crying that comes with a failing relationship. This one focused on the quirky cuteness of two characters being sent back to their college days. Days that were before the stress of kids, jobs, and everyday reality. Who wouldn’t want to escape to something easier every now and then?

But does this cute teaser interest me enough to give Go Back Couple a chance to wow me? I actually think it does. I can’t commit to watching the drama to the bitter end but I do think I will give it a chance. What are your thoughts? Is this drama going to go on your must-watch list? It is a weighty decision. Especially in a week where not one, not two, but six new dramas are airing.

4 thoughts on “Go Back Couple Finally Catches My Attention Right Before Premier

  1. Hmmm I was going to give this one a pass because I hate all the nasty fighting and crying that goes with this type of drama but I must admit that was pretty cute. Sigh maybe I’ll watch a few episodes to get to the flash back to the past.

  2. I actually love most of Jang Na-Ra’s dramas and find her super adorable. She did an awesome job in both Fated to Love You and Hello Monster and I will watch this drama just because she is in it but even more interested after watching the cute trailer above.

    • I know that everyone loves her and I want to love her…. but it is just one of those things. But I don’t dislike her so I will continue to try and click.

      • I don’t love her, but I didn’t hate her in I Remember You/Hello Monster. So . . . I might give this one a shot. The beginning looks really depressing, though!

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