14 Days of Kpop: Top 10 Iconic Female Kpop Group MVs

When doing a Kpop week it would be horrible if we didn’t give the hardworking ladies their time to shine.  So join me as I count down my picks for the Top 10 most iconic female Kpop group  MVs.

***Disclaimer*** – This list is coming from my own experiences in KPOP. I am an international fan so this list is probably different than that of a South Korean. Also, if I don’t choose one from your bias group………. Sorry. Feel free to share your most iconic picks in the comments.

#10 I Got A Boy by Girls Generation

I have to admit that I am not a huge GG fan.  However, they are the most popular girls group.  So check out their MV I Got A Boy.  Maybe it will be your thing and you can become a fan.

#9 Roely Poley & Lovey Dovey by T-ara

You can’t ask me to choose between these two MVs.  I love them both and pretty much covet their whole wardrobe.

#8 Hush by Miss A

You know you have a good MV when I can look past the fact they are dancing in disgusting bathrooms.  I don’t care if you have khotties in them… bathrooms are never sexy.

#7 Crazy by 4Minute

This is another group that I didn’t really listen to until recently, so I never really got hooked on their older MVs.  So while I choose Crazy as my 4Minute MV, I really do suggest checking out some of their backlog if you enjoy their sound.

#6 Catallena by Orange Caramel

The colors, the outfits, the cute tune.  Everything about this MV makes me want to tap my foot along with the beat.

#5 Shake It by Sistar

This song still, to this day, makes me think of summer and blasting Kpop in my car with the windows rolled down.  Thankfully, it’s also a kick ass MV that makes a person want to dance.  It definitely deserves a spot on my countdown.

#4 Décalcomanie by Mamamoo

I am a HUGE Mamamoo fan which means I had a horrible time choosing their most iconic MV.  So I just picked one of my favorites.  Not only are they on point vocally but they prove that women can be as sexually assertive as their male counterparts.

#3 Bad Girl, Good Girl – Miss A

The girls of Miss A proved that an edgier concept be as successful as a cutesy one. Thank goodness since I like most of my kpop MVs without heavy agyeo.

#2 Nobody by Wonder Girls

This is one of those classic songs that still leaks into modern dramas.  I personally find the full MV very funny and the song is as catchy now as it was when I first heard it 9 years ago.

#1 I’m the Best by 2ne1

No other MV can beat 2ne1 when they go all out diva.

Thanks for joining me as I pick my top 10 iconic female Kpop MVs.  Be sure to check the MVs below for some honorable mentions and let me know your list of iconic MVs in the comments.


Honorable Mentions:

Hate by 4Minute

Abracadabra by Brown Eyed Girls

Dumb Dumb by Red Velvet

Hot Summer by F(X)

7 thoughts on “14 Days of Kpop: Top 10 Iconic Female Kpop Group MVs

  1. I guess I’m not a girl group person but I would travel quite a distance to see the lovely Amber Liu. She has a fabulous voice, a great personality and a wise head on her shoulders. I especially like the mv for AMBER 엠버_On My Own (Feat.Gen Neo).

  2. my favorite is “One of Those Nights” by Red Velvet…the concepts are gorgeous, all of the girls look so lovely and aesthetically pleasing colors and sets everywhere and the song is perfection too.

  3. I’m not a fan of the aegyo filled videos either. But “Gee” by SNSD comes to mind when I think of popular MV’s. Personally, I really like all of 2ne1’s MVs too, especially “I Don’t Care”.

  4. Yet another “not a fan of girl groups”. It’s seriously the pitch, can’t handle the high-pitched, whiney or cutesy voices, and all the aigoo is revolting. I want idols (male or female) to sing, and to dance, not wiggle and pose erotically. The boys got some sexy moves true, but mostly still within the realm of actual dance. I don’t think most girl groups actually do much dance. Still, there are a few serious solo female artists I can listen to.

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