14 Days of Kpop: Falling Down the Rabbit Hole

To conclude our kpop segment, we’d like to share with you the stories of how we got into kpop. So sit back and nod along as you recognize a “falling down the rabbit hole” story that might be very similar to your own!

Karie the Maknae: The VERY first kpop song that would NOT leave my head was “For You” by BTOB, from the Cinderella and Four Knights OST. All anyone had to say was “Whoa-oh!” and I was done for — it was in my head for the rest of the day. And I was not sad about this. There were a few songs on that soundtrack that I liked, but that one stands out for me.  You know how YouTube likes to make suggestions when you watch a video? Well, I was given several suggestions including “Phoenix” by ZE:A, “Ring Ding Dong” by SHINee. When I watched “For You” for the tenth time,  I was suddenly head-first and falling. Watching MinHo in Hwarang, and discovering SHINee just sealed the deal.

Kdrama Jen: I started with OSTs (Shiny Boy from City Hunter still occasionally runs through my mind).  I branched into K-pop a little after watching Dream High, but I mostly listened to Miss A, 2 P.M., and IU. That started a pattern of seeking out K-pop music by my favorite idol stars.  That led me to B1A4 (Jin Young) and Infinite and EXO.  And then Amber Kmuse introduced me to BTS.

I went from the casual listener to the crazy lady driving my mini-van into downtown Newark to see them in concert almost overnight.  So, kids, let this be a lesson to you.  OSTs are just a gateway.  It starts off so innocently, and then you meet friends who introduce you to something a little different and the next thing you know you are writing fan fiction and heading to Korea with plans to hang out in front of Big Hit’s new headquarters.  OK.  I am not heading to Korea FOR that purpose, but if I HAPPEN to be strolling by and there is by chance an opportunity to stop and take a rest and it just turns out that I am right in front, then I will certainly not keep walking.  In that case, it is really my duty to all of our faithful readers to pursue such an opportunity.  This grappling hook in my bag?  Umm… It’s for hiking on Mount Hallasan.

CLKYTTA: Like my fellow fangirls, my intro into Kpop was through OSTs.  I remember watching Monstar and I NEEDED to know if Sul Chan’s band actually existed, and sure enough, I discovered Beast and BTOB! Itunes recommended Big Bang and it was all over from there, I was hooked!  I am now a Big Bang fan, and as you may know, my 9-year-old daughter is a huge G-Dragon fan.  I was so close to joining my fellow fangirls at his concert a while back but it didn’t work out. All it takes is one group to catapult you into the Kpop scene, one catchy song you can’t get out of your head so you go looking for more…..

KMUSE: I am following in the footsteps of the kaddicts before me and sharing that my Kpop initiation was connected to dramas.  For me, it was Jae Joong who played the 2nd lead in Protect the Boss.  I looked him up, watched Mirotic, and it was all over at that point.  I think that for most drama watchers if you end up into Kpop, it is due to an actor/idol that interests you.  The same could be said for kpop fans that find theirs to watching dramas.

This concludes our 14 days of Kpop!  Thanks for joining us as we share our favorite Kpop groups and thoughts in regards to music.  Feel free to share your story in the comments and sign up for our anniversary giveaway HERE.  We will be tallying the votes and announce the winner later this week.

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5 thoughts on “14 Days of Kpop: Falling Down the Rabbit Hole

  1. Ost are definitely the gateway drug when it comes to kpop. I’m with the Maknae, BtoB For You was my first, along with Jessi and JungShin’s osts from Cinderella and Four Knights. From there it was CNBLUE, Big Bang, AKMU…
    Thanks for 14 days of fun!

  2. For me, it was Big Bang’s MV “Monster”. I found the link to it on some completely unrelated blog I was reading and I was blown away. I flew down that rabbit hole faster than an F-15 at full speed lol. That was almost 3 years ago and I don’t regret a single moment.

  3. OST wise – it would be the soundtrack to Shut Up Flower Boy Band. I know Lee Min-ki is not really in a band but HE COULD BE. And that is the show I would drive miles in a mini van for.

    Then, I noticed Tablo and Epik High would be featured artists that popped up on YouTube or Pandora and – boom, I was buying San E and Mad Clown and Swings.

    BTS is pretty nice but – here I may be booed – I rarely watch their videos. Videos – meh. I like the music better. When do you have the chartered “Ahjuma Fan Tour?” I’d buy that ticket, too!

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