Come Celebrate Our Two Year Anniversary With Kpop & Song Joong Ki

In celebration of our 2nd Blog Anniversary, we decided to do something a little special. We are going to do a two-week series on Kpop (and a bit of other Kmusic as well… but mostly Kpop). Yup, it is a whole bunch of the other side of Kentertainment. A side we all love but rarely talk about. And it would not be a proper anniversary celebration without presents. Only, this time we are giving you the chance to win a fun Song Joong Ki themed present.

That’s right, we are giving away all seven of the 7-day Song Joong Ki mask set!  Now, how do you win this wonderful prize?

Rules – You have to be in the US or Canada. Sorry, international readers. We are hoping that by our third anniversary we will be able to go larger…. but for now, we have to stay local.

The winner will be chosen via a randomizer.

How to earn chances to win!

  1. Tell us your favorite Kpop group or OST (Original Soundtrack) in the comments.
  2. Like or comment on the 14 Kpop themed posts that will be released in the next 14 days.  We will be checking for people who commented on this post to match up with the likes so be sure to comment here first.
  3. Subscribe to our blog.  Or if you are already a subscriber, just add that to your comment so we can give you a point.

This contest will end 14 days from now after we have posted all 14 Kpop themed posts.  We will be announcing the winner on Monday the 23rd.

Thanks again for all the support you have shown and will continue to show.

Good luck,

The Fangirls

18 thoughts on “Come Celebrate Our Two Year Anniversary With Kpop & Song Joong Ki

  1. I am already a subscriber to the blog and my all time favorite group is Big Bang (and thank you for the awesome picture of my ultimate bias TOP at the beginning of this post btw). I like all of their songs, but the song that started my obsession with them is Monster. I mean, have you seen that MV, ya’ll?

  2. Congrats on your anniversary! Not taking part as I’m not in the good ole US of A but I can never go past a kpop post. 🙂 And, even if I was in USA, I’d still be out, because… too many fave groups to name just one.^^

  3. I’m looking forward to reading your choices. After careful perusal of my iPod, I choose – Epik High as my favorite Kpop group! Yeah, more of k hip-hop but for purposes of this competition – just fine. I like everything they do from their early rap to their cooperative works with other musicians. I’m a subscriber in the US.

  4. Congrats on 2 years! My favorite Kpop group would have to be BTS. It was BigBang up until about a year ago, but now they’re my 2nd (really really close 2nd) favorite. Can’t resist the greatness of BTS lol 🙂 I’m also already subscribed to the blog.

  5. My favorite group is Big Bang… I already subscribe and I love those mask I bought all 7 in NYC when I was there to see GDragon

  6. Congratulations!

    Not joining the competition (not in the US) but had to chime in, anyway, just for the fun! My favourite OST is from Great Queen Seon-deok. Too many feels there.

  7. Favorite K-pop group, it goes back and forth between BTS and Shinee. Favorite soundtrack is between I Hear Your Voice and You’re Beautiful. Good visceral happy feelings when I hear both.

    Congrats on 2 years!

  8. Who can have only one favorite when it comes to Kpop? Top of my fav list is SHINee – there’s only one of them. Tied for 2nd in my heart are Boyfriend and U Kiss, next is another tie BTS for ballads and Teen Top. I’m all over the place with Kpop. K Will is a solo talent, and for voice alone – Kim Hyun Joong has my heart and the rest of me as well. There’s BTOB, KNK, Exo (Chen’s voice…) and I tend to like individual members of other groups – like Jung Yong Hwa (CN Blue), G Dragon or DaeSung (Big Bang). I could keep going…but I don’t have that much time. LOL Too many OST are simply superb, can’t pick 1 or even 3.

  9. I can’t join the contest but i really wanna say my favorite kpop group is Super Junior, i love the dorkiness, the way they laugh about themselves, they are not affraid to be ridiculously funny, they are also humble and kind and also really talented (even when most of people dont acknowledge that (specially in Korea). They dah a lot of awesome sub units like KRY, D&E or Super Junior M, the have great vocalist like Kyuhyun, they pretty multifacetic…i just love them so much!!! <3

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